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    Cheap ITX Build, Light Gaming (CPU+Board+RAM)

    Hi there, I want to revive a SilverStone SG05 with new CPU, mainboard and RAM. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc The machine will be used for light gaming and regular web stuff. Nothing else can be expected for the budget I'm going with. 2) What's...
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    Having major problems with ATI HD6850

    What power supply do you have?
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    Sapphire 5850 Xtreme - new 5850 for $150

    Yes, unfortunately there's not too many reviews out yet.
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    Sapphire 5850 Xtreme - new 5850 for $150

    Apparently Sapphire just released a refresh of the 5850. Newegg: Review: It retails at $150 dollar, has slightly more power, a shorter PCB and...
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    Have you guys seen this build? a machine that costs $30,000+

    He mentioned in the video that the client is a radiologist, so I'd assume some high-res medical displays, probably not too much focus on sound.
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    Tessellation and the 5870. What the hell is it and should I use it?

    Tessellation makes flat stuff bumpy.
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    Radeon HD6790 (Barts LE) review

    I like how they advertise it with "Full HD Gaming" without the card being actually useful in most games at full HD resolution.
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    First AMD OC (Phenom 955 BE)

    From what I've read there is a pretty hard wall after 3.9ghz, that's why I didn't even bother going for it, even though a round 4ghz looks nice :)
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    First AMD OC (Phenom 955 BE)

    Hello, recently I switched from an Intel socket 775 build to an AMD system around a Phenom 955BE. It took me a while to get it stable, mostly because the board and/or IMC seem to be picky about faster speeds and timings. I'd like to share my results to get some feedback if this configuration...
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    Constant BSOD

    Try to bump up the memory voltage and NB voltage, loosen the memory timings and lowering the memory ratio. The AMD memory controllers seem really picky about sharp memory settings, maybe it gives you enough time to boot again and save some data.
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    cheapest possible upgrade for sc2

    Just a word of warning: the GIGABYTE GA-G41M-ES2L is not a good board to overclock. The chipset is highly limiting. Otherwise it's a fine board that I've been using for a long time. I would not change the board. Look around for a cheap CPU upgrade and (more importantly) a...
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    Why is alt tab still so slow?

    I actually discovered that feature in SC2 yesterday and it's absolutely awesome.
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    Upgrade from socket 775, gaming at 1920x1200

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming. Bad Company 2, Starcraft 2, Most things to be released by BioWare/Blizzard. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Trying to stay around 400-500 Euros (tax is always included over here...
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    Metacritic Users Bomb Dragon Age II 3/10!

    Thank you. Exactly my thoughts.
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    5770 hangs / driver crashes while gaming

    Switched to driver version 10.10 (the e hotfix is no longer available apparently?), problem still occurs from time to time :confused:
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    5770 hangs / driver crashes while gaming

    The system is entirely stock. I have cleaned and re-installed the latest drivers and will now see if the problem occurs. It's a bit annoying because there's no clear way to provoke it. If that fails, I'll check out older driver versions. Thanks for the hints so far! EDIT: Meh, it just happened...
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    5770 hangs / driver crashes while gaming

    Yes, I have run OCCT with error detection for a while. GPU temperature max. is about 85° C, no errors detected.
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    5770 hangs / driver crashes while gaming

    Hello, I've recently started using a 5770 (ASUS EAH5770 CuCore). The following problem appears regularly: While gaming (Bad Company 2, Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 tested so far) the image freezes but sound etc. keep running, so the system does not crash entirely. After the screen froze for...
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    s775 CPU dead - replace or upgrade?

    I found a used E8400 and some replacement memory to use while I RMA my current kit to Corsair. It's a small increase in performance and hopefully keeps the system running for a bit :) Thanks for the suggestions!
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    s775 CPU dead - replace or upgrade?

    The fan on the CPU cooler failed and I only noticed after a few restart-shutdown cycles. Now there's only faulty signals sent to the display ("Frequency out of range" etc.) Since the CPU was mildly overclocked with increased voltage I'm pretty certain that it got damaged during the process...
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    s775 CPU dead - replace or upgrade?

    Hello, unfortunately my trusted E7200 died. At the same time I have some problems with my RAM, so I want to replace that as well. I could simply replace the broken parts by getting a new socket 775 CPU, the Wolfdale E6700 maybe, and some DDR2 RAM. At the same time this might be an...
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    Fractal Mini ITX NAS Case

    That looks amazing.
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    Looking for a sleak, compact mATX case

    The SG03 looks nice indeed, but as you mentioned already, what's up with that side panel?! Is it removable?
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    Looking for a sleak, compact mATX case

    Thanks for the suggestions! I really like the black Lian Li PC-V351, although the cube form factor is not really suited to be carried around.
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    Looking for a sleak, compact mATX case

    Hello, I'm looking for a really small and sexy (Lian-Li et al.) mATX case. I'm coming from a Sugo SG05 build but for several reasons I am back on a mATX setup that is currently residing without a case on my desk. The configuration is minimal, as in one HDD, a full-size video card and a PSU...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Is there any viable replacement cooler to replace the chipset heatsink on this board? More specifically, one that has a bolt-through system or something similar instead of pushpins.
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    ZOTAC GF9300-I-E GPU Problem!

    What's your setup? That 46° C sounds a bit too good, even if the heatsink sits perfectly fine. ;)
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    Quake Live capable MITX boards?

    Zotac 9300 ITX WiFi.
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    CES 2010: SFF Style

    Very strange board layout on that Zotac.
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    SFF motherboard review questions

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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    The forum link on SFFClub leads to the SFF section of [H]. Did I miss anything? :) Nice build!
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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    Really? How did you fit the 80mm fan on there? Do you happen to have pictures available?
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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    I'm having problems with the chipset cooling on my build (see signature). When the room temperature is only a few degrees too high, the system will shut down with a blue screen and not turn on before I took the case cover off to let it cool down for a few minutes. Afterwards, I have to leave the...
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    SFFs as carry-on luggage: anybody had problems?

    Had no problems on flights within Europe. Except for the fact that security personnel considers a Sugo SG05 box a 'laptop', which is why you have to take it out of the bag to have it scanned seperately. :rolleyes:
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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    Sell it as bundle of new front panel plus card reader then. Don't make it so hard to give you money :D. A card reader would be a great addition to the case and I bet some people would make the upgrade.
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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    Just sell it seperately as add-on?! I'd take one.
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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    I assume the upcoming 5770 will be just right for the SG05.
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    WD Elements permanent access noise

    Hello, I got myself a WD Elements external USB HDD, 1 TB, on Windows 7 Pro. Just plugged it in, put some files on it, works fine. When it should be idling, it sounds like it does an ongoing, permanent access noise, similar to transferring a large file. As soon as I do something on the HDD, for...
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    Suggestions for SFF system, browsing & light work

    I would get something like an ASRock ION 330. It's the best Ion box on the european market, not sure how the US situation is. It doesn't have an internal 3,5" slot but the HDD options should suffice for most scenarios. If you...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Check out my build thread, it has all the details :) I'm running the cooler with fan, I doubt it's large enough to run fanless. Plus the chipset really needs some air flow. Temps are around 50° C idle and 60° C load. Not entirely satisfying, but...