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    DFI strikes back with the DFI lanparty JR P45 T2RS

    ^ yeah that. Man, this board was so close to being perfect. Now it's gonna be a tough decision between the ASUS and this board. Firewire or superior chipset? Quite the rough trade-off for me, considering, I really need that firewire port. :( Hey yang, do you still post on NBF or SR? I'm...
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    DFI strikes back with the DFI lanparty JR P45 T2RS

    Thanks, that is exactly what I wanted to know. As long as it has that, I am good.
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    DFI strikes back with the DFI lanparty JR P45 T2RS

    This board looks very promising. Although a question I have for sleepeeg or pvhk, does this thing have a firewire connector on it so I can hook it up to a front panel or anything? Having access to at least 1 firewire port is pretty important for me.
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    Silverstone TJ-03, improving air flow and lowering noise?

    Is the airflow in that case really that bad? It's one of my favorites, and while the cooling system does look a bit outdated, I still haven't seen a case where I like the style of better then the TJ-03. I wanted to get one of these when I had the money :(
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    Group Allergic to Wi-Fi Wants Signal Banned

    how lame. I should troll these santa fe people.
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    LIAN LI PC-V350 !!!

    Yeah, I'm not too big of a fan of the wierd CD-Rom config, but it's still a really nice case. For me, it's between this and the SG01-BW.
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    LIAN LI PC-V350 !!!

    Aww yeah, this is the case I have been waiting for.
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    Antec EarthWatt 500

    The seasonic built antecs aren't quite as good as the corsair's or PC&P, but they are still very good. Especially for free.
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    ANTEC NeoHE 500W ($47.97) & 550W ($69.99) PSU's shipped

    Yeah, it's a newsletter promo code. Sorry, let me fix that in the first post.
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    ANTEC NeoHE 500W ($47.97) & 550W ($69.99) PSU's shipped

    NeoHE 550 W - $109.99 - $40 promo code + Free shipping = $69.99 promo code: EMC713DNEOH (This code is a newsletter code, if you aren't already, make sure to sign up for the newsletter and wait 24 hours, then the code will work...
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    Ballistix DDR2-800 $60 After $45 Rebate @

    Hmm, I ordered this morning and the $10 off code worked, but now when I tried to put the code in again on a different e-mail, it no longer works, just says: Although you've entered a valid promo code, your order does not currently meet the code's usage criteria. Does this mean that the deal...
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    AMD Phenom(enal)! New CPUs! (Very important for all AMD users)

    Also, semi-old news from like a month ago said that preliminary testing of the phenom showed awful results. I'm sure AMD will work this out by launch though, since they really need it.
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    will my antec true 430 be enough for my new rig?

    Hmm, you may need a new PSU. That x1950 is gonna suck a lot of power. EDIT: If you are looking for a solid PSU at a nice price, this Enhance PSU should work:
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    Need some opinions on the best bang for the buck

    That Enhance PSU looks pretty good. EDIT: Does anyone have experience with the Antec NeoHE series of PSU's? I found a picture of the UL number, and apparently, it is made by seasonic, which is a good thing. :) I'm just hoping they use decent caps in there so the PSU doesn't blow up. Fry's...
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    Need some opinions on the best bang for the buck

    Alright, so my dad is going to buy a new computer for himself, and it will most likely be running these components in it: AMD Athlon X2 4800+ (Not going C2D b/c AMD is way cheaper at this point) ABIT AN52 Mobo 2 x 40 gb PATA HDD pulled from the old system (He doesn't need more space then...
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    SilverStone TJ08 Review and other SilverStone News

    :( I liked that case. Oh well, my top choice is still the sg01-evo for now then.
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    SilverStone TJ08 Review and other SilverStone News

    What happened to the SG02? I haven't heard anything about that for a while.
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    upgrade 3700+ sandy to a 3800x2?

    What are you going to be doing that you would absolutely need 2 cores? If nothing comes to mind, I would just wait as long as possible and go quad, or possibly even octacore as your next upgrade.
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    Foxconn G9657MA-8EKRS2H mATX board

    A few minutes reading in this sff section would tell you that pretty much all motherboards using the G965 chip suck at OCing. Your results are pretty typical for that chipset. There is no good C2D mATX board out atm, although Abit should have one out within a couple of months or so...
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    SG01..Now with Windows

    Oh wow, this might be just what I have been waiting for. The window was one of the things I like about the fragbox over the sg01-e, but the fragbox's cooling is not as effective, since it looks like it was based on the pre-evolution model of the sg01.
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    "Will it fit?" FAQ

    Oh, on that chart, I thought that Thermalright XP-120's won't fit in the sg01-e with a fan on top, just without the fan, and there should be about a 15 mm gap left according to the height of that heatsink and the 78mm of space that the sg01-e allows. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
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    "Will it fit?" FAQ

    Very good job sleepeeg3. Just one question, why is this not stickied yet?
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    FragBox 2 Owners: Best CPU Cooling Solution w/ Biostar Mobo???

    The post suggesting the Swiftech was made on November 10, 2005. ;)
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    Auzentech XMeridian is finally out!

    Oops, nvm.
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    The Unofficial List of Good mATX Motherboards (Overclocking and Not)

    It kills the tforce because it OCs better. vDIMM is not the ONLY option that makes or breaks the mobo ;)
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    AuzenTech XPlosion 7.1 VS X-Fi

    And mess around with connecting and disconnecting your speakers every time you want to either game or listen to music? No thanks. I don't even think it will work, since 2 sound cards would most likely cause some kind of OS compatibility issue, and even if it worked, you would pay the...
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    E6700 and Intel D975XB

    You would probably want DDR2800 dimms that run on 1.8v just to be safe then. Intel is known to be picky about voltages.
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    Thermaltake LanBox

    Oh wow, sweet thank you! :) EDIT: Oh just wondering, is the handle removable? The one's without a handle are a little bit shorter, and they have no windows. In that case I would just go with the sg01e.
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    AeroCool CoolBox - more pics?

    You realize this thread is 2 months old right?
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    Fruper - Is this site trustworthy? Hey, has anyone ever ordered from this site before? I am thinking of ordering something off of this site, but I can't find the store on Reseller Ratings or BizRate.
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    Project SG01

    What proof? Invisible proof? You may wanna take a look here: Bad efficiency, and not the greatest performance, and there are definitely better PSUs for your money. The Corsair however, is an awesome PSU: Good...
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    Project SG01

    Ultra PSUs are bad. They are not that efficient, and generally don't deliver clean power. The enermax is one of the best "bang for the buck" PSUs. If you can stretch your budget for a PSU to about $130, you can get the Corsair HX520, which is a top notch PSU.
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    Project SG01

    Any reason why you are going 939 rather than AM2? AM2 is the same price, and it uses DDR2, which is cheaper than DDR these days. If you go AM2, get the EPoX board, that one is better than the AM2 version of the Biostar. Also, don't buy that Ultra PSU, get an Enermax Liberty 500w instead.
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    opterons at newegg.... 165s for $150

    I bet you newegg jacked the price up after they saw people buying them quickly. Newegg seems to be a money monger these days :mad:
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    Project: BloodMoon

    Wow, VERY VERY nice job. Glad to see this project has been completed.
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    SG02 First Look

    Thanks steve. I'm looking foward to your review when you get you hands on this unit :D. It just looks like some minor cosmetic changes though, so I am guessing performance will stay the same. Hopefully it is still aluminum.
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    Sub $100 Linux PC... Where ???

    I hope you know this can only run small and light linux distros. It wouldn't be able to run something like Ubuntu, Gentoo, or any other full featured linux distro for that matter.
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    Silverstone SG01

    The Corsiar HX500 or HX620 will fit just fine, plus they are top notch psu's
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    Thermaltake LanBox

    I am looking foward to this review. :)