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    Expedia to Buy Orbitz for $1.6 Billion

    Deal with the hotel directly. Most places offer about the same prices that you find on Expedia / Orbitz / Priceline / etc. The hotel would rather you pay them all of the money, as opposed to the third party website paying less and keeping the mark-up. Plus it's a lot easier to make any...
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    Fired For Complaining About Comcast

    From what I've read on this situation, the guy did make a mistake. He called the office of one of the higher-ups in Comcast's accounting department and started making threats about having them audited when he himself works for a firm that does financial consulting for Comcast. I'm not exactly...
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    NFL Must End TV Blackouts or Lose Its Antitrust Exemption

    The NFL sure reaps a lot of profits for being a nonprofit organization.
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    Check If a Hotel’s WiFi Sucks Before It’s Too Late

    I would never expect any decent speeds on a hotel wifi network. Like the site says, most hotels just want to have some bare minimum connection so they can advertise free wifi, or at least available wifi, as one of their amenities.
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    Xbox Exec: Resolutiongate A 'Perception Challenge' That Must Be Fixed

    Seconded. The Watergate scandal was over 40 years ago. Even when it was still relevant and people still cared, adding "-gate" to anything to make it sound scandalous was not clever or amusing. I wish the media would let that cliche die already.
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    Store Plays Mass Effect Trailer For 7 Years Straight

    Man, I thought it was annoying when a store I worked at long ago played the movie Armageddon on a loop for a few months. Seven years is nuts!
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    U.S. Senate Drives a Stake Through Heart of Patent Reform

    I don't get why people think that term limits would solve anything. You'd just get a new batch of corrupt politicians every few years, being even more corrupt so they can make their money quickly. It would be more productive to get rid of the money that's causing the corruption in the first...
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    4G Is So passé: Japan Already Beginning 5G Trials

    So you're saying that when companies engage in practices with which you strongly disagree, and you feel are harmful to the industry and the consumer base as a whole, the proper response is to... shut up and give them more money?
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    Denmark Recreated 1:1 In Minecraft

    I don't get it. If you want to invest that kind of time into digital art, why not use some actual 3-D modeling tools instead of minecraft?
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    PC Gaming on Ubuntu Linux

    If Linux natively supported some good games, I would run it in a heartbeat. I tried running Ubuntu for a few months, and enjoyed it (other than the fact I couldn't play most of the games I wanted). I'm not going to screw around and give myself a headache trying to run WINE. If I want to play...
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    'The Elder Scrolls Online' Hit With First Major Bug

    I can't believe people complain about monthly subs for MMO's. Companies have to pay for server hosting, GMs, ongoing development, etc, and you're going to end up paying for it somehow. I would much rather pay a flat monthly sub than ridiculous amounts of micro-transactions or worse yet...
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    British Newsreel Collection Free to Watch on YouTube

    I know, right? Nowadays if you berate 3-year-olds until they cry, people all get on your case like you're doing something wrong. It's ridiculous!
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Pre-Order Now on Steam

    I'm glad they're focusing on single player. The last thing the world needs is yet another multiplayer FPS. I miss a good single player campaign.
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    Looking For Love Online? Try Facebook Or WoW

    That's more accurate. I doubt most of the basement-dwellers would turn down anything with a heartbeat.... and even then.....
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    Amazon Surpasses Hulu and Apple in Streaming Video Usage

    I would have no problem paying for Hulu Plus if it got rid of the commercials. I dropped cable because I got tired of paying money to spend 1/3 of my time watching advertisements.
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    Microsoft Cleared to Exhume E.T. from Landfill

    I would have guessed copies of Windows 8, but the tablets work too!
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    Creationists Demand Equal Airtime Over Cosmos Content

    Whether or not you all accept the truth of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, he still loves you and blesses you with the touch of His noodly appendages. It's all true because it was written in a book, and the book even says that it is true, so therefore it is proven.
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    2014 Worst Company In America Voting

    Monsanto is no doubt an evil giant. I have no love for them. They corrupt the government with their money, and abuse the hell out of the legal and copyright systems. Even so, I still feel that there are worse companies out there, like the ones I named. Monsanto just gets extra unnecessary...
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    Wendy's Now Accepts Payment Via Mobile App

    I'm so glad they made this, because paying for fast food is far too easy. There needed to be a couple extra layers of complication.
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    2014 Worst Company In America Voting

    I would pick companies that have done actual harm to the U.S. and even the world economies, like BoA and Wells Fargo, or even Wal-Mart, over some over-hyped hippie nonsense about "OMG science makes food evil!".
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    A State-by-State Look At Who Controls The Internet

    There is no such thing as anti-trust any more. Big companies own the government and can freely dictate what they want the laws to be.
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    76% US Internet Users Say Internet Is Good For Society

    I don't know. Considering everyone always having their face buried in a smartphone (even while driving), and people being complete d-bags hiding behind internet anonymity, and some of the stupid things people post on facebook / twitter.... hard to say if it's entirely a good thing for society.
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    Texas Appeals Court: No Phone Searches After Incarceration

    Nice to see a government agency actually upholding Constitutional liberties for once.
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    Forbes Spears Facebook over WhatsApp

    You cared enough to comment on it. I wasn't aware that no one was allowed to discuss actions other than ones for which they are directly responsible. We should shut down the internet in that case.
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    Why Hollywood Hacking Is So Hilariously Horrible

    I thought the movie Hackers was 100% technically accurate.
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    Titanfall - Don't Fall For The Hype

    I would just love it if there weren't so much focus on FPS and sports games on consoles. I've never been much of a sports fan, and I've always though FPS were much better played with a mouse than a joystick, plus the FPS genre has just been done to death.
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    Steve Jobs To Grace US Postage Stamp In 2015

    All I have to say to that is "Reagan."
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Getting Another Wave of Microtransactions

    Yeah video games are getting ridiculous. Publishers these days want all of their titles to me more like online stores than actual games. It makes me miss the days of old cartridge games, where you bought the game and it was all there. No patches, no DLC, no micro-transactions, just a complete...
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    Celebrating 25 Years of Not Getting Lost Thanks to GPS

    The downside is over-dependence on GPS. I work at a hotel, and people often ask me about nearby places to go. A couple days ago, someone wanted to go to a place that's literally just around the corner. No matter how simply I tried to explain "turn left" to him, he wanted me to look up an...
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    EA Steers Angry Customers Away from Google play

    I hope I live to see a day when companies like EA are run out of business because people refuse to support such unbridled greed and disregard for anything other than money. I blame the people who support companies like that as much as I blame the companies themselves.
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    EA Steers Angry Customers Away from Google play

    It's so sad. I loved the old Dungeon Keeper games and hate to see them doing this to the franchise. I may have to see if I can go dig those old games up somewhere.
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    Mario Kart 8 Set for May Release

    Wow, they're up to 8 already?
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    PS4's Weak Parental Controls Put Kids At Risk

    Oh no, the risk! The terrible, deadly risk! Just think of all of the poor children who might... hear a bad word or something!
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    Bethesda Announces Star Cast for The Elder Scrolls Online

    It sure seems to be. Look at how many people are still buying those corporate-agenda games like CoD and every single EA sports game. People are stupid and they will buy whatever crap advertisers sell to them.
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    Judge Reverses Huge Jury Award Over Madden Video Games

    This and this. Corruption, bribery, and kickbacks have become such an integral part of our legal and political systems that no one even blinks an eye at it anymore. We even have the Supreme Court upholding it in cases like Citizens United.
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    Bethesda Announces Star Cast for The Elder Scrolls Online

    I'm not saying the voice acting is what ruined SWTOR. It was the lack of content, as you said, among other things. The voice acting was actually good. What I was saying is that good voice acting won't save an otherwise bad game. I say this because word of mouth seems to indicate that ESO is...
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    Bethesda Announces Star Cast for The Elder Scrolls Online

    Ask anyone who played SWTOR. Voice acting can't save an MMO from being terrible.
  38. S Cracked In 4 Minutes

    If anecdotal horror stories are what qualify a system as a failure, then the US system has totally bombed. I'd rather be on a waiting list (the tales of which are horribly exaggerated for propaganda purposes) than have no health care at all because I can't afford it.
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    Funny Xbox One Trolling

    I thought from the beginning that voice commands for the xbox was a dumb idea. One of the first things I would do if I had an xbox would be to find a way to disable it. Also, as others have said, all those kids......