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    What's the AMD stratagy for i5?

    I'm typing this from a laptop while on vacation in Japan. Let me tell you, with the amount of video encoding I've done in the past 5 weeks, a quad-core nehalem wouldn't be enough. Now, I know the market for laptop "power" users is small, but don't kid yourselves, wanting more laptop processing...
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    Incredibly Slow Pentium 4

    This is should not be an easy task to complete. You've probably realized there might be one or more problems with more than one possible cause. Many of the problems just come with age. An old power supply, dust, wear, or just age could have damaged any number of components. Further, hard...
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    First AMD 45nm desktop CPU "announce" date: Jan 8, 2009 at CES

    I find lacking in credibility. They are plagiarizers. Here's an article they stole from Xbitlabs: Just as well, they can make things up on a whim. Regardless, there is no...
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    35W Athlon 3800+ X2

    Wow! This is the phantom chip AMD had promised 2 years ago. Never tried to buy one as it has always been expensive. Here's the one site that's supposedly still carrying it. $357 If it lands at Newegg for 50...
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    Intel E5200 and Q8200 listed

    I bet if they stick two E5200s together, clock them down to 2.4, up the bus to 1066, and price them at $160, they'd sell like hotcakes. Well, more like hotdogs. But, that's just me.
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    Nehalem - Waiting Likely to Backfire?

    Sure, Nehalem will be awesome. But then, should you go for 10x your current performance now or 15x next year? That's the question you need to ask yourself.
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    3rd Quarter 65nm price cuts?

    Here's the CPU support page. Itchyeyes: As far as Q3 prices go: from VR-Zone If this roadmap holds true, you'll find the Q6600 will be priced at $203. This is a $21 price drop, though you could find...
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    INTEL paid to shut out AMD

    Uh yea. Intel was founded and has been led by giants who can claim to have created the first microprocessors and without whom semiconductors and technology would not be where it is today. Companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Yahoo, etc. wouldn't exist if not for these guys. AMD was...
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    INTEL paid to shut out AMD

    If Intel could make a convincing rebuttal 3 years ago that AMD's failure to win market more market share was due to a lack of foresight to expand capacity when they had a superior product, you can bet Intel will mount a far more compelling defense now. In the last 2 years, AMD has run up $8...
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    Chips not down at AMD: Despite layoffs and financial troubles, the future still ...

    Cheerleading is just bad for companies that screw up. In sports cheerleading helps morale resulting in better performance, one hopes. But, unlike in sports, cheerleading won't make AMD processors perform or overclock any better. Should we expect AMD employees and executives to be reading...
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    Two more AMD execs resign

    Among AMD executives, Phil Hester has had my highest repects. This loss is greater than the loss of all executives, AMD and ATI combined, in the past two years. There few surer signs of a sinking ship than a CTO of a technology company bailing. I don't know the circumstances of his...
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    Dissappointing Year So Far for AMD

    There are 4 common models used to approximate yields based on defect density and critical area. The "defect density" published by AMD is a summed factor of various defect densities as a function of various critical areas within the die. This makes it easy for others to do plug-and-chug...
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    Intel's New 45nm Yorkfield QX9650 @ [H]

    Hi Kyle, According toTomshardware: The new boxed cooler looks nice. Did you guys also get the documents? and if so, does it say which processors will come with it? Would be nice to get that cooler...
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    Intel's New 45nm Yorkfield QX9650 @ [H]

    The QX6850 measurement appears to be off. The data shows quad-core QX9650 draws as much power as dual-core X6800 which would agree with all the other reviews. Yorkfield Extreme Edition runs cool, no-brainer there. The bright spot here is Kyle's testing of Yorkfield at varying loads...
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    AMD Q3 "Earnings" - What's your best guess?

    Considering Intel posted a 43% increase in profits in Q3 on sales of $10.1B and with market pricing higher than official pricing while AMD's is lower...the expected loss of $0.62/share or ~$350M net loss is a little optimistic. Though this quarter should have been much better for AMD because...
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    3Ghz k10 + 2900XT's = 30,000 score in 3dmark 06?

    Good job. I simplified the equation to solve for CPU score: CPU score = 0.3*3dmarks/((5-(3.4*3dmarks/(sm2score+sm3score)))) Yup, I got 19374 for CPU score. So, you're dead on. Difficult to say what convention Theo used to arrive at those numbers because he probably just made them...
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    More of the same....

    Actually, the stepping he referred to was B0. Speaking of Charlie; after all the ass-chewing for the original bogus piece, he has another article out today saying official roadmaps have pushed desktop Phenoms out to Q1 '08 with clocks of 2.4-2.6GHz. Between Scientia and Charlie "dancing in...
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    Boo Intel ($100 laptop project)

    Gee, I wonder how Negroponte will decide who gets the laptops and who doesn't? Does Santa Clause leave bags of goodies for governments of undeveloped countries to give out? Can you say philantro pnwd?
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    Intel FUD Versus AMD Fact

    For one thing, Intel was the one that started disabling cache to make Celerons. They're still doing it across the lineup. If they can disable cache, they can disable cores. The question is not if they can, of course. You're right about not seeing Intel disabling bad dual-core dies to make...
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    Hey, countries that have the Pentium E2140 and E2160, how hot do these 'buggers' run

    That's crazy gouging. One e-tailer is selling the retail E2140 for $92 here in the US.
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    AMD Phenom X4 obliterates Intel Quad core

    "Barcelona" Benchmarks? Don't Believe 'Em Just Yet
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    AMD been waiting on DDR3?

    According to DailyTech: DDR3 support will come with AM3. AM3 will come at the 45nm process node. Therefore, DDR3 support will come when AMD gets to 45nm.
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    A64 vs Core 2: 64-Bit Performance

    It sucks because it's a power-hungry cost-ineffective underperforming solution. In other words, it sucks because it sucks.
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    pentium 925 vs. amd 3800

    Different OEMs pay different prices for the same processor compared to Tiger Direct. Aside from the processor, the PCs have other parts such as motherboard, memory, drives, cases, etc that carry varying prices. I suggest getting the HP with the x2 3800. Besides having the better processor...
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    AMD Is Selling Half Of It's Soul

    :p :D
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    AMD Is Selling Half Of It's Soul

    I would say highly unlikely. I wouldn't say never, given that the political climate is ever-changing.
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    AMD VS Intel (Intels and AMD's Trunk Cards)

    The supply issue was entirely made up. Intel's bumbling Paul Ortellini screwed up stating shipment rates by saying "weeks" instead of "days" at launch. Though it was not the hardest launch ever, the chips were accessible in the first week, supply was tight for another week+, then became...
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    Intel stole back 4% market share in Q1

    LOL! What are you Homey da Clown? Ok, whatever homey. Sure, AMD is feeling the sting. They've had to drop their prices and face lowered demand. As if no one could see it coming a year ago. For AMD to stop making processors, management needs to be insane, shareholders need to be insane...
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    Intel stole back 4% market share in Q1

    Pray for corporations? How absurd and superficial. I can do the whole prayer + Ford, Pepsi-Cola, milk, gas, lottery, and cheese thing. I'm going to spare us a rant, though. Why don't you just pray you "make it down the road", OK?:rolleyes:
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    Fuad: Barcelona up to 50% faster than Kentsfield

    It might be a good choice for budget upgrades. But then, E4300 + mobo + cheaper ram won't cost that much more. The 9x multiplier allows for plainer parts. Regardless, upgrade market is small. With new builds, even budget builds, +/-50 bucks on top of $500-600 is the cost of performance. It...
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    Intel stole back 4% market share in Q1

    Via lost big last year. It wouldn't surprise me if they did gain back 0.9%. I read recently about a deal between HP and Via.
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    Kingston DDR2 1GB PC2-5300 667MHz 200-Pin SO-DIMM for Notebook for $49.99 Shipped fro

    Okay this is queer. Mine says status is "partially backordered". Does this mean I have dibs on the last stick on the shelf? Or is that their normal message?
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    AMD says K10 will Knock Intel dead

    Phil Hester said 50% greater IPC/watt. As Kyle originally put it: This is odd. Comparing a 120w quad core to a 120w dual core the dual core uses 60w/core, the quad is 30w/core. The dual core is at I/w(core), where "I" stands for a number of instructions per clock cycle and "w" stands...
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    Kingston DDR2 1GB PC2-5300 667MHz 200-Pin SO-DIMM for Notebook for $49.99 Shipped fro

    Just missed it last time. Ordered 2. Thx OP! Thx _Sin_!
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    AMD in trouble

    Thank you.
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    AMD in trouble

    I gave you two links with two reviews. You want to give me another or just give up? You appeal to ignorance. Fact is you don't need to know every nit-and-grit detail. Hindsight says their strategy sucked. That's why they lost so much money. You appeal to authority. Fact is you...
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    Will AMD strike back

    I don't share your opinion of the IRS and the courts. The IRS always wants its money. The courts have no incentive either way. It's a civil case, not a criminal one.
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    AMD in trouble

    AMD had a multitude of choices among which was to grow their own graphics team or buy one. Yet, they chose the $5.4Billion route, $4.2Billion in cash. Buying a big ailing discrete graphics chip company for integrated grahics was a mistake. All they needed was IGP support for Fusion to work...
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    AMD in trouble

    Ooh! I left out process technology. Yes, that should be in conjuction with capacity.