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  1. The Mad Atheist

    Ai Designed Soda flavored Coca Cola

    with fluoride!
  2. The Mad Atheist

    [Epic Game Store] 911 Operator FREE till 9-21-23

    Seriously? What's next, Hoof GP, septic tank pumper, SIM librarian, corndog eating SIM?
  3. The Mad Atheist

    Build your next gaming PC from… Walmart?

    Went to Walmart last year to get a XBone controller and the only one they had was a open box one, turned out to be a well used one some dishonest person exchanged for a new one. I can see the samething happening with the CPUs and GPUs.......
  4. The Mad Atheist

    Apple iPhone 15 Live Event "Wonderlust"

    So, what defects are "features" this round?
  5. The Mad Atheist

    Toyota Shut Down 14 Factories Due to 'Insufficient Disk Space'

    Why, just because YT said it was age restricted? No nudity whatsoever. But, seriously, I betcha someone had no work related stuff on their servers. :LOL:
  6. The Mad Atheist

    Toyota Shut Down 14 Factories Due to 'Insufficient Disk Space'

    Bullshit, I say someone was storing their hentai collection on the server!
  7. The Mad Atheist

    Looking for a laptop cooler???

    20g is more than enough with 2 extra applications. You want to blob it on to every chip that is cooled by the heatsink but the CPU and GPU. Just don't use too little, and coat the whole chips. You want to use enough so it squeezes out the sides, any that spills out can be put back into the tub.
  8. The Mad Atheist

    Looking for a laptop cooler???

    Too thick pads will prevent HS from making proper contact with your CPU and GPU. Use thermal gunk so any excess will just squeeze out.
  9. The Mad Atheist

    Looking for a laptop cooler???

    Get some Honeywell PTM 7950 phase change pads for the CPU and GPU, and a tub of K5-Pro for the other chips. As for your nvme heatsinks, I wouldn't trust those bands as they can snap, used some capton tape IMO.
  10. The Mad Atheist

    Volition shutdown. Saints row dev.

    So we're not getting Freespace 3 now, well fuck me. This would be a perfect time to the series free for the week on GOG, Steam or Epic.......
  11. The Mad Atheist

    Surface Pro worth buying yet?

    Too few ports IMO so I was hoping to get a i5 or i7 Pro 7+ a year or 2 ago but the didn't have the funds for it plus the prices were just a little too high for my tastes. I just bought top spec One NetBook T1, 1k USD and awaiting shipment now. i7-1260P, 2TB 2280 nvme, microSD and USD A ports...
  12. The Mad Atheist

    Honeywell PTM 7950 for your laptop!

    I bought it for my laptop shortly after seeing it LTT along with K5-Pro, I'm happy with them both.
  13. The Mad Atheist

    Amazon CEO Andy Jassy threatens employees to return to office or "things are probably not going to work out for you"

    Where, in the US? I don't think that'll fly well here, especially in Florida. I wouldn't know, I don't have a subscription, just spent money on MOR tech to feed my addiction, so me pockets be bare captain.
  14. The Mad Atheist

    Amazon CEO Andy Jassy threatens employees to return to office or "things are probably not going to work out for you"

    Give them de boot, AFAIC scAmazon can fuck off, but they have the right to tell their monkeys to get back to their cages at HQ. If the monkeys don't like, then they can look elsewhere for work. Tho those hired with the condition they can work from home should be grandfathered in, maybe offer...
  15. The Mad Atheist

    Irdeto reveals new DRM scheme to prevent game modding

    I haven't been paying for any game since I discovered Epic and Steam been giving them away weekly so I'm not sure if I care. Tho I did buy the Shadow Warrior Trilogy for dirt cheap a few months back, have yet to play them...... There needs to be something for GT5 Online, there's too many clowns...
  16. The Mad Atheist

    Who still uses Skype??

    I have/had an account, never used it, the last time I checked it someone with the same name as me in Europe took it somehow, so I reclaimed it. I might check it again now after how many years IDK last logged into it.....
  17. The Mad Atheist

    Looking for a laptop cooler???

    I bought a couple of heatsinks for my m.2 drives, think I used some thermal paste for the tallest chip and a pad for the lower ones. I ditched the rubber bands that "secured" the sink to the stick and just wrapped it with capton tape.
  18. The Mad Atheist

    [Epic Game Store] Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak FREE till 8-31-23

    Good game, only issue I had with it was you couldn't zoom out much in gameplay, it felt too zoomed in compared to the other games in the series.
  19. The Mad Atheist

    Weller WE1010NA 70-Watt Digital Soldering Station $95 + FS @TEquipment

    Had a Radio Shack Tech American station bought around the 2000s...
  20. The Mad Atheist

    [Microcenter In-Store Deal] $99 Creality Ender 3 Pro

    I bit too far on my bike...... :(
  21. The Mad Atheist

    [Microcenter In-Store Deal] $99 Creality Ender 3 Pro

    I wish they set up shop in Brandon Florida. Textnow is a voip service tho, ever with their $1 SIM and they run off of T-Mobile. I have it and got their SIM card for free. It requires your mobile data be on are a data connection for it to work. For some reason my Redmi Note 9S keeps turning off...
  22. The Mad Atheist

    Yum! Ramen for Starving E-Gamers: 24-Pack 3-Oz Creamy Chicken Maruchan Ramen $5.76 @Amazon/Walmart

    .25 a pack, same price as Dollar Tree. Ramen, the staple food for college kids and those that have a tech addiction.........
  23. The Mad Atheist

    [Epic Game Store] Homeworld Remastered Collection FREE till 8-03-23

    Thought I already posted in this thread?..... Anyway, Deserts of Kharak is free this weeks!
  24. The Mad Atheist

    Update your WinRAR installs!

    Is it still the codec of choice for anime watchers, I don't think I have it installed my current rig, been using stock Pot Player.
  25. The Mad Atheist

    Update your WinRAR installs!

    THIS^ !!! I had it installed but only used 7zip so I removed it weeks ago and associated all RARs to open with 7zip when clicked.
  26. The Mad Atheist

    For purely gaming purposes, should I upgrade processor, memory, and MB or just the video card and stick with my current hardware?

    Meh, I wouldn't upgrade unless you're having serious performance issues on the games you play and after you're sure a software fix won't fix it, so, #3. You're pretty much a gen old but the CPU, surprised the CPU isn't hyperthreading.
  27. The Mad Atheist

    Gamers Nexus vs LinusTechTips: Smackdown

    RIP, Jerry Springer.
  28. The Mad Atheist

    Intel ‘Downfall’: Severe flaw in billions of CPUs leaks passwords and much more

    So pretty much if someone else doesn't use my laptop, I don't let someone remote access, or DL certain software, I'm pretty much OK...... So, is this a BIOS update or what, because I also don't want to risk MSI disabling my 2nd m.2 bay I add for my laptop?
  29. The Mad Atheist

    Anyone know of a MP3 tag editor for Android that is comparable to AIMP?

    I been using AIMP on Windows for years and it works great for me, but the Android version only has audio playback and the creator has no plans to include that feature for the app. I want to edit my MP3 collection tags via Android also.
  30. The Mad Atheist

    PS6 coming in 2027

    I was speaking loosely on how they're PCs now. 😉
  31. The Mad Atheist

    PS6 coming in 2027

    Is this close enough?
  32. The Mad Atheist

    PS6 coming in 2027

    I'm still not getting a console till the PS9 is out, last ones I owned were the Dreamcast and the PS2 and Sony better deliver the PS9 like the ads they had back then! Meh, they're all custom PCs now, lol. PS4 and 5, and MS XBOX, XBOne, XBOX Series S/X.
  33. The Mad Atheist

    Your Ubisoft account can be suspended and subsequently permanently deleted for 'inactivity,' taking your games library with it

    Good to know just incase I want to play that one lone game of SplinterCell....... FFS UbiShit, how much user data takes up at your data center!? Not like players' game installs are on your side on the interwebbs. I haven't logged into my Steam account for years and they still have it.
  34. The Mad Atheist

    Kevin Mitnick Is Dead?!?!?!?!?!?!

  35. The Mad Atheist

    [Epic Game Store] The Elder Scrolls Online FREE till 7-27-23

    Looking forward to the HomeWorld collection, shame there's no Deserts of Kharak or any of the FreeSpace games.
  36. The Mad Atheist

    [GOG] Betrayer FREE

    Well, why not, just don't ask me when I'll have the chance to play it.
  37. The Mad Atheist

    gamers who live close to MicroCenter stores can now pick up RX 7900 XT at $699

    Need a Micro Center here in Brandon Florida, I miss Radio Shack, CompUSA, and Sear.
  38. The Mad Atheist

    EU's new regulation requires replaceable batteries in smartphones

    Ok ok, truth was, it wasn't my own breaks, but in autoshop I accidently swapped the wrong lugnuts on a janitor's vehicle.....
  39. The Mad Atheist

    EU's new regulation requires replaceable batteries in smartphones

    Wait, aren't batteries already user replaceable!?...... Sure you might need tools open it up like a cross bit on most things, so what's with a few more like a hot plate, solder iron, glue, spudgers ect ect...... :p MeeeeOOOOW. lol Same-ish but with my car, :p , did my own breaks, oil.