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    Dota 2 Beta Keys

    Anyone else have one? :p
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    FS: Home Theater Parts(popcorn hour, subwoofer, amp, Yamaha Receiver)

    Hi everyone! Work is relocating me from the US to the UK for a few years. Unfortunately, that means some of my electronics will not work as they're not dual voltage. Plus, my wife has taken this as the opportunity to gut my closet :( Prices as listed, plus shipping to your area code in the...
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    WTB: ATI 5850 Reference Cooler

    bump :)
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    WTB: ATI 5850 Reference Cooler

    Morning, The fan on my 5850 is very very angry. Before I think about RMAing it, was curious if anyone that upgraded their card's cooling had an extra reference cooler laying around that they'd be willing to part with for some cash. Let me know! thanks!
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    Hyper V - i3-540 enough or need x3440

    Hi everyone, about to pull the trigger on a new build but i'm hung up on if i'm going to be underpowered or overpowered with my choice of CPU I'm planning on building a system that will serve primarily as a file server. As follows 2008R2 w/ HyperV as host 1 VM - WHS for Storage -- at...
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    hey nyt, what xbmc skin is that?
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    Radeon 5970/Starcraft 2 performance

    Which map? what circumstances? 2v2? 1v1? single player? There is no way you're going to get decent framerates on some custom maps. 20 min into Nexus wars is impossible to overcome :p
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    New XBMC build progress

    Random question, can you use the android remote app as a softkeyboard for doing searches and such? would make youtube and the like much easier.
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    TWO MONTHS of Christmas from Galaxy!

    weeeeeeee, this would be perfect for my new HTPC!
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    How important is VT-d for non critical use?

    thanks for replies so far, another question along the same lines if i need to do physical disk passthrough, to WHS for example, is VT-d required?
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    How important is VT-d for non critical use?

    Well comparably adding ram is cheap, going lowball on the processor and needing to upgrade to a xenon is 200 bucks minimum. Just want to make sure i'm not shooting myself in the foot.
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    How important is VT-d for non critical use?

    Hey guys, trying to consolidate some systems i have into 1 box, and learn virtualization in the process. I was eying the i3-530 as a probably choice for processor, as I was only planning on running 2008R2 as host with 3-4 VMs max - (1 windows 7, 1 WHSv1, 1 WHSv2, maybe 1 linux distro)...
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    WHS v2 Vail Data Protection larger than folder size

    but you have duplication turned off right? no point in having duplication turned on in a Raid6 environment. Does that mean Vail will do the error correction on non-duplicated shares?
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    WHS V2 Vail Full System Restore from a client system drive failure

    next time you can save even more time by just putting the restore CD on a bootable USB drive :)
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    Hyper-V or ESXi PCI-E passthrough?

    I know, this should be obvious, but i'm just starting to dabble in virtualization and ran into a roadblock and need some advice. I'm looking at trying to consolidate some boxes into one and virtualize most of it. Windows home server Random services OS - torrent, ftp, apache...
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    WHS -- add internal drive as back up?

    You should always have an offline/offsite backup. WHS duplication is great if a hard drive fails, and for uptime, but if you fry the entire system or your house burns down.... bye bye data. Would suggest putting in an external enclosure, connect via esata or usb, do a manual backup, then bring...
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    1tb wd green drive.. price is still high.. why

    Just a headsup. The brand new WD Drives - the 64mb cache EARS part number, may not play nice with WHS. Would suggest sticking to the EADS model numbers.
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    5850 Fan Speed after hibernation/sleep

    same thing happens to mine randomly at POST. once or twice it spooled up at POST, reset itself, then spooled up again at windows 7 login, then spooled down again. nothing abnormal beyond boot though.
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    Do I need WHS if I have a popcorn hour?

    I run WHS and a PCH. install myihome server as a service on the WHS, or you can just browse via shares like normal. there is no problem with either way, though I prefer to just remote into the WHS instead of use the console.
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    How have the WoW expansion packs ruined it?

    sry WOW died when i could no longer seduce some kid doing an escort quest and pop Toep +ZHC, put into negative resistances, and obliterate with a 10,000 soulfire. boring after that.
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    Just set up a WHS, should I start over?

    depends on your case and port constraints. if you only have 4 ports and bays, and dont want to expand or change cases, then having a smallish system disk can be a pain for your overall capacity. if ports or bays or case size is not a constraint, it doesnt matter, you're fine as is.
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    How should WoW end? How should any MMO end?

    agree with this.
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    Futuristic RTS

    world in conflict?
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    Possible WHS questions

    yup, mix anything really, which is why I moved from raid 5 to WHS. Can easily upgrade a single 1tb drive to a 2tb drive if needed, rather than upgrade the entire array.
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    Possible WHS questions

    *wave* at Delvryboy I run WHS on a sempron LE-1100 - single core, very low power, 1 gig of ram Does fine for streaming uncompressed bluray, my network speed limits throughput. Of course, if you want to do things like server-side RAR archiving/unarchiving, or some heavy on the fly...
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    Outlook 2007 instant message integration?

    Quick question: Looking to get my team of 20-30 people onto an instant message client. Some will be remote, but connected via vpn. Main problem: We're integrating networks with 4 other companies as part of a merger. There is no way I can get IT support on this -- thus office communicator...
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    WD Green WD10EADS 1TB $89.99 FS @ Newegg

    Yes, playback of even full uncompressed bluray with DTS-MA will not come close to saturating the hard drive. Your network is a limiting factor, and even then it has much higher capacity than is necessary for playback.
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    Windows Home Server FAQ

    There is no way for the server to wake a client that is hard shut down, only hibernated or sleep. unless something has changed recently or an addin i am unaware of.
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    Your not going to like me... WHS questions: some more!

    Keep in mind that if budget is a concern, you can use randomly sized disks with WHS and expand as you need it. This is more of a problem with Raid. Example: I built a raid 5 array out of 4x320gig drives that I had laying around. I filled it up, and did not have the room in my case to put...
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    Windows Home Server FAQ

    Keep in mind that anything that runs on server 2003 will run on WHS. You may have to remote into the box though to manage, as not everything has a WHS console addin.
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    Your not going to like me... WHS questions: some more!

    Think he wants to use an outside the pool raid 5 array as more redundant backup system. As opposed to just backing up to an external hard drive or external nas. It is a fine idea, although a bit overkill imho...but if you have the space and drives go for it.
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    Your not going to like me... WHS questions: some more!

    in all fairness nitro, i think valve1138 was thinking the OP wanted to migrate an existing raid 5 and preserve data. You can run WHS on raid 5 just fine, or use it as a seperate array that WHS uses as a backup drive. I would not suggest running raid 5 under the storage pool, I think that...
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    WHS question

    While I agree that it certainly is not very pretty as the implementation currently stands, is there any real benefit for auto balancing to equalize capacity across all drives except system? I would be worried about increased wear on drives. I suppose an increased probability of saving some...
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    WHS question

    yes, fixed in a patch few months ago :)
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    WHS question

    pretty sure that is not the case anymore with PP1 installed, system drive is no longer landing zone for new files. minimum is ~70gb. I could not install on a 60gb drive, but could on an 80. Ive heard people being successful on a 74gb raptor.
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    If "RAID is NOT a backup solution" then is WHS a solution?

    the benefit of WHS is that it allows for something as simple or complex as you want. There is an addin which lets you auto sync to an online storage facility You can also back up to an external drive Raid 1 redundancy in case of single drive failure and expand the storage pool without...
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    16 x 1TB SATA RAID 5 Suggestions

    WHS does eveything you need. Get the trial with 3-4 drives and see if you like it 1 folder raid like redundancy backups of critical data backups of client PCs and I use it to stream to my pocorn hour with YAMJ/myihome I went from Raid 5 to it, and will never go back to Raid 5 in a...
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    AM2 Opterons, why aren't people using them in WHS machines

    i've been using an AMD sempron Le-1100 single core cpu. 65nm and 45w. Not the lowest power, but not high by any means runs everything fine for WHS. unrar is not as fast as it could be, neither are backups... but im not really too concerned for a home environment. I really see no need to...
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    Good backup solution or not?

    sounds like Windows Home Server would be perfect for this, especially for incremental backups and using the external drives as a secondary backup.
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    Windows 7 and ATI x600

    laptop sad :( hopefully something compatable will come out closer to release. vista drivers have not worked.