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    Database question

    It doesnt have to be a sophisticated system, let alone expensive :) which SCORM seems to be. I have very little php and mysql knowledge, where would I need to start? also would it be easier to do with MS Access ? and ok, scratch REALTIME :)
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    Database question

    I could use some advice on how to do the following tasks, i know it has something to do with databases etc but im not very informed on the subject..any help i would appreciate very much.. - I need to prepare different forms with 70-100 questions, some with true/false values, some with numerical...
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    Intel & iBuyPower - Gulftown Giveaway Contest

    *fingers crossed*
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    hey there.. is there anything wrong with the iphone, what do you mean digitizer?

    hey there.. is there anything wrong with the iphone, what do you mean digitizer?
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    The Eyefinity Challenge with HardOCP

    a pro gaming team w/o eyefinity can beat a normal team with eyefinity anyday i think
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    hi do you still have the 4870? let me know, thnx

    hi do you still have the 4870? let me know, thnx
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    Can I run Dead Space?

    x1650 P4 2.8 1.4gb ram can I run this game at all?? :(
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    f/s: iphone 8 gb jailbroken

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    Need a bit of help choosing 2gb ddr3 vs 4gb ddr2..

    Hey guys.. Im in a bit dilemma right now.. I ve been away from hardware market for a while.. with my current budget I will get E8500 cpu HD4870 GPU I'll be using winXP I wasnt sure what should I do, i could get 2gb ddr3 ram or 4gb ddr2... I will choose a motherboard depending on...
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    refurb. iphone 4gb $199 8gb $249

    I can only get it online, the 2nd link doesnt work though is this deal still good for online purchases?
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    Big sale today, please help! (samsung models)

    SAMSUNG 22" 226NW 354 $ SAMSUNG 22" 223BW 358 $ SAMSUNG 22" 2232BW 370 $ SAMSUNG 22" 226CW 405 $ SAMSUNG 22" 226BW 475 $ I need to decide between these 5, those are the regular prices here, they have %28 off sale today...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I'd like it
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. I would put it on the highest shelf in my room and make a shrine around it and stare at it for a day, then I'd build a new system and push that mofo to its limits 2. Phenom
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    2x eVGA 8800GTS 320MB SC editions w/ThermalTake TMG ND5's! $260/ea!

    I'm interested, but does busted stock cooler means no warranty?
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    Twelve Nations Put On Piracy List

    When I first saw the title of the article I knew Turkey would be in it. Cant really complain though.. You are right about most people living in those countries cant really afford legit copies.
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    What do you use to defrag?

    uh, beatdown.
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    New R600 3DMark06 Benchie

    Hmm that Turkish site is reporting from another site's benchmark results Its all rumor, dont beat yourselves up :)
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    Dungeon Runners Beta Invites Thread

    I would very much like an invite emretopuzoglu(@)
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    Trip to hong kong, need suggestions

    I'll be flying to hong kong this weekend, hoping to pick up an LCD monitor, preferably 24" wide (Could go smaller I suppose if it means a better monitor) What is a good 24" monitor to pick up that can be found in hong kong? I assume dell would be a tough find lol.. This came out of the...
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    Logitech MX518 $41.99 @

    sucks for those of us with no credit history
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    WoW PVP stories - Share yours!

    So I'm at STV, really bored and looking for alliance to kill.. I check up in nes's tents and notice a 49mage and 50warlock. I am a lvl 48mage at the time. They also noticed me and started coming after me.. I ran around the area trying to lose them, and noticed that only the mage was still...
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    Leave FFXI for WoW?

    Since you just bought your game, I cant tell if you are being sarcastic, or you liked it becuase I got 36 days for free.. Trust me I'd rather play and pay normally than get compensated for crappy service They cant compensate for what little hours I play the game for, and I was unable to...
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    Leave FFXI for WoW?

    Oh, my server, Kel'Thuzad as of 4/2/05 12:00AM MT is down on a friday night. need i say more?
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    Leave FFXI for WoW?

    need i say more?
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    Leave FFXI for WoW?

    not true? are you fucking serious? I have started this game at 3/3/05 and I already have 6 days bonus which was offered for compensation for the down times when the servers were down for a period of over 24hours at a time.. I am not mentioning the regular prime time downtimes which are not...
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    Leave FFXI for WoW?

    Do not start WOW. (period) Trust me, you DO NOT want the aggrivation caused by blizzards imcompetence to run the game servers.. Everyother day servers will go down for *emergency maintainence*.. emergency means out of nowhere, unexpected... but you can always count on blizzard and their...
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    Black Sony Trinitrons, $119.99 at Surplus Computers

    I am not reffering to 2 damper wires which are horizontal.. I see about 7-8 diagonal lines when the brightest picture is shown during the color return test.
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    Black Sony Trinitrons, $119.99 at Surplus Computers

    This is for the people who got the dell p1101 model.. When I activate the color return function on the monitor, it starts to do its thing from darkest shades to a bright yellow screen and return to normal.. When it hits the last phase which is the bright yellow, I see diagonal lines...
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    Is WoW really worth getting into?

    Servers are down again... just go here and look at the posts on the first page.. hell even the last few pages... I will give you some examples Sign Here For a 1-month Refund Stuck at Authenticating blizzard i hate...
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    Is WoW really worth getting into?

    meh dont get into it.. trust me.. Its so frustrating not being able to play because of "emergency maintenance" on the servers.. Emergency means once in a while out of nowhere, but these kinda things happens almost everyweek more than once
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    WoW longon

    Its supposed to mean gang killing, aka killing a person with a group of people.. however its mostly used as in any situation where you get killed by a higher level person, which obviously has an advantage over you..
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    defragment pictures

    This picture is taken right after I degragged with disk keeper.. Anyone has any idea why disk keeper recommends me a defrag right after I already told it to do so?
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    Black Sony Trinitrons, $119.99 at Surplus Computers

    Not quite, all you have to do is replace some resistors on the monitors being discussed here. I havent tried this mod if I had some positive feedback from people I can trust (like [H] folks), I will attempt it. For those of you complaining about the monitors being too bright.. Here is a...
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    Video problem (black-outs)

    hey guys.. i need some help here.. my screen has been going black out of nowhere for a week or so.. It'll just go black&come back like a refresh rate change, it almost is a simulation of a refreshrate change only it happens midgame-desktop whenever... I also see some black horizontal...
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    What driver is best for WoW

    I have a bfg 6800U and What drivers are you guys using with WoW? Which one is the best? Also I've been playing WoW for a week.. and I must say I am REALLY annoyed by the shimmering I'm getting.. All these grassy hills etc.. A fix has been released for this ? Thanks~!
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    save me... (POP:WW)