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    why do you overclock?

    haha that's instant classic
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    Pump broken?

    Mangy u were right, It had a ot of air, after priming numerous times again trying different angles and tilting the case it started working properly, thanks
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    Pump broken?

    The inlet has a back pressure it seems like, its not allowing the water to freely flow in like it should.
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    Pump broken?

    Yes Ive primed it numerous times, the res is directly above the pump too
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    Pump broken?

    I have a dd cpx pro pump and I just finished installing my wc setup. When I turn the pump on with the res completely full it makes a weird cycling noise and the inlet is barely pulling water from the reservoir and its going extremely slow, its more like a drip than anything, the tube is not...
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    problem with cd drives

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    hdd problem

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    help with javascript code.

    Ok this a simple form I'm trying to do. I can do everything correct but I just can't seem to get the "compute" to work. Or the background colors to change. If someone could just point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I've gone over it like 10 times and can't figure out the...
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    .htaccess question

    bump anyone? :/
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    Web suggestions/critiques

    looks good but when you click on your buttons for your links the "parts" button goes out of alignment. Other than that there's a huge difference between the two. Looks 10x better :)
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    So...What music do you guys (and gals) listen to while you program?

    One song in particular, It's called "matrix trance II" by The Cynic Project. Check it out, I don't really like trance but this song never gets old.
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    .htaccess question

    yeah it doesn't request auth at all. :////
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    .htaccess question

    Okay I'm simply just trying to make it so the when you log on to The first page you see is your "index.htm" file. I want to password protect that page and then when you put the username and password in it redirects you to "home2.htm" Here's the code I have for the .htaccess...
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    problem with cd drives

    bump...anyone >?:(
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    problem with cd drives

    It's not a fresh install, I'm not sure about any new software being installed but no hardware was. :/. Is it a problem with the mobo itself maybe? Would a reformat fix this problem?
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    problem with cd drives

    yeah they show up in the bios as well.
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    problem with cd drives

    My friends computer does not show his cd or dvd drive in my computer. The icons are not there. It shows them in device manager but thats it. And they have a exclamation point next to them that says the device is not working ect and the driver may be wrong. So when I try to install the driver...
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    blue screen "registry error" help

    used a different xp disc and it reformatted fine. thx computer dude.
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    blue screen "registry error" help

    A friend of mine has a dell 2300. Everytime you start the computer it gets to the windows xp loading page and I get the blue screen saying registry error. I tried re-installing xp but when it loads all the files and asks me if i want to repair windows or install new copy I get the same blue...
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    help setting up wirless network

    Okay I'm a complete noob when it comes to wireless. My gf's mom just got a dell laptop with a built in wireless card. But I'm having trouble connecting it to their wireless network. The router is a linksys wireless B befw11s4. When I try to connect to the network it ask for a network (wep)...
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    Xbox 360 question

    Ok so they say the new xbox 360 is supposed to be running 3 symmetrical cores at 3.2 GHZ each which are custom IBM POwerPC based CPU's, which will do 1 teraflop of data a sec. And it's selling for 350 dollars lol, wtf kind of cpu's are...
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    Midterm help?

    *edit (im wrong) hehe
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    Website resolution question

    I'm curious as to how I make a website automatically adjust to screen resolutions. Could someone explain how to do this. thanks.
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    HELP plz :(

    I turned on my computer today and right away i noticed that nothing loaded in the quick launch bar. Then I noticed no programs are opening. It lets me look through all of my files ect but nothing opens, I can't even do a system restore. It acts like its going to open then it doesn't. None of...
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    Flash help needed! (little trendy floating dots!)

    Ahh thats a tough one. I'm not that experienced in flash but maybe you could post on shiver7's site and ask him how he did it :P
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    Strange photoshop problem

    Ok this is really wierd. Everytime I open up an image in photoshop that has blue in it, the blue looks teal. Same with a few other colors. The images also look a bit choppy. It opens fine in imageready. I reset photoshop numerous times with no luck. Any ideas on whats wrong?
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    Password protecting entire site???

    How would I password protect an entire site without using htaccess/htpasswd? I'm doing a website for a friend of mine that has a wholesale business and he wants a page that has directions on how to get a username and password for the site(prompts for the users name, address, phone number, and...
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    Check this contest out

    I heard if you put a H sticker on your case it adds 1000 to your 3dmark score.
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    New case, new tools, early xmas

    I'm suprised it fit through that hole. Nice case, has a real clean look to it.
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    RADEON 9700 or GeForce FX 5900 ?

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    X800 vs 6800GT and 9800Pro vs 6600GT

    Out of the box with my system my eVGA 6800gt put a 3dmark05 score of 4463. If you can afford the 6800gt I would def get that.
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    4463 everything completely stock
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    eVGA 6800gt driver problem??

    I just installed new 6800 and my icons on my desktop look choppy and when i play call of duty and doom 3 its a little choppy. Ive reinstalled the drivers like 3 times and it does the same thing. Could my psu have something to do with it, I'm upgrading to a 480w antec but not until xmas :(.
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    Help Plz :(

    but its doing it for both the cards.
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    Help Plz :(

    Ok I'm having problems installing new vidcard(evga6800gt). I unistalled the drivers for my old ati 9700pro (ATI Control Panal, Display Driver, and Uninstaller) and booted in safe mode and ran driver cleaner, turned off comp, put in new card, now when i boot up it just stays at the mobo...
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    Which water setup for me?

    Aqua computer has some nice stuff along with dangerden.
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    My ALMOST final setup for you too see

    Eheim 1048 is a nice pump.
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    eVGA 6800 power consumption

    well i have nice green scan lines on my screen at the moment so I ordered a new eVGA 6800 gt from circuit city and was just curious to how much power these things need. I've read about the ultra's needing a lot of juice but what about the gt's?