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    Bluray - Digital Coaxial - RCA Audio

    I would assume that a tv is involved, why not go hdmi to the tv and the use the RCA outs to the speaker system.
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    PS3 Media Server to Roku

    I wasn't able to get ps3 media center to push media to a roku, I would try using plex, it's free and the roku interface is awesome.
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    Good affordable soundbar

    I have this polk soundbar in the bedroom, it runs about 250 but it has optic in and 2 3.5 mm. Wireless sub and the bar can learn your own remote.
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    Media Streaming Devices

    Plex is the best solution so far. I have multiple hard drives hooked into my laptop and I can be doing something on the computer and the wife can be in the in the living room or in the bedroom and be watching something on either the ps3 or roku box, ill even have a stream on my xbox in the...
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    Xbox wireless controller with play and charge kit as wired controller on Windows 8?

    The play and charge kit does make the wireless controller wired it just charges while the controller is still connected over the 360's wireless system.There is a usb dongle that will allow the controller to work over wireless.
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    Media collection management

    I use plex, it works pretty good and when you use it on the Roku is looks just like netflix. Free and isn't very taxing on the cpu.
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    360 system tampering

    Thank you all in your replies, I'm just tired of forum trolls who have no idea what they are talking about bash what you say. You can see that I'm a hard stalker but I fallow plenty of threads just don't feel the need to speak up.. I'm just done trying to help on the Xbox forums..
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    360 system tampering

    That's what I thought, I have 1 box on my monitor with a dvi to hdmi.. For audio I'm using the cable it comes with and converted it to 3.5mm to some speakers.. And was told that was system tampering and the thread was locked.. It just iterated me that they would give no answer and accusing me of...
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    360 system tampering

    Is it system tampering when you take the stock a/v plug that comes the 360 and pull the plastic off so you can use it and an hdmi cable at the same time? I'm in a battle with another forum and they swear up and down that this is tampering..
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    Oregon Duck Danger Den 450

    Win the day!!! Digging the carbon theme.. I'm thinking of making my office Oregon theme.. I will keep an eye on this one..
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    Xbox Racing Game

    Look at the Dirt series. Dirt 2 has a little story mode but it's very simple? Cars look awesome and handel great..
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    sorry for the poor photos due to the Ipad having a poor camera. Equipment: Xbox 360 w/ Kinect PS3 Wii Toshiba 47" LCD wall mounted with a monoprice wall mount Yamaha RX-V371 receiver JBL center channel Yamaha 3 way fronts Pioneer 8" sub x 2 8 1/2" 2 way monoprice in ceiling speakers...
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    PS3 with tversity help

    The wireless works fine right now with sd video. For some reason the wired connection won't connect to tversity.
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    PS3 with tversity help

    I need help! Tversity works on my ps3 over wireless but doesn't work over wired. My 360 works over a wired connection, so my wireing is correct. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried a static and dhcp but with no avail.
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    Crawling Horizontal Lines on Projector - Help!

    Is there a noticeable humm coming from the audio gear as well? I would take an old three prong plug and cut off the two and leave the ground on top and and ground the wire to the chassis of the amp, make sure its plugged into the same power strip or whatever your using. This sounds like a 40...
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    XBox Live Support Blows...

    I have been looking around and everything I come across says you can't transfer points. You can go to your online profile at and log into your account and look at your download history and see what they downloaded with your account. But this doesn't sound right, I have had xbox live...
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    Onkyo TX-SR608 Clicking Sounds

    Does it sound like it could be 40cycle hum? It may be caused by the hard drive, try ground the amp chassis to the power strip or whatever you plug your amp into.
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    Computer Criminals of Today As Imagined in 1980

    Crime has been falling since the early '90's...
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    LCDs and Ethernet

    I would go with a couple of these, in wall rated and have audio wrapped inside. At work we use those all the time when going from a computer to a projector that is on the ceiling.
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    strange audio problem, crackling sound

    I would get this on my xbox when I would pull the audio from the tv via stereo RCA leads. But when I pull the audio out from the box instead of the tv this prevented any kind of static crackle. The only time it would happen would be during booming parts of the game such as bombs going off or...
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    Purchase: 46 inch TV for Grandparents?

    It is true, LED and LCD are the same except they use LEDs for back lighting either edge lit or full array. The viewing angle is the same between standard LCD and LED LCD's. The viewing angle isn't much of a problem anymore. I would look at what TV looks better with standard definition. Cheaper...
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    Purchase: 46 inch TV for Grandparents?

    LED is LCD just different back lighting!
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    The 11 Most Dangerous Cities

    It must be all the rain that we have the drive away the dangerous people? Personally I love living in the Valley...I miss the rain when I go visit the in laws in Texas..
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    Man Arrested Making YouTube Video

    Reckless is only a class A misdemeanor in Oregon, minimum 90 license suspension but could lead up to 1 to 3 year suspension.
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    Man Arrested Making YouTube Video

    Technically its around 80mph over the speed limit, I-5 on that stretch is only 65mph.
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    Man Arrested Making YouTube Video

    *update*-- I just talked to a friend who works in that Sheriffs office and was on that day, he told me that the guy would have just gotten a careless driving ticket at the "clocked" speed of 105mph. Since he had video and admitted to it being recorded just prior to being pulled over he was then...
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    Man Arrested Making YouTube Video

    This guy is a moron, The area that he was speeding through is highly known for the unmarked traffic mustangs and aggressive driving state trooper, these cars look normal until they turn the lights are turned on. Doing those speeds will have your license taken away for 90 days with a clean...
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    Help me figure out how to capture gameplay from my PS3

    get an hdmi matrix, a matrix is different than a splitter.I would say something similar to this. It should allow you to split the video out to two sources without any issue of lag, plus you can use it for many other things as well.
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    PS3 Doesn't See Video Files

    When you find your external storage, press triangle and then you should see the files.
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    How Do You Pronounce GIF?

    I'm the same way! I always say SATA= "serial ATA" it bugs the hell out of me when people say it the other way!!! gif I have always heard being called gift without the T, aswell as jpeg two words.
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    Microsoft Labels Autistic Boy A Cheater On Xbox Live

    Yeah, something needs to be done about this, I have reported hackers so many times and I doubt they get labeled a cheater. Ive grown up with peers that were autistic, some of them will blow your mind in what they can do, either it be pulling sports stats from every year documented or just flat...
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    Best way to play avi videos for nightclub-restaurant?

    You video and audio fidelity are only going to be as good as your rip, as for connectivity it has everything besides VGA, so it depends on how you are wanting to display the video, running through a matrix to multiple displays, audio to a mixer? you have a lot of options.
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    Best way to play avi videos for nightclub-restaurant?

    I would use a hard drive and a western dig. media player
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    Monster Power Home Theater Reference PowerCenter

    At work we use Furman power conditions since they have rack ears. We notice a difference between it and a surge protector. The difference we see is with the audio and sometimes video. These will remove any 60cycle hum you may get from having all your equipment in once place. Sometimes our video...
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    Web-Controlled Shotguns Are Illegal

    In Oregon you can bait Deer/Elk but not bear.
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    Best Netflix streaming device?

    The the 360, ps3 and wii have search options now
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    Best way to 'watch' tv setup from another room...

    If the devices you want to watch are using HDMI then I would use one of these from monoprice. It's a 4x2 hdmi matrix, it will allow you to pick a source and output it one or two displays or two sources too two different displays. The only down fall its that it only does HDMI so your wii would be...
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    Recommend a home theater sub

    On your question about the outputs, you only need the one rca into the sub. I was reading some of the reviews on the sub also, many talked about an faint sound from it when it was off. I suspect that may be because they are not plugged into the power strip as the amp. Back to your question, I...
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    Here is my living room setup as of right now. 47" Toshiba 240hz Kenwood VR 4900 JBL front channel Yamaha fronts Polk bookshelf's in the rear Pioneer SW 8 sub Xbox 360 w/ wireless g adapter (one of two) PS3 slim not sure on the stand its one from target, best thing next to mounting it on the...
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    Agreed as a deputy sheriff, the job effects the answers.