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    Serial ATA Cd-Rom drives?

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    Cd-rom audio cable

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    Dual Channel Issues on an Abit IS7

    I figuared this was the most appropriate place to post this, if not I'm sorry for wasting your time. I've had problems with my IS7 running in dual channel mode at ddr400 (I have a pair or TWINX1024 (2 sticks of CMX512-3200C2), at first I thought it was because my moatherboard was scratched...
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    FTP server programs

    I'm going to start up a few ftps in my house and I was just wondering what are some programs I should use, and what are your presonal favourites.
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    Cd-rom audio cable

    thanks for the speedy response.
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    Cd-rom audio cable

    Are they really needed or are they just an anitquated notion?
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    I think my prescott is gonna die

    I was going to suggest throwing a more powerful fan on your SLK900...maybe a tornado. You can even volt mod it if you dont like the noise that much; but prescotts are hot, and that unfortunatly is their bane.
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    Serial ATA Cd-Rom drives?

    Can I throw my Cd-rom drive onto SATA, using my ICH5-R, or is that clearly just not going to work out? Has any one ever sucessfully done it?
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    Is7 chipset cooling

    Do you think I could get away with pulling off the foam shim, or should I just leave it be; because after I tried to reseat it, it seems to be rubbing up against the chip set core...dampering my temperatures. They were 26 degress, celcius, and that was before I added Artic Silver 5. After they...
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    IS7 Problem

    reply's, thoughts? anything?
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    IS7 Problem

    I just installed my SLK-948U and after doing that my motherboard fan header doesnt seem to work. Did I do somthing wrong, and if so can I fix this?
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    I was stumbling around NewEgg's refurb merchandise and I found this pretty baby. 9800XT Saphire
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    Maybe its just me, or this is really cheap ram

    Look, I'm dreadfully sorry for getting all your hopes up, I honestly had no clue. That was the whole reason why I had posted this, I honestly wanted to know what the catch was to make this so darn cheap. Oh well, live and learn, right?
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    Maybe its just me, or this is really cheap ram

    Not Hot, Not a deal. Not USD. --KK ****************************************** I am wondering whether or not this website screwed up on the converstion between Euros and American dollars because if you check out the link; you can tell this is insanely cheap ram. warning it is in...
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    pentium3 mobo?

    I agree, but unfortunatly I got its little sister. It was in a HP with a p!!! 900mhz. I bought the mobo and cpu from my brothers friends for 30 bucks and after i upgraded i made it my server. Right now it has 7 harddrives(305.35 gb), 1 cd/rw, and a zip drive. Stable as a rock. I kind of had to...
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    Gigabyte - GA-K8NPRO

    Under this typing is the url to a refurbished Gigabyte Model - GA-K8NPRO, the Athlon 64 motherboard. Its one hell of a steel, almost half the asking if you are in the process of updating to athlon 64, do not look over this deal...