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    Basement Issue

    I'd consider an air filter, if only because you're going to be inhaling it otherwise.
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    Has Android abandoned true multitasking?

    TF Prime devs figured out a way to revert to HC from early revisions of ICS, but I don't know whether that's possible anymore. The TFP ICS launch was very wonky at first, but it's been stable if you ignore the GPS uproar.
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    ASRock Z77 Pro4-M Motherboard Advice

    Just found this thread, did a recent build w/same components - Pro4-M, 2500K, and 212+. Didn't go nuts on the OC just yet - results in the last post: I'll wait til the summer when it's 90+F to see how far I want to push temps. Mine are a bit higher...
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    Has Android abandoned true multitasking?

    Stock/AOSP/AOKP/any vanilla-ish ROM without UI enhancements runs 100% better than Blur/Sense/whathaveyou. The manufacturers fiddle with the memory mgmt to make sure their UI feels smooth (even though it's overly bloated) at the expense of any other apps.
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    (Sorta) Budget build critique + help

    Newegg still has 2500k combos with Z68 boards $327 GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard + Shipping Microcenter has deals for 2500k + Z77 this week, but I think the Dallas/Houston stores may be a bit far. (2500k @ 169.99, Z77 boards as low as...
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    (Sorta) Budget build critique + help

    Don't be discouraged: -GTX 560 would beat the pants off a 7570 (you're comparing a ~$200 card to a ~$50 card) -2500k @ stock is roughly on par with 3450, but a K series is asking for OC -warranties are generally longer on components (dell and component OEMs are generally on par w.r.t. pulling...
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    Diablo 3 at Micro Center for $49.99?

    I loled. (totally don't live two miles from a MC and go there on a whim)
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    Microcenter ins-stock vs. on web site

    Yonkers, NY MC stock is very accurate. They can't account for items that are out on the floor or in people's carts though - safer to do an in-store pickup and get a confirmation that it's been found if there's only 1 or 2 of something in stock. I exchanged a defective video card and some other...
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    Are optical burners going extinct?

    You can copy all the files in the iso onto a usb key and make it bootable.
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    Are optical burners going extinct?

    Extinct? Doubtful. Apple also puts displayport and firewire on all of their stuff, but they aren't universal
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    7000 series ASIC quality ?

    Gigabyte Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 79.2% IMG
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    Ivy Bridge Microcenter Build

    Ditto on that. I tried ICD7, but it was a complete and utter waste. It's super thick and hard to work into the DHT crevices. I probably overapplied the stock compound that came with the 212+ (the Evo has a MUCH smoother mating surface), but no apparent harm thus far.
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    Has Android abandoned true multitasking?

    The problem isn't Android or the OneX itself. It's the other stuff HTC (and other MFRs) layer on top of stock Android that causes multitasking and memory mgmt problem.
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    Ivy Bridge Microcenter Build

    The hyper 212+ install process is, I think, roughly equivalent to the 212 EVO. I had mocked up the backplate mounted vertically and found it wouldn't work in my case (AMD tabs hit the cutout). I pulled the dremel and started grinding down the AMD mounting tabs when I had a moment of (delayed)...
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    quad core or dual core tablet?

    Dual should be more than fine. But the processor is the last consideration when it comes to tablets - most apps are designed to work on pre-Tegra/dual core processors. Other functionality can matter more - having a keyboard dock, full size USB ports, charging over microSD instead of a...
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    quad core or dual core tablet?

    The decoding function isn't related to dual- or quad-cores functionality, but what's been coded into the hardware and the quality of the encoding. I've got a Transformer Prime that can handle everything I throw at it, but it still can't handle HW decoding on all files. Regarding the # of...
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    New Budget Build - Seeking review and suggestions

    Necro-ing a bit, but decided to update now that I've got everything stable. CPU: 2500K @4.0GHz (felt insecure about the 3570) HS: Hyper 212+ in push (keeps OC maxed at 60C, which is around my comfort level. Also, ICD7 sucks for DHT heatsinks) GPU: Gigabyte 7770 OC Edition (price drop is...
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    budget video card

    7770 / 7750 prices are sinking fast. Performance is more or less in the gtx460 ballpark
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    $400 to upgrade (for real this time)

    4GB ram will work, but it's low-ish. I was there last week for a 2500K build and picked up this Corsair XMS3 8GB DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) CL9 Desktop Memory Kit (Two 4GB Memory Modules) for $33 after rebate and set the voltage down to 1.5V on an Asrock Z77 Pro4-M. Stable thus far, and not too much...
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    Sweet Spot Poormans IB Gaming Rig.

    With a 7850 on the way, I wouldn't either
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    Sweet Spot Poormans IB Gaming Rig.

    Re: the 7770, the Gigabyte variant got a bad rap in its [H] review for OC, but if you have a Microcenter near you, this might be worth looking at: At $110 after MIR, I couldn't pass it up for my i5-2500k build.
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    New Budget Build - Seeking review and suggestions

    Hmm. Great points on the RAM, and I did not know at all that as new IB was due so soon. -- Looks like holding off might've been a good call. Got an early microcenter flyer in the mail today. 3570k at $190, 2500k drops to 170k. Other component prices went up and down all over, so might have...
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    New Budget Build - Seeking review and suggestions

    Great points from both, thanks for the feedback. I've been out of the desktop hardware game for a while, so your perspective is extremely useful. Buying at Microcenter was somewhat of a "if I buy this weekend, I'm going to have to do it locally" thing. To address post by post: I wanted...
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    New Budget Build - Seeking review and suggestions

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Web, Email, HD Video Streaming (Netflix,Hulu, etc), VPN to work, Gaming (LoL, D3, SC2) 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Keeping it on the lower end if possible. At around 600 with sales tax...
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    Sub-$500 AMD build, critique requested.

    The choice of case was due to form factor (slimness), probably should have noted that. Size is ultimately more important cooling, but noise will also play a factor. I'll need to spend some time looking for a case that's relatively quiet and that I can outfit with 120mm fans. It turns out I...
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    Sub-$500 AMD build, critique requested.

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Lightest of web browsing and e-mail barely ever anything more. This is a replacement for an old salvage build that I handed off to my family a few years ago. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included...
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    Lowering the volume of a burglar alarm siren?

    I'd check with whoever is in charge of insurance to confirm that you're allowed to do this. Circumventing your alarm could invalidate theft insurance.
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    Help with Motherboard Standoffs

    There are multiple standoff heights so I'd double check before you grab more. Older cases come with a variety, so just be consistent. I'd also take out that riser on the mid right in your picture (at least I think that's what I'm seeing), whether it's conductive metal or not (I'm paranoid).
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    Brand new build -- Stable for 3 days, then BSOD's and no bootin' into win7 64bit

    Hmm.. Power loss itself shouldn't kill a chip, otherwise we'd all be screwed in a blackout. You said you reseated everything - does this include the CPU, heatsink, and mobo cables? I'm thinking HS got jostled when the power cord got yanked out and either isn't mating right or (hopefully not)...
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    Any way to fix a power supply?

    Even if you can solder, diving into a PSU is dangerous. Plenty of the components continue to hold a charge after power is disconnected, so a stray tool can cause a very nasty shock that makes licking an electrical outlet look appealing.
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    Is this normal on T410i?

    They're probably connectors for some wireless variant. Also, do you not have RAM in that laptop?
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    Case of the Vanishing Harddrive - Help!

    I'd try a different PSU first. I had a similar issue where I was pushing the PSU a little too hard. Trying to boot all the drives at once would pull barely too much power, even though I could read/write all 3 drives simultaneously without issue once(/if) the system was up and running. If you...
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    USB3 vs eSATA

    To complicate the decision a bit, powered eSATA exists as well, so there are single cable solutions for both standards.
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    hard drive and optical drive on same power connector

    Depends on whether they're properly shielded. Most people will just tie them up anyway.
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    Cleaning components with Alcohol

    Why is there dirt underneath the processor? Anyway, it's safe enough, but you'd need to deluge it just to move any dust.
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    Cleaning components with Alcohol

    99% just evaporates faster. It's not all that much more effective as a cleaning tool.
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    Cleaning components with Alcohol

    Oh yea that crap is a :eek: to get off. The gunk is only the first part - the smell gets into the plastic itself, including into the fans, and never really comes out. Alcohol is safe enough on the exposed silicon and metal inside a computer, I'd just be judicious about it and quick about...
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    Cleaning components with Alcohol

    If you don't wipe it off there's no point in spraying. Even if your gunk dissolves, once the alcohol evaporates the gunk will be left behind. Kind of curious - just what kind of residue built up inside the chassis that's so hard to clean off?
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    What is the deal with Micro-USB vs. Mini-USB?

    Micro-USB is more durable. It's designed for 10,000 insertion cycles vs (I think) 5000 for mini and somewhere between 1000 and 2000 for regular USB.