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    New mobo advice?

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    New mobo advice?

    Just a quick one to see what peoples experiences are like on some of the A64 boards around now. Currently i've got a XP 3200 but i've just aquired a A64 3200 winchester. Im gonna upgrade my current AN7 board and am going to be running it with the following basic stuff. XFX 6800 GT 550w...
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    XFX or eVGA?

    If its any help, i've had an XFX6800GT for a few months now and never had any problems. Stright out of the box i ran it at 425/1150 and havent really ran it at anything else. With regards to the cards being all the same, this isnt true. The memory on mine is 1.6ns as opposed to a friend of mine...
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    Normal temps 6800gt

    Too much time on your hands!! ;) i couldnt get over an hour before i'd need to get back on my...
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    Anyone have a XFX 6800GT....???

    I love this card! I Changed my standard XFX 6800 for the GT version and have no problems with it. I never turn my computer off at all at home and even with the standard cooler i could run it at 425/1150 24/7. I've played doom 3 for hours at those settings without so much as a glitch and every...
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    Normal temps 6800gt

    My comps on all the time, i never turn it off and I run my XFX 6800GT at 425/1150 24/7 with an arctic silencer 5 on it. Idle core 43 amb 27 Load 63 amb 35 Thats after running rthdribl! If i could work how to add the pics on here i could show you! Mind you i am in the UK and its bloody...
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    Post your 6800 GT OC!

    XFX 6800GT NV Silencer 5 550w ps (not sure of the make) 425/1150 24/7 Rock stable on all tests and games Idle - Core 43, ambient 27 Load - Core 63, ambient 35 (after running rthdribl_1_2)
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    XFX 6800GT Bundle Buy.Com?

    I've got an XFX 6800GT and it runs quite cool. I run mine at 425/1150 on the origional bios 24/7 stable as a rock. Didnt get the other items in the bundle (UK bundle) though only Doom3 :mad: yevaud i think you may be right and you are the 1 in 1000
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    Best 6800GT?

    Dont think i've registered on there, however i may have at some point as i get around a bit ;). If i have registered in the past i certainly aint been on there in ages.
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    Best 6800GT?

    Ooo hadnt notice that! You do get doom3 free with the XFX though (actually its probably not free then! :rolleyes: ). As a matter of interest though, if you look at the board layouts of the BFG and the Chaintech ones they look identical. If you look at the board layout of the XFX its different...
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    Best 6800GT?

    Galaxy Glacier 6800GT £305.44 If your in the UK.
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    Best 6800GT?

    Why? Tell me what you want me to measure it with and i'll show u the screen dump. I have no other cards installed on my system intake fan on the front bottom, side vented and 2 out take fans one on the back (around the proc and 6800) and one on the top. The airflow is just very good.
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    6800GT's video quality

    I use the 66.70 drivers on my XFX without any problems on video. No problems on exiting doom3 either. I found that these drivers worked best for me ;)
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    Best 6800GT?

    Have a look at the XFX 6800 GT as well. Mine runs 430/1150 24/7 on stock cooling @ 1.3v no problem! The idle temps are around 40GPU and 28/30 ambient. Even after playing doom3 for a couple of hours the GPU temp doesnt go much abouve 60/63. I've got an NV5 comming tomorrow (should have been here...
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    3dmark05 5556
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    Any good for 6800GT?

    New to all this (you may have have noticed from other posts) but from what i can see this is a damn good score! XFX 6800GT clocked to 428/1150 on stock cooling. Am i doing something wrong, please tell me! Before the temps are running at 44 deg idle, and didnt get over 56 after running 3dmark05...
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    6800GT > 6800 Ultra flash (successful, and details!)

    Sorry, forgot to say, i've got an NV5 silencer comming tomorrow as well to get the temps lower.
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    6800GT > 6800 Ultra flash (successful, and details!)

    Hi Guys Just joined (new to this, ish, so go easy on me) and i'm wondering if its worth doing for me? I recently swapped my XFX 6800 for a XFX 6800 GT. Im currently running my GT at 428/1150. Standard temps are at GPU 43deg and 26/28 ambient. After running 3dmark05 GPU is still showing under...