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    AppleCare FTW

    stories like this are what led me to go ahead and buy apple care for my macbook pro recently. even though i don't expect problems with it, i've read far too many stories of people getting treated very well through apple care after the initial warranty has expired.
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    Macbook pro as main desktop (heat issues?)

    it sits on a laptop stand, gets good airflow under it. while i still can't rule out heat and will take this in to have the heatsink,etc checked this week i remembered there was a known issue with macbooks/pro's running external lcd's that causes system freezes. (i run external lcd/mouse/kb )...
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    Macbook pro as main desktop (heat issues?)

    ive got smc set to 4k rpm on ac power and 3k on battery. last night after it froze up ( on my marine aquarium screen saver) i rebooted and the system started up at 70c which is higher than usual so i cranked the fans to 5k rpm's and it came down to 50c after 4-5min and again this was the...
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    Macbook pro as main desktop (heat issues?)

    yeah, i'd been thinking of taking it in (and going ahead and buying apple care for it) for a while. Probably take it in next week. The machine used to lockup frequently or not wake from sleep when i ran it with the lid closed. so far with the lid open i haven't had that many issues with it. but...
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    Macbook pro as main desktop (heat issues?)

    from what i've noticed when it does lockup it's usually when it's been on for a little while and it's sitting on screen saver. this used to happen all the time when i ran it with the lid closed using external lcd/kb and mouse. when i started running it lid open i stopped having as many problems...
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    Macbook pro as main desktop (heat issues?)

    hmm, wonder what causes the random freezes then. doesn't happen all the time just every so often, like tonight after it had been on 2 days ( and sleeps over night)
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    Macbook pro as main desktop (heat issues?)

    I bought a mbp when they released the santa rosa's and i've used it mostly as a laptop, but i'm trying to shift to using it as a main machine which means it gets left on for extended periods sometimes. sometimes when its been left on for 1-2days it will freeze up. i've already been using smc...
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    MBP Ram

    i just got 2 sticks of 2gig patriot from frys for my notebook, so far works fine. but as suggested that mushkin kit on newegg is a good deal
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    MBP: 2gb to 4gb memory upgrade today

    thanks, newegg has a great deal on 2 x 2gig mushkin right now, $145 shipped free. seems ram prices have dropped a lot in the last month
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    MBP: 2gb to 4gb memory upgrade today

    ive been shopping around the past month for a 4gig upgrade for my 2.4ghz mbp but i wasnt sure what ram worked best with the laptop (if there were compatibility issues, etc) ive been looking at patriot, corsair value, mushkin, and gskill because they have the best prices, but crucial is...
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    So... How are you liking leopard?

    i agree, if microsoft put out leopard there would be louder public outcry about the bugs. i just hope they release an update soon to fix this stuff
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    So... How are you liking leopard?

    after a week of using leopard my feelings are mixed. the OS is much quicker than tiger in my opinion. and some of the new settings and menu's are nice and i've gotten used to the new dock. however i'm running into some issues, like my macbook pro no longer automatically goes to sleep after...
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    So... How are you liking leopard?

    interesting, i felt it was MUCH faster than tiger....but it's also different doing an in store demo vs on your own hardware at home. but either way, theres nothing in leopard thats just so revolutionary that you MUST upgrade.
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    So... How are you liking leopard?

    so far so good. the initial 30-45min after install was the worst because everything was being indexed by spotlight so the system was pretty much unusable after that and a reboot leopard is zipping along. only issue i've had is mail crashed when i first launched it, and macirssi is not leopard...
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    MacBook Pro an InsomniaX

    i havent used insomniax but i've used caffiene and it works well. as far as leaving the notebook running with the lid closed, i'll share my exerience: when i first got my mbp, i ran it with the lid closed hooked up to an external lcd and kb/mouse and every so often the laptop would freeze...
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    Apple Care?

    not to threadjack here.... but if you already own an apple product (mbp) and didnt get applecare in store is it as simple as buying it online?
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    Which 22" Display would you get?

    I'm in the same boat, I'm buying an lcd at bb this weekend just to get my shopping for one over with. i've got it narrowed down to the X221WSD and the samsung 216bw 21.6" lcd mostly down to those two because of price point.
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    Acer X221WSD Vs Samsung 216BW

    I've been looking around for a decent priced 22" lcd for a while now to use as an external lcd for my laptop... these 2 are on sale at bestbuy this week and are very comprable feature wise, though the acer has more inputs. I tried searching the forums and didn't find much on either of these...
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    Cinema display as main display with MacBook Pro

    i've been wanting to do this with my new macbook pro as well, and my plan was to just close the lid to the notebook.... but i read somewhere that it's a bad idea as the heat can warp the screen, any thoughts on that from anyone?
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    i the elite in stock anywhere???

    yeah, i got one at a dfw walmart (was defective) returned it at another walmart that had them in stock
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    360 elite locking up?

    new system seems to be working ok so far, guess it was just a bad unit. now i have to find a spot thats well ventilated to keep the 360 in so it doesnt overheat and just to head off the "why get an elite its just black", i didn't have a 360... so i figured if i'm getting one, might as well...
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    360 elite locking up?

    I ended up tracking down a store that had the elites in stock and exchanged mine last night, didn't have time to hook it up though, will do this afternoon. One guy at the return desk said he bought an elite when they launched and hasn't had a single issue... the 360 failures had made me shy...
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    360 elite locking up?

    Anyone else hear of any problems like this? bought a new 360 elite yesterday and havent been able to play the damn thing because it locks up, most i got into a game was 10min, then the screen totally freezes sometimes with screen artifacts, usually just freezes the image. no red ring of death...
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    should i wait to get a mbp or no?

    personally i'm waiting.... but i've also been waiting since macworlds lack of announcements. the dev con is close enough that it doesn't hurt to wait unless you really need one right away
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    Xbox 360 Elite...Are you getting one?

    Since I don't currently have a 360 I will be getting the elite. I was in the market to buy one a few months ago and read about the elite and figured I'd wait and get a 360 with a bigger hdd and hdmi
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    Best Buy TV source for Magnolia HDTV Room

    i think it really depends on the store, on the main floor most of the tv's are run coax from a recorded 1080i source thats played back off a hard drive. The magnolia rooms are setup a little better, but most stores ive been in are on a similar feed, though certain demo's are setup on hd directv...
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    Cracked screen on Macbook

    yeah, i really think it depends on who you talk to. I've heard many stories of people getting better treatment at the genius bar because they had applecare.... things like covering accidental breaks, etc. but like anything its luck of the draw.
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    Weekend Wii Guide: 12/17/06

    same, looks like people camped out at every store selling them within a 15mile radius of my home. target had a line wrapping around the back of the building, bestbuy had a slightly smaller line, and circuit city's had lines with about 20-30people, but the sign said they only had about 10 in stock.
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    When is the next possible Wii snag?

    I went to two targets, neither got the wii shipments, but are saying sunday the 17th they should have them.... though 1 target had 2 ps3's.
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    New MBP: Glossy or Matte

    Ive been shopping for a macbook pro for a while, and I decided when i order i'm going matte. the glossy is nice and all, but even in the store the reflection is pretty bad, plus it shows fingerprints. i think its all a matter of personal preference and how you will use it. if i knew i'd never...
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    CompUsa Midnight Madness Sale

    yup thats the model and it scared the crap out of my cat the first time it powered up. but the damn things done printing before it even sounds warmed up
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    X850XT AGP Microcenter Rebate Problems

    im currently having an issue with an ati rebate from frys for the x850pro, the sale was on at the same time as the microcenter one. its been stuck in processing for months....i guess i need to call and sure they pull some wrong upc bs...the ups on the box said x850xt for some reason...
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    CompUsa Midnight Madness Sale

    snagged up one of the samsung there around 5:30, they werent closed, so people were already in there with carts full of the cheap pc's. the sale was unimpressive, i would have bought more, buck F a bunch of 100 in mir for a hdd
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    CompUsa Midnight Madness Sale

    im going to have to get one of those laser printers maybe the seagate hdd too
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    Home Router/Firewalls

    ive run a few different firewalls ipcop,smoothwall both are great but right now, im happiest with a linksys wrt54g(or gs) and the dd-wrt firmware, cheap and works great with tons of addon options. and theres always openwrt.
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    Woot Off!!!!

    damnit i missed the boc....stupid page wouldnt refresh, by the time it did i saw they had a sold out boc
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    Polk R50 79 bucks a piece

    im pretty sure the frys ad has been saying / showing cherry
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    Polk R50 79 bucks a piece

    i recently bought the r30s for $29 each on clearance and love them, i can only imagine how great those r50s must be
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    sempron 64 support cool and quiet?

    ive got a sempron 2800+ and it does not support cool and quiet
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    Outpost: Sempron 2800+ and ECS MB $79.99+shipping

    well, if im understanding correctly, all new semprons are 64bit...however frys still sells 32bit socket 754 semprons, and thats what the 2800+ bundle comes with... but, ive heard that amd is shipping 64bit semprons in the 32bit boxes now. i havent rolled the dice on it yet, but id say its a good...