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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    I just ran over to Best Buy and picked up an overpriced RocketFish cable to try after having issues with DisplayPort. Best Buy is much closer than MicroCenter. It's got the certification logo and the info from the scanning app matches the box. So the cable should be fine. Of course it could...
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    Chair mat for carpeted floor?

    That's office carpet. I have hardwood in my home office and I put a rug that's basically made of office carpet on top of it. Protects the wood from my chair and makes my chair roll "correctly". Wood is too fast and the finish gets wrecked, thick carpet is too slow or just gets stuck, office...
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    When do you finally retire a PSU?

    When they die or when I retire the rig that they're in. I tend to do full builds and keep old ones around. Vid cards don't count as part of a build. My current oldest is a X79/Socket 2011 build I did in April 2012. Still has the original board and PSU. Post OCZ acquisition PC Power &...
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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    Took some measurements. Time to look for just the right desk/table or a custom curved corner table. Also, turning off game mode doesn't fix the DisplayPort sleep issue. I'll play with HDMI next and see if I still get the momentary blank screen problem and also test with the Mac if I get to it.
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    Curved corner desk/table for all my computer stuff

    Just thought I'd see if anyone knows of anything like what I'm looking for or has some thoughts on how to get it made without spending an arm and a leg. I own the house and this is for my "permanent" home office -- probably be here and use it for 20 years, so if it's a couple grand it's a...
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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    I haven't seen a deep sleep option in any of the menus. Funny thing is it notices when the computer wakes up, then says no signal. I could maybe put up with it if off was actually off, but turning the monitor off has no effect on the problem. Unplugging the screen from power or from the...
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    Starfield: Let's see Your Ships!

    It'll be a while before I pick up Starfield. They've announced some upcoming improvements plus I like to wait until they're done making DLC if I can convince myself to do so, but I'm sure I'll play it eventually. When I do, I'm going to make a Lego 6980. It was my favorite space Lego kit as a...
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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    It won't come back after the PC shuts off the display signal. Like setting turn off display after X minutes, waiting X minutes, then poking the keyboard. My side screens light up but this one doesn't. Power cycling the monitor doesn't help. It just sits there saying no signal. I don't...
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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    Found a probable defect with the Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 43". Might be why Microcenter is blowing them out for $500. The display doesn't come back on after the computer shuts off the video output, at least if I'm using DisplayPort in game mode at 144Hz with G-sync enabled. Seems ok so far with...
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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    If I went with two setups I would have gotten an OLED for gaming but not in this size. I'd probably get an ultrawide of some sort. Before I got my previous 43" I ran a 3x27" (3x2560x1440) setup for a few years and sometimes I kinda miss the surround thing. That said it was a little too wide...
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    Best 43 inch VA for work use

    Got a Microcenter nearby? I just picked up a Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 43" (144Hz) at Microcenter. They had it on sale for $500. They also had a Gigabyte Aourus 43". Didn't look much different and was an extra $200. Up side with the Gigabyte was an integrated KVM switch. Up side with the...
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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    Microcenter basically decided for me. I stopped by this afternoon and the sales guy immediately brought up text fringing and discouraged me from going with an OLED. I also wasn't real impressed with the text. It was ok and I think I could put up with it, but it was worse than just about any...
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    What's the fastest way to erase a mechanical drive?

    I assume by bad sectors you mean the OS is reporting bad sectors, so take it apart and play with the platters and magnets.
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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    Sounds like the Asus PG42UQ is my best option for an OLED if I go that route. Unfortunately the window in my office even causes issues with matte displays sometimes. I had a couple of glossy displays in there before getting my current monitor, and I don't want to go back to glossy. The only...
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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    Noted. I'll check out an OLED in-store before buying one, and if I can't find a good display model I'll probably just cheap out and get an LCD. I'm in Chicago, so hopefully between a couple of Microcenters and lots of Best Buys someone will have one on display. Of course after a few stores...
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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    So maybe just spend a bit over half as much and get an LCD? I'm ok with that. Sounds like I might have to check out some monitors in a store and see how I feel about the text. I'm a programmer, not some word artist type. I care about readability a lot but pretty text? I do just about...
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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    Flat. I have a curved one at the office and I don't really care for it. I suppose I should also mention I'm looking for full 4k height, so a vertical resolution of 2160 or better. Realistically this probably means 3840x2160, which is fine. I haven't really been looking at anything other than...
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    14900KS coming with new boards same 1700 socket TechYES video

    I might get one. We'll see. I kinda have an upgrade itch, but probably won't do it unless I feel like I need more CPU for something. That'll probably be a game if something that really interests me drops and my proc isn't quite cutting it. More likely I'll just buy a nice monitor and hope...
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    Got the itch all of a sudden... which ~41-45" 4k screen for work + some gaming?

    Once upon a time I got all excited about 43" 4k monitors becoming reasonably affordable and went and got one. That was about 4 years ago. I've always been a junkie for real estate. I run a couple side screens in portrait along with the 43", and before that I had a 3x27" 1440p surround setup...
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    Why I still like 1 Gb Ethernet over WiFi

    40 and 100 are actually a PITA for home use. They both use QSFP plugs and require 4 pairs of fiber or a QSFP DAC cable that's only good for a short distance. If I were to get tempted to get something faster than 10Gb for most of my network it would be 25Gb. That will work with a single fiber...
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    Why I still like 1 Gb Ethernet over WiFi

    WiFi is way behind cabled ethernet. My 10yo rig does this: And yeah, there's some fiber and SFP+ modules involved. The real point here is if you just want speed WiFi can't touch cheap server pulls from eBay and some cables.
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    ASUS Router Help (WIFI Bridge Mode Help)

    I run my 2.4 and 5GHz merged, largely because I haven't had any trouble with it. I haven't caught my phone or laptop using 2.4GHz inside the house. I have 2 WiFi access points at opposite ends of the house, so I have pretty good 5GHz coverage. I'm using TP-Link gear (EAP-610s) with a...
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    Wi-Fi needed for large house; help me plan it out!

    I'm using TP-Link as well. I've got a pair of EAP-610s (so cheap AX1800, cheaper than Dopamin3's 660s). Mine are wired to a PoE (power over ethernet) switch and I haven't tried out the mesh feature. I'm running the controller on a Linux box. It's written in Java, so you can get it to run on...
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    Opinions on the Roku TV that they are now advertising on Roku free channels?

    Judging from the specs it's totally different. That AVermedia gizmo records from HDMI, so you can run a signal into it from a PC, Console, etc. and it doesn't look like it has a TV tuner. HDCP is a security spec for DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort (and USB-C/Thunderbolt) The Tablo only supports...
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    Opinions on the Roku TV that they are now advertising on Roku free channels?

    Yep. I use a Roku with a 47" TV from 2009. Ok, so I don't watch much TV. IMHO smart TVs are a waste. A TV should just be a monitor, maybe with an OTA tuner and speakers. Unless you want to upgrade all the time whatever smart TV you buy is going to turn into a monitor eventually. It'll be...
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    HBA Cards for Modern Motherboards and OS

    Did you try booting off some other device and just using the array for storage? You likely won't even need legacy mode if you're booting off of something else as long as you have working drivers for the old HBA. If you boot off something else you can generally disable the bios on an HBA and...
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    not getting 10Gb/s and totally perplexed.

    Windows file transfers are single threaded. Your old Xeon won't be much of a handicap there unless you have a lousy NIC. A good NIC will offload as much work as possibly from the CPU. A cheap one will make the CPU do a bunch of work. So I'm really wondering what NICs you're using since my...
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    Unmanaged Switches/Entry Level Managed Switches for RT2600ac?

    I'd skip the managed switch unless you're using a DIY or business grade router or plan to get one. Consumer grade routers don't support VLANs, so you can't segment your network and still have internet access except on one segment. Of course if you do that you'll probably also want business...
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    China's Loongson reveals new 3A6000 CPU, claims performance on par with 3-year-old Intel chips

    A 4 core Intel chip from 3 years ago doesn't have to be a desktop chip, or even an i3. Intel has a few quad core Pentium models and then there are assorted low power mobile CPUs from 3 years ago with a TDPs of like 5-15W and base clocks in the 800-1200MHz range. Or something like that. I...
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    14900KS coming with new boards same 1700 socket TechYES video

    You missed Westmere in 2010. Intel just didn't call it a new generation. At that point they weren't doing the "gen" thing yet in their marketing. It was a die shrink and they just changed the model numbers. The process went from 45nm to 32nm.
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    Ethernet over Power???

    1Gb or faster with 300Mb service is really only useful if you have local traffic between machines. Like I have a file server so I can make use of more than 1Gb. A few ideas aside from powerline adapters... At 300Mbps a mesh kit ought to be able to handle it. If you can swing it spring for...
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    Router w/ Concrete Walls

    Any chance the apartment is wired for cable TV? If so check out MoCA adapters -- ethernet over coaxial cable. If you have suitable coax they're usually much better than powerline adapters. The latest models can do 2.5Gb, though of course 1Gb is cheaper. Point to point is fastest, but it...
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    not getting 10Gb/s and totally perplexed.

    Have you tried testing with tools other than Iperf? The Wikipedia page on it says the Windows support is unofficial and hasn't been maintained since 2016. Maybe just try copying a file? I get a little over 8.5Gb in either direction just using Windows file copy between a Xeon E5-2687Wv2...
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    ILLEGAL to sell regular lightbulbs after August 1st

    I was a bit off on the label text. It's "luminaries" not "fixtures" lol. That sounds about like what I got out of GE Relax HD bulbs. That one says it's not suitable for recessed luminaries too, so I guess you can't even stick it in a can light with no cover. I guess that makes sense because...
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    How much RAM you got?

    I think I might have to upgrade soon. 64GB+ (so 64+128+256+) is up to 26%. Making me feel like I'm nearing pleeb status. But it's ok for now and I don't really want to buy any more DDR4, so maybe after I get my plumbing, concrete and roofing work out of the way... houses are money sucking pigs.
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    ILLEGAL to sell regular lightbulbs after August 1st

    What kind of fixtures? Are they enclosed? You have to read the fine print if you have an enclosed fixture. Some bulbs are marked "Suitable for use in totally enclosed fixtures". Others say they're not suitable for use in enclosed fixtures and some just aren't marked. Usually the text is...
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    ILLEGAL to sell regular lightbulbs after August 1st

    Are these open or covered can lights? One really irritating thing about LEDs is you have to read the fine print when buying them if you're using them in an enclosed fixture. A lot of them have "not suitable for totally enclosed fixtures" printed on the box or the bulb somewhere. The ones that...
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Personal favorite? I'm thinking my favorite was a Matrox Millennium. That's a pre-3D card. 0 hassles in days when getting vid cards to work in Linux was often a hassle. Also no compromises. It was one of the fastest 2D accelerators at the time. As far as 3D era cards go, I'm thinking the...
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    Intel 12/13th Gen latency?

    Posted on his Youtube thread and suggested trying it again with all the e-cores disabled on the 13900K. Big/Little setup makes writing a scheduler a lot harder, and I wouldn't be surprised if turning off all the e-cores helped in the tests that he's doing. Also I have to give him some crap for...
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    4k vs uhd

    I wouldn't bother, mostly because I wouldn't bother with a curved ultrawide. Those things are nice for spreadsheets, but actually increase distortion in games. Games render images assuming they will be displayed on a flat surface. If you curve the screen towards the viewer the stretched...