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    WTB: Wii U Pro Controller

    I saw on Slickdeals that Best Buy will have them for $29 beginning June 20th. About 7 more than you wanted to pay, including tax, but a lot less than the current $49.
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    Looking for wireless bridge

    Get some ubiquiti nanostation locos and lock them to the wifi connection of your home router then plug the wired media devices into it.
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    Longest range wireless router?

    Ubiquiti equipment is solid. Make a backup of your config in case you have to replace it after a year or whatever. Replacing one after a while is a lot cheaper than paying for a second internet connection.
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    WTB Nintendo handheld

    I'm looking to buy a Nintendo handheld for my son. Let me know which console you have, games / accessories and what you're looking to get for it, including shipping to Alabama. I'm currently open to all of them. I'll begin narrowing it down as I find out what's available.
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    Help: Making a list of "small" cases

    Did you get the email this morning for EVGA's new Micro ATX case? I'm not trying to promote Maximum PC but it was the first search result.
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    Free drive mirroring software?

    Western Digital and Seagate both use a rebadged Acronis True Image. Check those out if you have a seagate or WD hard drive.
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    Weird Server 2003 share issue - sporadic

    The payroll server will always stay separate. I don't want 500 employees jumping on me because they don't have a check that week lol. I'd buy the DC, secondary DC and would have to buy the cal's. It wouldn't really be a huge expenditure but I am making do for now. I'd like to move to an AD setup...
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    Weird Server 2003 share issue - sporadic

    It's been time to move to a domain. Money is the prohibitive factor though. You are going to laugh when I say we have around 40 pc's on this local network and 120 PC/laptops company wide across 8 branch offices and outside sales reps. E-mail is done POP and our app/email server is SCO Unix. I...
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    Weird Server 2003 share issue - sporadic

    Workgroup mode. What I think I will do is go ahead and set up DNS on the server and then when it screws up again, change the DNS on the PC to the server IP. Thanks for the help guys. Now I just sit and wait! Oh and one more thing, when it screws up, I can RDP into the server with the local address.
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    Weird Server 2003 share issue - sporadic

    I didn't actually try but \\localhost did not work. I checked the hosts file prior to doing that and it had the correct localhost entry. I will have her PC point to the server for DNS.
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    Weird Server 2003 share issue - sporadic

    There is absolutely no indication in the event log that anything is happening. The DNS on all PC's are the ISP DNS. I will try editing her host file to see if that makes a difference. She is leaving her computer on 24/7 but she has always done this because there is an external modem that picks...
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    Weird Server 2003 share issue - sporadic

    I have a Windows Server 2003 with a shared directory for payroll. I have permissions on it allowing on the payroll lady to access it. The payroll program on her computer runs directly from the share. I have had the server since like September of 2008. Within the last couple months, she will lose...
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    best way for a PC user to 2-way chat with blackberry user?

    My wife added my phone number to her Google chat account within Gmail. We can talk back and forth just fine. Google talk app on your phone will work good too.
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    Google Wave invites

    I got an invite today. Add me if you have it - sasiki AT gmail DOT com
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    Hate to hear that you dropped advertising with HardOCP. I have spent $28,000 with Newegg over...

    Hate to hear that you dropped advertising with HardOCP. I have spent $28,000 with Newegg over the years for personal and business. I was excited to hear about Newegg Business. Now not so much.. I will be looking to other vendors for my future purchases. Hopefully Newegg and Kyle can come to...
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    Free games!!!

    Add Dungeons and Dragons Online to this list. It went Free to Play yesterday.
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    How much do you pay exactly for your iphone bill?

    Does she not know about Goog 411? 1-800-GOOG-411 1-800-466-4411
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    Striping and shortstroking vs defrag with small amount of data

    I am planning to stripe 2x320gb WD Caviar Blue's (WD3200AAKS) or 2x500gb Seagate 7200.10 flashed with the updated AAM firmware. I currently have a 500gb with only 150gb used. Should I worry about shortstroking or just defrag it every once in a while to keep everything together? I have not...
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    MSI P6N SLI-FI / Platinum (650i) Thread

    Just wanted to chime in and say that an e8400 works in my P6N-SLI. It's black, so I'm assuming version 1. I followed this post for tweaking the settings but lowered my Northbridge by 1 step to 1.5v and it still booted. I am...
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    Hardware RAID card suggestion

    Slow performance, incompatibility with hard drives, etc. All of these can be resolved with firmware though.. and likely has been. Edit: I also notice that the Areca 1210 has issues with VMware. I will go ahead and spend the extra 40 bucks on the Adaptec. It does what I need and also is in the...
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    Hardware RAID card suggestion

    I think I may go ahead and spring for the Areca 1210. I have heard bad things about the newer Adaptec.
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    Hardware RAID card suggestion

    I'd like to do no more than $300. That really doesn't give me much headroom, I know.. but money is tight around here.
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    Replacing HDD motor

    I had a drive here at work that wouldn't spin up. I bought an identical drive off of Ebay, swapped the electronics, and the drive started working again. I only did it to pull the data off, which I was successful in doing. But if there is no important data on it, just buy a new one.
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    Hardware RAID card suggestion

    I am needing a hardware RAID card for 4 SATA hard drives. I will be using Linux and software raid is just too much trouble. It doesn't seem like it plays well with failures and drive swapping either. I will probably configure the drives as Raid 10 (1+0). I want to be able to boot up to the...
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    Retailers with good shipping/packaging for oem drives?

    I live in Alabama, so most of my Newegg stuff gets shipped out of Memphis, TN. They tend to use a layer of bubble wrap around the drives and crumpled brown paper for packing material. It kinda sucks, but I have never receiving any damaged items. California warehouse still tends to pack theirs...
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    I have an APC 2200va (1850 watt) UPS on the rack. There are 2 Dell Poweredge 1950's, HP Procurve 48 port gigabit switch, Barracuda Spam Firewall 300 and Sonicwall NSA3500 router (security appliance), Nortel BCM 400 phone system, HP Proliant tower server. Utilization on the UPS is between 40 and...
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    All procedures will be clearly documented. My supervisor isn't a hardware guy by any means, but he can follow instructions. He is actually the programmer for our internal application. They understand the risk, but for some reason, are hesitant to do anything about it. I presented a quote for...
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    Unfortunately, I am the only IT person here. I filled out a budget last year to accommodate this project as well as about 5 new laptops for our sales reps, and around 10 to 15 new desktop PC's. The sales reps are using 4.5 year old Sony Vaio's right now. Those things are nearly busted all to...
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    There is some sort of file I can use during the install of VMware that supposedly allows raid to work on the ICH7r. I read that it doesn't work so well on the ich8r and 10r. Thanks for that link though. That will help a lot when / if it does come time to choose a hardware raid controller.
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    I have a 420w Thermaltake that I can stick in it until I throw more drives in it if that's the case. I'll monitor it and see how it goes.. maybe it's time to invest in a Kill-a-watt meter thing.
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    I had actually looked for the 750TX, but it was out of stock. Hah.. I just looked and it's back in stock. If I ever go to a dual CPU set up though, I figure it'd be pushing a 650w, depending on which CPU's I choose and how many hard drive bays are populated.
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    It makes no sense not to spend the $30 extra now. I can spend $30 extra now to get what I will need in the future.. or spend $120 in the future to get what I could have gotten for $30 extra, now.
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    THANK YOU! This is my thinking precisely. There has never been an instance in this company where data loss has occurred. In the couple instances that a desktop PC hard drive has crashed, I have been able to switch electronics on the drive and get it to spin back up. We have been very lucky. Risk...
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    I can get a good 600w power supply for $90 or a good 850w for $120. I guess you missed the part about adding hard drives in the future.
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    I will be building 1, possibly 2 more servers with identical motherboards. I will be ordering another motherboard (tested upon arrival) to have on hand in my supply closet. I did this with our payroll computer and it actually saved my butt one time. The motherboard went out and I had one in the...
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    A dell solution would have ran about $5000. $3000 for the MD1000 and another couple thousand for a server. It would have been nice, but while we grown a fine shrub, we can't get them to produce money instead of flowers. I had my Dell premier rep quote out a Poweredge 2970, 2.5GHz quad core...
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    That was mentioned in my clusterbomb of a post lol. My mind cannot complete one thought without jumping to another.
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    Being that this is going to be an enterprise file server though, I went ahead and sprung for the enterprise class drives. Supposedly, they go through a more rigorous quality control than standard drives. I was either going to get those or the WD Black.
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    Ordered a file server - Did I do the right thing?

    Norco 4020 case and 26" Norco rails - Corsair 850TX power supply - Asus P5BV-E server motherboard -...
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    Cloud storage (e.g. Amazon S3)

    I am using the free version of Mozy Home for personal data. 2gb limit on the free account though. It does a scheduled backup at 3pm every day. The unlimited storage is $5/month. I am using MozyPro on a server at work to do a daily back up a 1gb data store. Maybe this kind of answered your...