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    is RDRAM being a jerk?

    What? PC133 Sdram has a peak theoritical bandwidth of 1066 MB/sec. PC800 RDRAM has a peak theoritical bandwidth of 3200 MB/sec. PC1066 RDRAM has a peak theoritical bandwidth of 4200 MB/sec. YOu need the continuity sticks to continue the flow of data through all the slots in a serial manner.
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    Is it bad to leave your PC on all the time?

    First off i never turn mine systems off. Second I figured my cost to run each computer averages approx. $10 a month. I came to this conclusion since i rent store space and in the spring when i do no need the heat or air conditioning on so the bill is around $75 a month. I have 4 computers...
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    How to know the speed of your memory?

    Download and run CPU-Z
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    I need some help with buttons

    You should try to make your own with various paint programs. I through this one together in minutes it's not perfect but i just wanted to show how quick and easy they are. to make
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    I want to watch TV on my computer

    I'll put in a third vote for the Leadtek Winfast TV2000XP Deluxe which i have been using for months.
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    Need help building a true hardcore video editing machine - processor choice

    For a single CPU look into the P4c's and for a dual setup buy a Xeon setup. Time is money and the Xeons will complete the video conversions faster.
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    Question about 533 Intel Chips

    I ran 2 systems with the same MB and matter of fact still have one but back in it's original box where its been sitting for a year. Anyways i had them running with 533fsb chips with PC800 RDRAM. I had Samsung ram which after overclocking was actaully running at PC1066 speeds. It did however run...
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    OS on one drive programs on another??

    I do it for ease of reinstallation of windows in case of a problem. You will lose the shortcuts to the apps and possibly may have to reinstall a couple but not all. Th efirst thing i do is run the app by clicking it's .exe file and see if it runs fine. If so then i create a new shortcut for it...
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    56k woes...

    I get over 3Mb/sec. As for the modem problem check your phone line. Try another location sometimes old lines cause interference or static.
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    OS on one drive programs on another??

    Nope meaning nothing special except pay attention after the install which drive letter is assigned to the other HD. D might be designated to a CDrom.
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    OS on one drive programs on another??

    Nope! Its pretty simple. When you set your primary drive it'll become the C:/ drive when you install windows and anything after that will follow with the next letter in line being the D, E, F whatever depending on how many drives you have.
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    OS on one drive programs on another??

    Thats exactly what i've been doing for years on my systems. You just have to get yourself used to paying attention to the apps you install to make sur you designate the D:/ drive for the install
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    Little XP help

    Control Panel Performance and maintenance System Advanced tab under performance click Settings advanced tab under virtual memory click change
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    Which cpu brand runs cooler? AMD vs Intel

    Install MotherBoard Monitor
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    House wiring

    Im a self-employed contractor in NY. I do my own wiring when i build additions and houses or remodeling. I know here locally you can not have spliced wires inside a wall. They have to be in a junction box that is accessible. To make it accessible you can splice the wires into another outlet for...
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    Emachines :(

    simply pull it out and check the manufacturers web site with the model #
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    How to remove a laptop HDD?

    I think my Dell laptop has a little sliding lock on the bottom of it. I know the HD simply slides out afterwards. Anyways you do not need to take it out to format and reinstall Windows. Either use a bootable cd or use a windows 98 boot diskette to format it.
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    Slot-loading CD-ROM drive - Can't find one!

    All my systems have had Pioneer DVD slot drives in the past years. It seems has one but it currently says sold out. Check Ebay.
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    Looking for good 19" crt

    I have had my 19" Viewsonic PF790 for 4 years now without any problems. It is set to 1280 x 960 @ 85hz.
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    How much of a performance decrease would I see doing this?

    Actaully according to the review at the AMD mobile chip @ 2400 is averaging closer to the P4c 2.8 instead. Thats only a 400mhz difference so your 2565 would be more equal to a P4 3.0 -3.2.
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    If AMD has a patent on multithreading...why don't they use it?

    U.S. Paa tteenttss 11999999--22000011 ((ssoourrccee :: IIFIICllaaiimss )) 1999 Company No. Patents 1 IBM 2,789 2 NEC 1,853 3 Canon 1,800 4 Samsung 1,544 5 Sony 1,429 6 Fujitsu 1,231 7 Toshiba 1,225 8 Motorola 1,207 9 Lucent 1,156 10 Mitsubishi 1,089 11 Matsushita 1,065 12 Hitachi...
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    Another 24.7 thread...

    In all my years of working on computers i have never heard of a computer catching on fire.
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    a question about electricity consumption

    If you are looking to figure the cost of an average system to run monthly then i'd have to say $15. I have a small store i rent where i have had up till recently been running 4 computers 24/7 SETI. I almost never use the lights and there is nothing else plugged into the outlets there. My...
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    Corsair Twinx 3200 LLPT

    I use Corsair XMS in all my systems. Here is a screenshot of one computer that has been running SETI for months with these settings.
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    How tough are cold cathodes?

    instead of making the saber tougher why not make the targeted landing a soft area. I mean like setup to land on maybe a pile of clothing or pile of styrofoam peanuts. Make it something that can be made to fit in the surroundings.
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    Wont boot from CDRom

    Did you check the boot order in bios? Such as: 1st boot floppy 2nd boot cdrom 3rd boot IDE0 Is the CD a copy? It may not be bootable.
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    computer on 24.7?

    If it weren't for power outages my systems would be on nonstop for a very long time. I just checked my one system which is an overclocked P4 running SETI. It has been up since the last power outage being 68 days ago.
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    Unknown audio compression in a DIVX movie

    Thanks for that app help me to identify it was an AC3 filter i needed.
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    Unknown audio compression in a DIVX movie

    I have a japanese DIVX movie which when i try to play it says it can't find the appropriate audio compression. The movie continues to play with no audio. If i check the properties of the file it does not say what audio codec it uses. I have the most common codes. Maybe in Japan they use a new...
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    Prime95, does it matter?

    Ok i'm sorry i said ignorant. You sound like a reasonable person . I just wanted you to acknowledge that the app was is not perfect. I would rather hear people say the test is maybe 95% trustworthy and not 100%. It just buggs me that my systems didnt' run the older version without halting and...
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    Prime95, does it matter?

    Stop being ignorant. I'll prove it to you. I still have the 2 versions saved on cd with various software. I just ran both versions on the system i'm typing on. Heres a screenshot. I can run the newest version as long as you want but not the version last year. Explain that one! Oh i forgot the...
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    Prime95, does it matter?

    I will now finish my story since i got one person to reply. First i purposily neglected to add some other details in the previous post. You people have to stop preaching the Prime95/stable thing because it is not 100% true. I realize some you believe in the idea whom probably will believe in...
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    Prime95, does it matter?

    I wouldnt rely on prime95 telling you your system is stable. Many people have run this app at stock settings with prime95 coming to a halt. I have 2 system now which at stock settings will not finish Prime95. No matter what i change in bios it does not matter. My one system has a mild overclock...
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    BIG problem with windows XP

    Is it overclocked? If so try stock settings check cpu temperature Did you install any new drivers before shutdown?
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    Tables/Cells and a Picture

    i've done it but it was a pain in the ass from what i remember mostly because sometimes the cells leave small gaps between them. I think i had to play around with the sizing of each cell to make it work. I haven't played around with HTML lately so if you give me the picture and how it you want...
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    Intel or AMD

    I will always buy Intel and build only Intel based systems for customers. I have had many AMD systems and currently have 2 which are being sold off. AMD just doesn't have the reliability and stability i expected That others claim. My systems run SETI 24/7. The only systems that need occasional...