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    Phone Selection Assistance

    IMO Driod 3 is the best phone with a full keyboard right now.
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    Nexus Prime / Droid Prime (Google's third reference phone - Ice Cream Sandwich)

    "1.2 - 1.5 GHz Krait 28nm snapdragon (3D performance near or equal PS3 / XBOX 360) " I am sorry but.................. this is not going to happen.
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    T-mobile Galaxy S2 getting different chips

    A higher clock yet slower clock for clock processor is usually the wrong answer to battery life issue. IMO the best way is make the phone a little thicker and put in a 1900 mah battery. Also GS2 has better battery life than 95% of android phone.
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    Who cares about iPhone5 ? It's outdated already

    A5 in ipad 2 is faster than the SoC in GS2 by 25-50%, however, there is a problem about heat and power, after all the ipad2 version of A5 is designed for tablet, so what Apple cando with it is still in question. I highly doubt they can fit a SGX 543mp2 in it and still get good battery life...
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    Core I7, shoudl hyperthreading be disable ?

    no, in 2003 p4 3.0c I bought was much better with HT on. Not to say the HT was better, it was mostly because it has one core, so multi tasking was clearly better with it's on, with quad core now, any benefit is not noticeable at all, while my matlab code was clearly slower.
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    Core I7, shoudl hyperthreading be disable ?

    That's very very wrong. I was under the same impression not long ago because all the tech sites always keep talking about multi-threaded application able to take advantage of HT. However, as I just recently found out, it really depend on the natural of the program and how it's written. The...
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    Thermaltake Frio CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    I don't see why would anyone buy this over the TRUE Rev C, 1 degree lower and 12 db higher? No thanks. No to mention it cost more.
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    Intel & iBuyPower - Gulftown Giveaway Contest

    I really hope I will win.
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    Nvidia GT300 "Fermi" PICS!!!

    This card looks like total fail, 4-6 month later than AMD, huge power consumption, use lots of power, generate lots of heat, use same tech so will cost more than 58xx to make, and won't even be that much more powerful, by the time it come out, I can see AMD's corssfire setup being faster and...
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    i7 couldn't handle norton and adobe

    AV comparatives begs to differ, and just from reading how they are doing it, you should able to tell AV comparative is miles ahead of tom.
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    lol, i think when people started to use the term gpu, it was already agp age.
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    Cheapest PC to watch streaming video online(wireless) on TV via HDMI?

    Hulu or Netflix type, but if it can stream files from another computer it would be useful too, but not a primary concern.
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    Cheapest PC to watch streaming video online(wireless) on TV via HDMI?

    Thanks for the reply, sounds like a good deal
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    Cheapest PC to watch streaming video online(wireless) on TV via HDMI?

    I am looking to buy a PC to watch steaming videos online, my TV us a Sony V series 42 inch, I think HDMI would work the best as it has both audio and video. It's mostly for online video only, maybe DVD once in a while, no blu ray what so ever. I am looking to buy one as cheap as possible, and...
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    New soundcard for KRK RP5 G2s

    I think Essence STX is the best sound card right now for 2.0 audio, expect maybe EMU 1212m/1616m.
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    Most comfortable mouse you ever had?

    A very old logitech mouse called something dual optical
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    Why do people complain when a bigger monitor doesnt have higher res?

    I agree with you 100% on first part,but 24 inch for 1920x1200 is too...
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    Need recommendations for a reliable external hard drive.

    WD mybook 2tb(2x1tb drive) mirror edition, build in raid 1.
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    external usb drive is taking 6+ hours to format!

    Something is wrong, my wd mybook 1tb took 5-6 hour to format
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    Has anyone attempted to replace a subwoofer in their speaker setup?

    I'd be very worried about my hearing if I were you...
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    M200MkII or KRK Rokit 8?

    I'd go with 8s if you don't plan to get a sub, but if your desk is really too small, then you don't really have choice unless you change desk.
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    Joined the Receiver club w/ Dayton BR-1 bookshelf speakers

    I used that one before, if you were using sine wave when you tested and get "There seemed to be a slight dropoff at 40 Hz, and became really noticeable at ~35 Hz. ", then either you were really close to the speakers or the speakers are very very very impressive. If you were using other wave...
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    Looking For 2.0 or 2.1 Speaker Setup

    You sure? I had CBM-170s which were shielded, and on their website they list CMT-340SE as fully shielded as well.
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    Joined the Receiver club w/ Dayton BR-1 bookshelf speakers

    Interesting you think it only start to drop off from 40Hz. Can you please post the link to the test tones? I tested over 30 book shelf speakers with 6.5 " drive and none of them can do anything below 50Hz at a reasonable lv. I also talked to some people working for respectable speaker makers...
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    Looking For 2.0 or 2.1 Speaker Setup

    I don't know, but I'd say Swan is the "cheapo brand" if you compare it to Yamaha.
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    Joined the Receiver club w/ Dayton BR-1 bookshelf speakers

    The second part of your post is right, but there is a limitation, 6.5 is just too small for 43 hz.
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    Joined the Receiver club w/ Dayton BR-1 bookshelf speakers

    I feel sorry for you if you believed this. 6.5" drive cannot have a frequency response range as low as 43 Hz, it may still make little sound but I'd bet it start to drop sharply at 60-80Hz, and by the time it gets 43Hz it will be something like -20db.
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    Just got a receiver...Couple of questions.

    I second the CBM 170 suggestion, I never used SE version, but I had 2 CBM 170 for over 2 years, along with Panasonic XR-50(not sure the mode number but something like that) that has the same output power as your receiver which is 100W @ 8 ohm, as well as a Dayton 10" 100W power sub. Sound card...
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    Firefox May Already Be Dead

    I don't know what idiot wrote this, but FF, as far back as it was called FB, was always the slower but better than IE. FF was never about a faster alt to IE, but a better one.
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    Phenom II's - What's the huge difference supposed to be?

    That`s why Intel also have Q9550. No?
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    G2400WD top too dark?

    I think you got a defective one, I used to own a G2400W and now I have 2693HM, from what I see the on my 2693HM(the test pic) and what I recall from the days I used 2400W I can tell you for 100% sure my G2400W would not be half as bad.
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    Diff beteeeen i7 920 and Q9300

    One thing? Tri-Channel memory? Dual x16 PCI-e? I love how you sound like Q9550 system is sooo much cheaper than i7 920 when in fact it cost a little more. Double? where? an I7 920 system cost about $300 more when you use a CHEAP P45 board for Q9550, go with high end P45, the...
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    "Intel Quad-Core Performance, Top to Bottom"

    I think this test has a MAJOR problem, they use Vista for OS, then use 2GB for C2 system and 3GB for i7 system, which is not ENOUGH to tell the real story about these CPUs.
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    Diff beteeeen i7 920 and Q9300

    I you really don't care about old or new, you could go Q6600, cost less and can hit higher clock easier when OC, more cache too. For Q9550, I think it's the best C2Q you can buy at a reasonable price, with the whole system cost about $300 less than a i7 920 one, it's up to you wither it's...
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    Diff beteeeen i7 920 and Q9300

    I'd say Q6700 or i7 920, Q9300 is a low end one that not worth getting.
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    G2400WD or E2400HD?

    I LOL every time someone says they want 16:9 so no black bars, most movies are 2.x : 1...
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    Several monitors - Which one takes the cake?

    Newegg is by far the WORST place you can try to buy LCD, last time I bought one that I think had some problem, the idiot CS keep asking 8 dead pixels BS, as if there is no other problem with LCD. Thank god it was a Hitachi, which has the best CS EVER, they overnighted me new one right away, let...
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    G2400WD or E2400HD?

    Well said, that's what I meant, thanks. Edit: This move also try to split the standard, which is very bad.
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    G2400WD or E2400HD?

    G2400W, 1920 * 1200 is the computer standard res, 1920 * 1080 is NOT.
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    The Truth about OEM Vista and alternate install media

    So what if I order my PC from a build to order store? Then I am not the system builder, only the end user, which accroding to you, means I am not bended by the conditions of the Microsoft OEM System Builder's license. So that means I can run the visit 32 bit even if I ordered 64 bit version with...