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    Does this exist?

    I love my Dell XPS 15, and it fulfills all of your requirements except for weight (it is just barely above 6lbs). I'm typing on mine now. i7, 8gb ram, 2gb vram, blu-ray, 1080p and it was about $1100 (bought about Christmas when they were having some special offers). I get about 4.5 hours of...
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    Any way to install updated Nvidia drivers on GT435m?

    I have Nvidia control panel, but no option to adjust fan speeds at all. I get the following: 3D Settings: Adjust image settings with preview, manage 3d settings, Set PhysX config Display: Change resolution, Adjust desktop color settings, rotate display, adjust desktop size and position, set up...
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    Any way to install updated Nvidia drivers on GT435m?

    So I've been trying to find a way to manually control my laptop's gpu fan, but I've been running into a situation in which the new geforce drivers will not recognized my video card as valid for the update. Is there any workaround for this? Is there another way to control my laptop's gpu fans...
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    Switching to Mac... question.

    Yea, I've been following it. It just really sucks chomping on the bit.
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    Switching to Mac... question.

    So, I'm making the leap (again) and re-switching to Mac. I had a G4 Power Mac back in '03 and wasn't pleased so I switched back but now I'm looking to switch to a MBP and I'm psyched. My question is, I hear there is a MBP update coming soon-ish. I know it is an opinion call, but I'm torn...
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    small vga lcds?

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    Recording HDTV-quality video... how?

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    good *quiet* socket A cooler?

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    Recording HDTV-quality video... how?

    Hey guys, I'm pretty sure it's possible but I'm wondering what type of setup I would need to use my computer as a HDTV-quality TiVo. Basically I want to record the shows I would normally watch in HD for viewing later and/or again. No TV Tuner card I've really ever had was even halfway decent...
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    Nothing superspecial. My xbox360 is in the "computer" cabinet on the right side of the desk so all I do is hit tab twice (KVM hotkey) and I game there.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Nothing fancy, but I like it.
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    Looking for new monitor... for pc and/or HDTV? Possible?

    I'm wondering, is there any good monitor out there under $1000 that will sub as an HDTV? I'm trying to get something that will fully show me the beauty of my xbox360 but I'd like a new monitor as well... its a tough decision. any suggestions?
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    Post Your College Setups!!!

    yeah, i took the one on deviantart and inverted it and did a hue shift to blue for the eyes
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    Post Your College Setups!!!

    Ahhh college. And yeah, I know I have a mac sticker on my PC,... it came with my iPod and I had to put it somewhere lol.
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    Linux and 802.11b PCMCIA support?

    yes, it's a MN-520. If I can't get wireless then I'll just run 2k professional or something. It's definately needed. (well, not really, but I don't want to have to worry about wires, and almost every building on campus has 802.11 support)
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    compact laptop advice?

    Err, oh yeah, the whole point was, anybody that has one or has used one, what one would you choose?
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    compact laptop advice?

    I'm looking for a good, compact laptop. One of those little 12.1" buggers. I'm going to be using it as a Software Engineering student mainly taking notes and stuff. I've got a 1.0p3 Dell Inspiron 4100 but I don't think it is going to fit the bill much longer.
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    Linux and 802.11b PCMCIA support?

    I am looking to install a flavor of Linux onto my laptop for this coming college year but I need a flavor that will work with a Microsoft 802.11b PCMCIA card,... any ideas? I also am wondering if Linux has any good programming support as I'm going into a Software Engineering major and would...
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    DVD to Divx?

    At the place I work, the computer has no DVD drive, so I want to DivX some of my favorite movies and take them in with me. But I haven't found a decent method to doing this. Any help from those out there? I honestly have no interest in doing this for any illegal reason, just wanna watch...
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    3Com Networking Equipment LOTS. 3 Huge lots of networking stuff! Cheap.

    Holy crap. From payment to delivery was 36 hours. Amazing.
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    REQ: Closeup Shot of LianLi 70/71 power buttons

    I'm trying to decided whether or not I want to drop the money on a Lian Li 70/71 so I want to get an idea of the finish on them since I've never seen one close up. So is anyone out there with one willing to take a closeup shot of the powerbutton area to sell me on Lian Li's greatness? thx...
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    small vga lcds?

    small VGA LCDs? Anybody know where I can get a small VGA LCD for fairly cheap? I'm looking for sub 14". thx :D (I guess I could settle for ones that are easily moddable into vga too hehe)
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    Nikon F - Style Lens Question

    Well, it's not any particular lens, just looking in general. I've got a 50 and a 80-200 right now.
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    Nikon F - Style Lens Question

    I've got a 1979 Nikon EM Can I use AF lens on a MF camera if they're the Nikon F-Style Bayonet mount? I've never really thought about it, but I'm looking to get a 28-85 lens and all the local places only sell AF lenses. Lemme know thanks. :)
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    The Naked Comp Gallery

    looks like its one fan on a duct, considering he said he has a duct on his cpu lol
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    WTS Playstation Bundle and TV Wonder Remote

    edit. will take $200 shipped for just the PS2+Extra Controller+Memory Card+Warranty+ATV OffRoad Fury+GT3 I paid $245 plus shipping will be like $20 at least so that's $65 off what you'd pay in a store and the stuff is brand new.
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    WTS Playstation Bundle and TV Wonder Remote

    depends, make me an offer. I'd ideally like to sell the package. but what games are you interested in
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    FS: Car 1500$

    Dalls - Fort Worth (Tejas)
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    WTS Playstation Bundle and TV Wonder Remote

    Hey guys, I recently bought this stuff at BestBuy but now I'm having huge financial problems so I need to get rid of it. It is all in 100% working order as it was purchased one week ago. BestBuy with their stupid return policy won't take it back for anything other than store credit because I...
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    Clear console gaming with TV Wonder Pro

    Is there any way to get nice clear resolution with composite cable for my PS2? I want to be able to hook my ps2 to my puter for gaming action, but its blurry as all hell.
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    Anybody have the Lian-Li PC-73SLB?

    Well I don't want 'silent'... i want quiet. hehe
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    Anybody have the Lian-Li PC-73SLB?

    I'm wondering if it really lives up to it's name. I'm thinking about getting it in conjunction with a Zalman UltraQuiet PSU, a VGA Silencer, and a CPNS7000AlCu... thoughts?
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    FS: water cooled case/dvd,games,amd2500 need money for LCD.

    Contact me asap plz :) AIM - Neoaether
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    What goes into the VID OUT part of a All In Wonder ?

    SVideo to RCA-Composite converter cable. :P 19.99 @ RadioCrap..erShack Also, if its a newer AIW it should have that purple extension box with RCA jacks on it.
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    Why is my Motherboard Fried so easy?

    [H] != SA. Sorry.
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    Lian Li PC70 Res question

    In a PC70/71/75 can you fit a 2x80mm res in the spot above the PSU? I'm asking because I wanna delve into WC and I wanna buy a new case so I'm thinking about doing it all at once. Thanks :)
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    What to combo with MACH II?

    I'm personally a fan of the P4c with an Abit IS7/IC7 mobo (prolly IC7 for the 875 chipset)... but I'm biased lol
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    IC7 temperature TRUTH: READ!

    Abit admitting they were running high was good enough conclusion for me lol.