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    v1000 by LianLi

    Good review of the case at with some pics of inside.
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    Quasi-Desk Mod

    Good article about the magnet "issue" here: :)
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    Yeong Yang Cube owners

    Here's what I did with mine:
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    how to parition a hdd

    Since you're going to wipe the whole thing out, you can use Seagate's boot disk utility to format the drive. You can download the program from their website, it will create a bootable floppy disk, just boot from that and there'll be an option to format your drive and set partitions. IIRC, the...
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    Tv Tuner Card

    I did roughly the same thing, here's the splitter I got, at Best Buy, splitter.JPG I ran the main cable line (coming out of the floor) into the single connector at the top, and two other cables (as mentioned above) run...
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    Yeong Yang Gallery?

    Mine: The reflectiveness makes it a bit hard to see details, but I replaced the front with a sheet of plexi with a vertical slot in the middle for the DVD drive. Here's a link to the thread where I listed the mods done, has a few pics of the inside...
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it. Of course, it's not always like that , the desk on the left is my workbench area, there's a few comps splattered all over it at the moment. :D
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    YY Cube Question

    I replaced the front panel on my YY cube, here's link to the thread: Doesn't sound like it's the one you're talking about, no blue or purple on my case. :D