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    Gigabyte Holiday [H] Give-Away!!!

    I never own a gigabyte motherboard and would love to see all the hype!
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    MSI motherboard RMA experience

    Sorry to hear a few of you had trouble with MSI RMA. I sent out my board on the Oct. 25th and currently being held at FedEx for me to pick up (stuck at work:( ). I do agree with the poor RMA status look up as it doesn't tell you much besides "in process" for one and a half weeks. Just send...
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    MSI motherboard RMA experience

    This is going to be my first RMA with MSI after owning a hand full of their previous boards (back from S939 nForce4 SLI). I hope to get the experience like everyone else did. To bad my P55-GD80 suddenly gave me problems after a month. board will be shipped out tomorrow and hopefully i will...
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    Phenom II X2 555 BE vs. Athlon II X4 635

    Honestly, if you need a quad, go for the quad. Unlocking cores is a hit and miss. This way, you won't be stuck with a dual or tri core with the x2 (even though you have a 70% chance).