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    FS: Socket A Processor/Mobo, DDR RAM, Radeon 9700NP, Antec SmartPower

    Forgive me if I missed this but what is the capacity of the RAM?
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    WTB: LGA775 CPU + Cheap DDR2 RAM

    Hi there; I'm looking for a cheap Socket T CPU, preferably with a cooling solution. Please post here or PM me. All offers are welcome up to $100. Also, if you have any cheap DDR2 RAM, I'll look into that, too. My eBay and HeatWare profiles are both under "xonitex" (possibly with a capital...
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    New Build for One of Three Old Video Cards

    Okay, I'm taking option #1. Thanks, guys.
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    PPU, 775 Mobo, AMD 754, 478 P4-C, Software, and more!

    Hi; please check your PM's when you can. I think I'll buy the motherboard.
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    New Build for One of Three Old Video Cards

    Thanks for the tip. I'm currently a student, though, and I have no car. The nearest Fry's is probably an hour drive away...rats.
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    **OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

    I'm not so sure about this myself but I'm guessing it has something to do with your voltage if you're having to go up to 1.43v for 2.93GHz and if CPU-Z is giving a strange reading. 1.43v for 2.93GHz seems kind of high...have you tried something lower? Also, I'm having the same RAM timing issue...
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    8800GTX DX10 Crysis benchmark

    Maybe this will be Doom 3 all over again...
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    8800GTS with my system? Am I going to have bottlenecking?

    I could do 1280 x 1024 with 4x AA and 16x AF on my 7900GT. You'll be able to go way higher on the 8800GTS.
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    New Build for One of Three Old Video Cards

    I would do that except that I've tried those deals at Fry's twice before and both times I got DOA's from their crappy ECS motherboards. Getting a nice motherboard with a fast Celeron D is the same or better than getting a crappy motherboard with a comparable Pentium D in my opinion.
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    New Build for One of Three Old Video Cards

    Sorry about the long post. Hi; Fry's currently has the Ultra Wizard case and the Ultra V-Series 500W PSU for free after rebates, so I went ahead and bought them on impulse. Now I need a motherboard, a CPU, and RAM for a cheap workstation PC. I have three video card lying around and I don't...
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    Got a Nvidia vs ATi question

    The GeForce 6200 is comparable to the base Radeon 9600 (I have both). The 64-bit 6200 is slightly slower than the 9600 and the 128-bit 6200 is slightly faster than the 9600. The 9700 Pro will be much superior to both.
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    9500//9700//9800 Pro?

    Check the trading section on this forum. There's someone selling a 9800 -> 9800 XT (flashed) with an aftermarket cooler for $27. Another guy is selling a 9800 XT or a 9800 Pro for $40 or $50. $10 won't get you a 9500 or a 9700 unless you find a really, really good deal.
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    For the Budget Builders: New BFG 7600GT for $90 at NewEgg

    Hmmm...I've been lucky with rebates so far but I hear of this happening often, depending on which company the manufacturer has outsourced to handle the rebates. My main gripe is that it usually takes a long time to get the rebate check back, long enough that you've forgotten about the rebate...
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    Blast From The Past 3D Cards!

    Hey, on the trading section of the forums someone is selling a 9800 XT for, like, $40 (could be $30 or $50). Also, someone is selling an effective 9800 XT (flashed 9800 or 9800 Pro) with an aftermarket cooler for $27. The problem is that he says he overclocked the card until it artifacted at...
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    For the Budget Builders: New BFG 7600GT for $90 at NewEgg

    Really? I always do the rebates...I figured mainstream buyers wouldn't want to do the rebates but enthusiasts would go for it. Anyways... There's a "Hot Deals" section? Oops; sorry. Moderators, please move this thread if it's in the wrong place.
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    FS: Odds and Ends

    Is $15 too low for the Ti4200? (I'm a cheapskate, I know...)
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    FS: Complete System

    Honestly, I think your system is worth a bit less than $600. Recently, a completee system with a Pentium D 930, an X850 XT, and 2GB of RAM sold for about $500 on eBay. Someone else on these forums is selling an X2 4200+ system with a 256MB X1950 XT (could be X1900 XT) for $600 - $700. Your...
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    For the Budget Builders: New BFG 7600GT for $90 at NewEgg

    I figured this might help since we are seeing a few threads about building a low-budget gaming machine...
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    Blast From The Past 3D Cards!

    Actually, that 9700 with the aftermarket cooler makes the thing worth it. New 6200's are going for, what, $30? The 6200 is comparable to the base 9600. Of course, it also supports Shader Model 3.0, but for gaming purposes a 9700 along with a crapload of old cards (including a Voodoo 5500) for...
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    Running XFX 8800 GTX just like the XFX XXX8800GTX...

    I think most companies do the stress-test thing but I read in a Hexus article that XFX specifically pays nVidia more for higher-quality cores to be used in their more aggressively-overclocked offerings. eVGA, on the other hand, just does the stress-test thingy.
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    Running XFX 8800 GTX just like the XFX XXX8800GTX...

    It depends on your core. The overclocked XFX cards use better-quality cores from nVidia, but you may still be able to hit XXX speeds depending on how your core came out.
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    120 - 150 Dollar budget

    I don't recommend getting the 6800 XT. It only has 8 pixel pipelines, compared to 12 on the vanilla 6800 and the 6800GS and 16 on the 6800GT and the 6800 Ultra. I'd just wait until the new build (or build the new one after R600/refreshes). Like everyone else said, to play newer games like...
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    MSI 7900GS from Woot *Purchase now?

    MSI 7900GS going for $130 on w00t? LOL, I bet this is one of the stolen ones. Buy this thing and you'll have a piece of video card history.
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    X1950xtx or BFG 7950GT

    Those two cards are in completely different classes. The X1950 XTX should be considerably more expensive than the 7950GT, and also much faster. If you're looking at the X1950 XTX, try the 8800GTS. Otherwise, the 7950GT is a good deal if you can get it in the low $200's.
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    1950 Video card

    The 256MB X1950 XT will be faster than the X1950 PRO 512MB.
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    Need Help Building an Extreme Gaming $4,000-$5,000 Comp

    Seriously, unless you are rich, blowing $5,000 on a first-build computer system with enthusiast parts is pretty high-risk. Some of the people here are just messing with you with their advice (24" LCD's, massive RAID storage, Quadro video cards). You should probably do some research at...
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    Anyone using Vista for gaming?

    Vista looks and feels great but it's definitely slower for games. If you're a performance nut like me, I'd recommend a dual-boot until the drivers become fully functional. The two big problems I have with it is that it's slower in games and I can't overclock my video card in it. Also, I get...
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    COD 2 Lagging up on high res'es

    On the other hand, the DX7 mode looks like crap compared to the DX9 mode. It makes the game look like the first Call of Duty, but with slightly more detail.
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    BFG 7900GS OC 24pp unlock

    Pretty awesome. You have to get a lucky BFG 7900GS, though...looks like they just slapped G71 cores onto the board and software-modded them to 20/7.
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    Evga 7900 GT KO

    I think there are some special 7900GT's that are HDCP but none of eVGA's are.
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    Unlocked X800GTO w/ Zalman for $30 on eBay

    Okay, it got sniped up to $55 before bidding ended. I was really considering buying it for no damn good reason other than that it was a ridiculously good deal.
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    Unlocked X800GTO w/ Zalman for $30 on eBay

    I was browsing along eBay and I found this: I'm tempted to buy it but I probably shouldn't. It ends in, like 15 minutes as of this typing. It kind of amazes me...
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    E6600 Multiplier in Windows Vista

    I haven't used CPUID, so I'll try that. I thought about the specification page, but I think it shows the stock rating rather than the actual clock frequency. My BIOS is at the default settings (I switched everything back to stock for Vista), so I guess SpeedStep and C1E and all that other...
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    E6600 Multiplier in Windows Vista

    I just installed Windows Vista onto my computer and it works great. However, CPU-Z tells me that the multiplier for my E6600 is only at 6x and that my total CPU frequency is only 1.6GHz. Huh? I thought this might be a SpeedStep thing, so I ran OCCT, but the multiplier doesn't go up despite...
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    E6600 users, what are you using for RAM?

    Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 PC2 6400 2x 1GB RAM, 5-5-5-12. They run at 4-4-4-12 on the stock voltages. I think these are a popular pair because they're Corsair's cheapest 2x 1GB set of DDR2-800 RAM on NewEgg. Supposedly they don't overclock well, though. I got mine for $200, so I'm happy, but the...
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    Is it worth it to buy a Zalman VF900-CU for OCin gains?

    I have one on my 7900GT. The core is factory-overclocked to 560MHz. Before, my load temperatures were around 75 degrees. Now, I can run my card at 650MHz and my load temperatures are around 60 degrees (I'm voltage limited). The VF900-Cu is definitely one of the, if not the, most quiet...
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    eVGA 8800 GTS in BF2

    I think BF2 may be capped at 100 frames per second, anyway, so he might be higher frames in some areas. Get the 8800GTS if you're choosing between that and an X1950 XT.
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    Do not purchase an Antec power supply, you will regret it!

    Dammit; I'm running an SP-500 2.0 in my main system right now. I'll post here if it blows up or something.
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    Evga 8800gtx offerings

    I read on Hexus that eVGA hand-overclocks all of their chips. The chips that they use in their overclocked cards aren't special, but they are tested to run stable for at least that overclocked speed. XFX, on the other hand, pays nVidia extra to get better cores for their overclocked chips so...
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    Help Me Find a Video Card

    A year or two ago I went my local CompUSA looking for network cable and found that every single cable they had was overpriced (think $20 for the cheapest cable). I looked more carefully and discovered that every single cable for sale was made by Belkin. Did they have some sort of deal together...