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    Revolution or Thunderbolt

    Sure. The battery life is TERRIBLE; one of the reviews, I think the Anandtech one basically confirmed that it's pretty much just as bad as the TB. If you're not rooting or using Go Launcher or something like that, the TouchWiz UI is really, really ugly. It's just a single-core phone using the...
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    Advise on choosing a micro-atx case

    How firm are the size requirements? I'm pretty sure the CM will fit in the NZXT Vulcan on an 1156 motherboard and it's 55 bucks at Directron, but the overall case dimensions are 16x7x16.6.
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    Smoking [H]ot! i7 950 $199 + tax at Microcenter

    Damn, I just bought this on Saturday from MC and now I have to drive all the way back.
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    The [H] Dropbox Thread

    Adding mine to the fray...
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    Biggest FAIL of Quakecon

    I don't get all the hate towards this guy. Because let's be honest, 1/50 is still terrible odds. Much, much better than Powerball, sure. But would YOU have paid the expected value ($1000+) for a ticket for a 2% chance of winning the car? Or even $750 or $500? Right on the spot? Probably not. So...
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    FS: Sapphire Radeon 5870 Vapor-X *Revision 1*

    In box with everything originally included (except Dirt2, which has been redeemed). This is the first non-nerfed revision with the black PCB. Works great, never had any problems with it. Never overclocked. $400 + $10 shipping to CONUS. Paypal only. Have 100+ eBay feedback available upon...
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    Dawn of War II Steam Key - $15

    Half off for quick sale...Paypal only. PM if interested. Thanks for looking. EDIT: This is the base DoW2, not the expansion.
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    Gigabyte 8800GT RMA replacement offer

    Nobody cares how much you paid for it. Are you trying to say you deserve a card worth $265 right now? That's ridiculous.
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    eBay Wants You To Sell More Stuff

    I have never wanted a company to go bankrupt as much as I want eBay to go under.
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    Tessellation not working in Heaven benchmark?

    Ah, good to know. Thanks. Mine shows DDI 10.1 but I can still enable dx11 features.
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    Tessellation not working in Heaven benchmark?

    How can you tell what mode Dirt 2 is running in?
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    Tessellation not working in Heaven benchmark?

    It doesn't matter, it's only a reporting error. It shouldn't affect functionality if it shows 10.1.
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    XFX 5870 w/ TT cooler or 5870 Vapor-X

    It's black.
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    3dMark06 & Vantage scores - 5870/5850/5970

    16504 in Vantage w/ Sapphire Vapor-X 5870 at 870/1250
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    Whats the next Mac Book Pro?

    I say if you like a particular machine right now and it does everything you need, just buy it. Or ideally wait until the new machines are announced but you can still buy the old ones, because you may even lose a feature that you personally need, like Firewire or swappable batteries.
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    Super Plain Vanilla Powercolor 5770 Variant

    If you are considering paying for a single 5870, the Sapphire Vapor-X version exhausts into the case and not out the back. Might be a bit of a wait though.
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    As if any of your posts are ever productive, right? I hope you're the one to buy this guy's next defective video card.
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    Fact searching, crime of the century. Sorry to step on your wife's tinfoil hat. The government should be on the alert against these dastardly malicious eBay completed item searchers. Sure. Here's one...
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    By the way, since you had to be a dick about it... So that would be Dec. 20? Assume? There's no need to assume. Let's see your past auctions, seller "mediaplayaz." That's you, isn't it? Huh. Doesn't look like you've sold anything in the last two weeks...
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    Of course I expect the worst from you, with the comments you made. If you really did disclose the issues, then I stand corrected. But from what you said, it sure didn't sound like it. You said: "I would try and get it sold FAST before any value is lost." If you're going to disclose that yours...
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    Yeah, unload your possibly defective card "fast" to someone on eBay. I'm guessing you didn't bother to disclose that yours was locking up. Good job.
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    Does anyone have a 58XX and 64-bit Windows and has NOT had this problem?
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    Tex Murphy 1+2 - FREE at

    Oh shit, when I read the thread title I thought it meant Under a Killing Moon and the Pandora Directive. I didn't even know there were Tex Murphy games before those. Are these any good?
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    Bottom-Fishing: XFX Radeon HD4350 1 GB?

    At the $55-$75 price point you'd go with the Xbox 360 for gaming? Listen to yourself.
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    Zagg Invisible Shield Sale 50% Off

    I'm tempted to bite on one of these, but...isn't having water dripping all over your phone/laptop/gizmo kind of a bad...thing?
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    Bottom-Fishing: XFX Radeon HD4350 1 GB?

    When I first read the thread title, I thought it said "Bottom-Fisting." That's one way to show your video card who's boss.
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    iPhone Flowchart Helps You Determine Appropriate Use

    This is the reason you can't make jokes on the Internet anymore.
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    Massive's iCore7 SLI GTX 260 rig:

    Hey Massive, did you mod that chrome piece surrounding the USB ports at the bottom of the faceplate? It looks like it has a different "frosted" type texture in addition to the shiny chrome portion. I just got this case yesterday and my chrome panel is 100% shiny--and it looks awful, I hate it. I...
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    Price Gouging?

    Say what you will, but that Vapor-X card was in stock a couple days ago. SOMEONE is paying those prices. Gotta love capitalism!
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    XFX 5870 XXX in stock - Newegg

    Is anyone else seeing this crazy new page format for Newegg items? Edit: For some reason there are two versions of the same page:
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    XFX 5870 XXX in stock - Newegg

    Damn, this has been in stock for a long time. Supply issues finally resolved?
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    New SFF gamers case: presentation and advices

    Same thing happened to me. If you order that particular one, for some reason, the confirmation is always incorrect.
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    New SFF gamers case: presentation and advices

    Perhaps...but I'm leaning towards some kind of error. If they're really all out, it's a little strange to just send a confirmation for a different product altogether. Also, I don't see that anyone ordered the same one as me--I chose the black heart with window and no fans. But yeah, let's...
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    New SFF gamers case: presentation and advices

    Huh, that's odd then. I ordered the black heart too, and then got the confirmation for the classic, so I thought I made a mistake and I preordered again. Another classic.
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    New SFF gamers case: presentation and advices

    Uh, I have a problem. No matter which model I preorder, the e-mail confirmation says that I preordered the "classic," when that's not the one I want...
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    Does lapping my CPU destroy it?

    You've gotta make a shitload of money if an hour or two of it will buy a CPU upgrade, but that demonstration of opportunity cost is bogus for salaried employees anyway. It's not like you even have an option to get paid at your calculated hourly rate for work you do outside the workday.
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    is newegg broken?

    They put up an announcement saying that the BCB program was out of funds.
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    The Official Newegg Black Friday Thread

    Are you sure? I got up early (early for me, anyway) to snag one and it looked like it was in stock for several hours. I remember thinking I should have slept in longer if it wasn't going to sell out immediately...
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    The Official Newegg Black Friday Thread

    The Pavilion notebook seems like a pretty good deal--decent midlevel gaming capability and only $585 with Bing CB.