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    Recover Data after multi-pass wipe/zeros?

    15 Passes of write zeros? I don't think even the most expensive deep level scanners in a lab would find the data. Since I think even 5 passes would already be impossible to recover something.
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    Hard drive lost its formatting

    Could be a possible controller driver issue. You can try to use IRST drivers to find out if the issue still persists.
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    Is my hard drive failing?

    I assumed it is a multi-bay enclosure, have you tried swapping the drive into a different bay within the enclosure?
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    Which hard drive is best for configuration

    The Hitachi GST Deskstar 7K3000 sound a best buy...
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    HDD pricing

    Hard drive prices will eventually fall down but not really that quick. Thinking that a 80GB hard drive 15 years ago cost as much as a 4TB drive today. :)
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    Need help making a exact duplicate of my C drive

    I think Runtime DriveImage XML could let you do this since it supports hot imaging/cloning. Meaning you could be able to clone your system drive while it is in use. I have tried it in XP machines before .
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    Ha! Ha! The old freezer trick worked!

    This trick might actually work on some older drives that still had low density platters. But is not totally recommended on todays earlier high density platter drives.
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    Two new drives do not bench the same?

    Try to get it RMAed though and see if the replacement would give you better results like the first drive.
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    Two new drives do not bench the same?

    I think that the QAs just missed to let that 2nd drive pass the quality check. :)
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    WD6401AALS is dying, need a 1 TB replacement

    I'd prefer HGST Desktar 7200 over Barracuda ST2000DM001.
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    Dying disk, recovery suggestions?

    I'd probably suggest you to image the drive using ddrescue in Linux. Then it would be much easier for you to recover the files you wanted from the image you got.
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    RAID 0 for gaming rig?

    I'd better go with the single 1TB SSD in AHCI mode than doing 2x512GB in RAID 0. There seems no big difference in performance.
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    Diagnose and repair SSD?

    Have you able to check the SMART status of that drive using CrystalDiskInfo?
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    How do I swap out a PATA hard drive?

    You can try to replace the optical drive or make a bootable USB windows 7 installation disk from the Windows 7.iso that you have and try to install Windows 7 on that PC from the bootable USB that you've made.(That is if the BIOS of this PC already supports booting from USB)
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    what ssd maker do you prefer?

    Yes, any SSD is far better than HDD in performance but then it then comes to the next question. What brand gives you a better quality SSD?.. ;)
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    Seagate or WD for standard HDDs?

    Yes, any mechanical drive has the same chances of failing. Even if you're just using it in normal conditions, you can't just simply point out how long it will last and when it will fail.
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    Could a hard drive's partition "spontaneously" corrupt?

    If you're not feeling comfortable with the drive's behavior then back up the data and make a low level diagnostic of your drive using MHDD or HDDscan.
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    RAID 10 problem - hard puzzle

    Typically a lose cable connection. Either data or power cable I think.
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    Dying drive: Where do you start?

    You can also try UFS explorer (not free) if you find the procedure of ddrescue to be a bit more complex for you.
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    How to deal with possibly damaged HDD? Windows 8 refuses to boot with it connected

    It could be possibly a bad PCB or corrupt HDD firmware that disrupts the PC's BIOS to be able to follow the designated boot priorities in your system.
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    4TB Internal HDD advice

    You might also be interested to consider HGST Ultrastar over the Desktar.
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    Best 2,5" HDD?

    I have this HGST-Travelstar 2.5-Inch 5K1500 drives which I used one as an internal and 2 for external drives and these drives pretty works fine with no issues.
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    Safe way to secure-wipe a RAID0 SSD?

    You can try Active@ Kill Disk as it also supports SSD secure wiping.
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    Upgrade Help Needed

    For me, this seems to be a more complicated idea. And yes I think this would be an ideal option.
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    Best way to clean install Win 7 on a diff drive?

    Yes, I think you should be good doing that in that way to ensure a clean install with no conflicts from the other drives.
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    Failing ssd?

    You can also try to use CystalDiskInfo but I think that SSD had already served you well enough and already deserves a replacement.
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    Questionable Hard Drive Packaging - What to do?

    Yeah I Agree with this. Just run the stress test though to verify its health before you start storing your data to that drive.
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    S.M.A.R.T Status bad, backup and replace.. help.

    Yes those mech drives often cause system locks if they start to fail.
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    NAS HDD as internal data storage for pc

    I Agree with those HGST drives. Those drives are quite reliable and haven't had any issues yet compared to the Seagates I have.
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    S.M.A.R.T Status bad, backup and replace.. help.

    Is your storage drive also an SSD or a mechanical drive?
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    Which SSD to get for a new PC

    The Intel 3500 is a good SSD though but cost more compared to Samsung 840 EVO. So I'd say 840 EVO would be a good option for cost and performance.
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    S.M.A.R.T Status bad, backup and replace.. help.

    Yeah, you may need to install and use CrystalDiskInfo to check and verify your drives health status or SMART reports. And its also much safer if you do back up your data before the drive will fail though.
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    ssd with marvel SE9128 controller or sata pci-e card?

    This is been a HIT or MISS option so far. Connecting the SSD to the Intel SATA controller ports would be the ideal way as what was suggested above.
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    Is R-Studio any good? Data recovery of a ReFS File System( Win 8.1 Storage Space)

    You can try UFS explorer or R-Studio. Both applications works great for various data recovery procedures.
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    95% Memory Usage?

    True ;)
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    New Laptop - 4 Partitions - 2 SSD's/2 HDD's

    Single partition on each drive would do I think. You can merge those partitions though with some Partition tools from Acronis, Easeus or Partition Wizard if you want.
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    Windows Boot Issues: Possible Hard Drive Issue

    Definitely a RAM problem I think.
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    Problem Solving

    You can try to use HWMonitor.
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    Best option for windows install on my SSDs

    I'd say yes stick to your Intel 520 for your OS drive. You can use HDD Low Level Format tool to wipe it clean as the tool can also be used on SSDs.