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    Samsung Working On 11K Screens For Smartphones

    I agree that 1440p is even ridiculous too. I'd actually prefer 1080p on my note 4 to get more performance and battery life. However, I don't have an interest in VR.
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    $350 XBone w/ AC:U, MCC, $50 GC, 1 game of choice

    The XBONE's powerbrick really is disconcerting. The console, big as it is, can't house an internal power supply while the PS4 can and at a much smaller form factor. Albeit, Microsoft didn't want to repeat their cooling mistakes but come on... it's a bit extreme. Despite that though I had...
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    Cliff Bleszinski Says PC Is The Only Way To Go

    I'm excited for Cliffy B. He is a free spirit yo.
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    Gears of War 4 Gameplay Trailer

    Oh haha! They bringing some more shades of red as well I hear.
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    Gears of War 4 Gameplay Trailer

    If this and the remaster is coming to PC then there will be no need to buy an Xbone (yay). I'm definitely getting a PS4 sometime (not ready to bite yet though).
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    Is the Phablet the Future of Smartphones?

    ^absolutely right imo. I was scared of getting a phablet (note 4) after having such a small phone, but after using the note 4 for a little bit I love having the real estate that it brings and the extra features it has (eg: s pen). I stopped using my tablet since! I don't mind the size because...
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    Google Fiber Is Coming To Salt Lake City

    Awesome. That's about 45 miles away from where I live. :cool:
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    The White House Wants Gamers To Buy Healthcare

    The ACA has a strong focus on those who are uninsured and poor, but if you have too low of an income and live in a state that is not expanding medicaid then forget it... you're not getting insured by medicaid and if you go through the marketplace you'll have to pay full price for a crappy plan...
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    Xbox One Newegg deal

    This is a really good deal and it's tempting, but I would want a PS4 if I wear getting a console (mostly because of games that are exclusive to ps4).. edit: A new gears of war game would totally have me buying this, even if it was only a remake of gears. However, a remake or GOW 4 isn't...
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    [WARM] Crucial MX100 512GB $199 Amazon

    I have one of these in my i7 rig right now. It really is a solid solid state drive and I would buy it again.
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    Eleven Gadgets That Died Too Early

    My first zune died a long time ago but I still use my Zune HD that I got on release day like almost every day.
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    Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones $99 Amazon

    Good timing. Haha I was looking at the HD 558's today because I've been wanting a decent set of cans and was considering pulling the trigger. I'm glad I saw this thread!
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    1440p vs 1080p (games, movies)

    I bought an Overlord Tempest and the experience is awesome. Even if you're planning on gaming only at 1080p on a 1440p monitor I would still recommend it. I'm running mine on my i7/290x system.
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    Overlord Tempest X270OC mini-review

    Yeah I haven't update my specs yet. My updated system is a 4970k with an r9 290x. Overlord just updated their website and it seems like it will be shipping out next week. Too bad I won't be getting it this week but at least now they have a solid date for the may pre-orders.
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    Overlord Tempest X270OC mini-review

    I wonder when they will start shipping them out. They said that it would be shipping out this week but I have yet to receive mine nor receive a shipping notice. I'm pretty sure I was one of the first who pre-ordered back in May. I've definitely had thoughts of canceling and going with...
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    Crucial MX100 512GB - $204.99 ($10 off promo code @ newegg)

    Yeah I got mine at that price at launch. It's a really good drive and I'll probably pick up a second one around blackfriday/cyber monday.
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    H105 Problems and my Stupidity

    So Corsair got back to me really quick and sent out the replacement part to me at no cost and with no questions. They said that there was no need to send the faulty part back to them. Corsair has gained a happy customer! I'll soon see how well the h105 works in my system without modding the...
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    PowerColor PCS+ AXR9 290X $470 AR w/code til 6/6

    I thought what you said earlier sounded too good to be true in the event one would want to refund their card. I think when you go check-out a video card you even have to check a box saying something among the lines that you understand that you can't return the card. Sorry to hear your...
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    Questionable Hard Drive Packaging - What to do?

    I think you'll be fine. Just plug it in and see if it works, if it does then you should be ok. But if you want to be really thorough about it then you could stress test it. I just received seagate drives from tigerdirect and they were packaged worse than that. First, they were packaged in an...
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    Less eyestrain with Intel?

    Where do I get a hold of this stuff that you have?
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    Battlefield Hardline Beta for all!

    They're probably sending out so many beta emails because not enough people play it long enough/provide feedback to be useful. I couldn't stand playing longer than like 10 minutes... granted if I had a better system I may have given it 20. I may try it again later.
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    samsung 512GB 840 pro ssd $359

    In real world performance you won't notice much. Just in benchmarks you would see a slight difference. Even the SanDisk Extreme II 480GB, after it's price increase since it's drop (was at about $230), is still probably a better value drive than the PRO because they really compete with each...
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    ATI or Nvidia

    Either one will be fine for BF3. Just pick a price range like $100-150 or $150-200 and then look for cards that are in that price range. Pick one or two AMD cards from that price range and pick one or two nVidia's. Then search for benchmarks and compare them and whichever one out performs the...
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    Battlefield Hardline Beta for all!

    Oh shiz I got mine two days ago and I just noticed now. hehe i'll download it and give it a shot.
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    H105 Problems and my Stupidity

    I'll see what corsair's support says and then move on from there. I feel embarrassed that it even happened... (haste makes waste).
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    H105 Problems and my Stupidity

    ^ I think you're right. I think I might have a good shot with newegg on replacing it but I will try corsair first. Even if I can just purchase that plastic part from them that would be better than using up all the resources and energy in sending the whole set to newegg and having them send it...
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    H105 Problems and my Stupidity

    So after what I just did earlier, I'm reconsidering my handling with precious equipment and hardware after coming home at 10:15 PM from a day of work. Anyway, so this is what happened.. I was so excited to see how my new H105 would look with my Asus Board and Fractal Design Case that I just...
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    The correct way of applying thermal paste

    On top of that they mounted the heat sink in the wrong direction if you're actually going to put it in a case. They mounted it in a way where the cpu will exhaust the hot air on the gpu instead of having it go out through the back of the case... That's another big face palm right there if you...
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    Battlefield Hardline: 6 Minutes of Multiplayer Gameplay

    I just don't know how to feel because I haven't even played BF3/BF4 yet.
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    Titanfall - $29.99

    What you say may be true, but with Xbox and Playstation if the game doesn't support dedicated servers (which I think they may now) then you'll run into the problem of "host" advantage. I've played a lot of MW3 with my friends on the xbox 360 and still do every now and then, and when we have...
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    Battlefield Hardline Beta for all!

    Screw it, the "deal" is dead it seems.
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    2.4 billion hours spent watching video games.

    ^ That's a good way to look at it. You really can get into it like you can with sports (non e-sports). I would talk about starcraft in the same way people would talk about football/basketball. You have your favorite teams, players, and the competitiveness is there too.
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    So the OnePlus One is now here...

    I tell ya, by the time it comes out it will be obsolete to the other flagships. Amazon will have their phone out (assuming that their next device is a phone), the next nexus and iphone will be out too... Maybe it won't be as far as being obsolete, but there will be other good and maybe even...
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    Is No-One Excited for DDR4?

    Haha, that's like me. I'm still using my G.Skill DDR2 1066 ram and will finally be moving onto DDR3 with a 4790K soon.
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    Crucial MX100 SSD

    I got mine today and won't be using it till my 4790K arrives... but I'm starting to question my purchase upon seeing the Sandisk Extreme II drive's price's dropping (however, they're starting to climb up again due to inventory I suppose). Although this drive is targeted for those with a budget...
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    Downside to M2 sata drive?

    I wonder if M.2 drives will suffer in systems where the slot is sandwhiched under the PCI Express slot. I'm thinking exposure to high gpu temps may be a worry to some setups. I could be completely wrong however as M.2/SSD drives are not as prone to overheating as an HDD is.
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    Devil's Cannon vs. Broadwell -- Why get the former?

    This. I'm getting a 4970k system soon and that is because I need/want to upgrade to do what I want to do and I don't want to wait another 6+ months plus for something that may not live up to the hype. Granted if I already had a decently overclocked core i7 I wouldn't upgrade unless I had...
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    What gpu company do you favor?

    I definitely favor ATi/AMD. I've only had one nVidia card like a 6800 or 6600 agp (something like that). all my other card's have been amd (9800pro, x1800xt, 3870, 4890). I just bought a r9 290x too. I'm a fan of AMD (not a fanboy though) because it seems like they often are producing the...
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    Did AMD fail to take marketshare with their latest gpus?

    I don't know why people complain so much about drivers. nVidia and AMD will have a crappy driver every now and then. Looking back with my AMD 4890 I've had a wonderful experience other than having to RMA the MSI card (not amd's fault). It's been working flawlessly and I can't remember a time...