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    Enough for a 4850?

    Get the Antec Earthwatts, it's one of the best budget powersupplies out. Read reviews over the net, they are generally very positive. Jonny guru's review, either the 430 or 500 should suffice.
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    Razer Barracuda AC-1 Problems (A bunch of em)

    Your Z-5500 has a dac ready in it so that is useless. Reason the sound card is important is for DDL which implements surround sound (5.1) in games and movies through SPDIF instead of using 3 analog plugs to get it.
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    Razer Barracuda AC-1 Problems (A bunch of em)

    I love the sound quality of my AC-1. My headphones sound SOO much richer than before and it feels like I'm at a live performance. I also get no more annoying buzz that I had with my realtek onboard when there is no outbound sound.
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    Thermal pads?

    Some dealer on ebay had some, I did the same thing to my g92 and just found the thermal pad I threw out and put it on some.
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    AV123 x-series Encore summer sale

    God I wish I had some dough right now.
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    Replacing Z-5500 front satellites?

    After reading your post I downloaded a tone generator and tested out the frequency myself. The subwoofer receives sounds up to 150hz while the speakers receive sound all the way down to 120hz. :confused: I still believe that this system would benefit greatly by replacing to speakers with bigger...
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    Replacing Z-5500 front satellites?

    Actually the z-5500 crossover is set at 120hz. I really wish they had adjustable crossovers which would make this system 129381293x better. Different speakers will definitely improve the highs and mids. I tried out few different car speakers, out of curosity, with the z-5500 before...
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    Replacing Z-5500 front satellites?

    I have the same set and I would love to try;jsessionid=QvsihDBKBzM9hKzpUzD-FA**.node1?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG since its going for very cheap right now.
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    HOT! Creative Fatality Professional Headset $19.99!!!! Free shipping!

    My old Nforce 2 soundstorm couldn't push these at all. The onboard soundcard I have now can actually push these and remove distortion and rattling, which I found odd.
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    New Lian Li XB01 Case for the Xbox 360

    Hrmm, might have to get this.
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    Logitech Z-5500 - $180 @ Dell

    Remember to replace the shitty stock speaker wire with 12awg wires from monoprice. HUGE IMPROVEMENTZZZ OMG
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    Best card for $100-$130?

    Best bang for your buck is 8800gts 512, but a gt is pretty damn good too.
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    HOT! Razer Barracuda AC-1 $49.99, $5 s/h

    Got one of the last ones :D!
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    No Additional Crysis Patches

    Damn, I loved Crysis :< was the only solo FPS game I finished.
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    Cheap gaming for friend

    I'm currently building a backup gaming rig. Ultra Case and Ultra 350W Powersupply 25$ ECS Nforce6M + AMD X2 4800+ Fry's combo = 75$ Gskill 2GB = 35$ Hyper Cooler TX HSF = 22$ So far about 150-160$ spent. All new items. Items waiting for the next paycheck + awesome deal = Video Card(Some...
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    Geforce GTX 200 launch on June 18th

    Eh? My 8800GTS runs crysis on high prefectly fine on 1920x1080 with custom cfg files to make it look gorgeous and close to dx10 as possible in xp. I get a average of 30-35 fps and it feels smooth, of course your idea of butter smooth might be 60+ constant fps :p!
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    help with overclocking q6600 and ddr2-1000

    How is your load vcore? My ds3l has horrible vdroop so I'm at 1.365 in bios and 1.33 idle and 1.28 on load. Check out if your voltages are dropping on load.
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    CM Stacker 830 $99 + Shipping @

    Don't know if its the same one on Newegg but if it is, Jesus that's a good price.
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    Zalman/Tuniq/ZEROtherm - What is the better CPU air cooler?

    Xigmatek/Kingwin or the OCZ Vendetta 2. Don't waste your money on the TRUE, the TRUE is king no more. The TRUE will def require lapping. Why would you pay 60+ dollars for a product you have to work on to make it efficient?
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    First build- $400-$500 budget suggestions

    Don't know if this will help you or not. Just bought one of these to mess with. 350 watts should be enough for what you want to run and with a fan in the front this case, you should be able to reach...
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    Ultra RMA question... A Review on that psu
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    Ultra RMA question...

    A review from "REVIEW BY: Reviewed Jan 31, 2008 After having issues posting with a brand new Ultra xfinity 600 I replaced it with this product. Very happy with the results. No more issues! It looks well made from the outside. I think the cardboard box it came in is better...
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    Ultra RMA question...

    From the design alone it should be quieter at least, and Xfinity is actually one of the decent Ultra powersupplies.
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    Gigabyte P35-DS3L Vdroop fix found.

    So I've been having terrible vdroop of nearly .08v during loads and I've been searching for solutions and low and behold I found one today. Here is the link for anyone with this problem. :D Time to push for 3.6 now!
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    Gigabyte HD 3850 512mb $82 + ship ( ~$11 )

    i totally messed up hahah 8800 gts g92 is better ><
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    Gigabyte HD 3850 512mb $82 + ship ( ~$11 )

    not even close ;)
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    Gigabyte HD 3850 512mb $82 + ship ( ~$11 )

    Good Deal, I really want to build a second rig now :<
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    Cleveland Area: Large 1-topping Papa johns pizza 23 cents! HOT

    I work with kids and they love ANY kind of pizza, sure a lot of people bitching about cheap pizza. Pizza always tastes great if you haven't had it in awhile.
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    Replaced all AS5 with MX-2 and replaced my crappy nb heatsink, getting excellent temperatures across the board. When I put it back together I accidently reversed my intake fan and was getting HORRIBLE temperature of 45+ idle, noticed this and fixed it and its running solid cool again. That...
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    Xigmatek HDT-S1283

    The heatsink cut me DEEEEEP, it's very sharp. I also have a A05 running a push-pull setup. The xigmatek is getting fresh air from outside the case to the heatsink, then the stock fan is pulling air/pushing air over the ram towards the hdd and powersupply which is then pushed out by the front...
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    The airflow in this case has treated me well so far. My HDD never go over 35C degrees and my cpu during prime load does not go over 65C at 3.2 with a Q6600. I do need to find a new north bridge cooler since the one that comes with the ds3l sucks. Maybe I'll add a BS-03 to feed in fresh air to...
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    Xigmatek HDT-S1283

    Everything about the Vendetta 2 is the same except the aluminum fin design on the heatsink. Same fan mounting technique with the rubber adapters. 8 guage copper heat pipe. Same hsf=>mobo mounting tools. Even uses a 120mm rifle bearing fan, but with a lower "high" speed. To me this is a rebadged...
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    Should be fine. The airflow in the lower section of the case is very excellent, it's the top back portion of the case which hot air gets trapped with a gpu cooler that has no exhaust set up. I'm runnning silverstone fn121s as my case fans and it's pretty damn awesome.
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    Xigmatek HDT-S1283

    It's hilarious how the xigmatek is sold under 3 different names, kingwin, xigmatek and ocz vendetta 2. This cooler is very quiet and the fan in pwm mode runs at 1000-1200 rpm currently on my rig, I would say you would have no problem with sound issues. BTW I love this thing to death after...
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    Had it run prime when I went to work. CPUID recorded a max temp of 61 58 58 61 and my idle temps are at 39 36 36 39. My room is pretty damn hot too, socal heat + 3rd story = hot. I'm running a Q6600 at 400x8@3.2
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    Finally put together a new computer. I have my Xigmatek fan sucking in air instead of blowing so basically it's running a dual fan setup since the intake fan is so close. Since the powersupply is flipped, it's harder to hide the thick wires coming out of the power supply ><!
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    Fatal1ty Professional Gaming Headset @

    I bought these cans, they are very comfortable but the sound they produce are average compared to some other cans. My set really lacks solid bass and if turned up 90%+ the sounds begins to distort. Also my mute button seems broken too, the light does not turn on at all.
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    Ultra XVS 700Watt 30$

    Frys outpost has this for 29.00 shipped Credit to BlueCrown of Slickdeals.