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    bit torrent

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    bit torrent search

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    memory leak?

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    dvd+rw burning problems

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    prescott 64bit clarification

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    bad very quiet beeping

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    questions about pc input on hdtv

    my lcd hdtv has a pc-input which has a native 1280x768 resoultion, it also supports 640x480 in vga, 800x600 in svga, and 1024x768 in xvga. what i want to know is will my radeon 9800pro be able to output in xvga format so that the tv will run in 1024x768. the tv in a zenith e44w46lcd. whenever...
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    Xp Sp2 Boot Problems

    after installing xp sp2 on a prescott p4, my brother said his computer wont boot into windows, and he cant even get it to get in with safe mode. is there a way to fix this. i thought i remembering seeing an article about how there is a patch you should use before installing sp2 on a prescott...
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    need xbc software help quick

    can someone send me the xbox connect software. i lost it and the website itsnt working for me right now. just message dorksunite on aim and send it to me if you can. please help, trying to play online and its being a pain in the ass with their site being now and no other site seems to host...
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    hdtv help on 9800 pro

    Can anyone help with a resolution issue. so far i can only get 720x480 to display correctly on my hdtv. im working on getting 1024x768 but i havnt so far. how do i play gmaes that are not designed for 720x480. if they change the resolution my screen gets messed up.
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    hdtv help on 9800 pro

    someone on avs told me that the link ps-rage gave has settings that pretty much work out of the box so to speak and he has the same tv, so im going to play around with those tonight, thanks for you help guys. quick question though, games that run 800x600 1024x768 etc, will they display right...
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    hdtv help on 9800 pro

    i did look at that page, actually one of the first i looked at, got the link from another thread in hardforum. but its for a different model mistubishi tv. im just paranoid about pissing away 1500 or whatever i ended up paying for this tv, just becuase i was careless. thats the page i was...
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    hdtv help on 9800 pro

    so ive been reading some guides on powerstip and on connecting a hdtv to a 9800. i currently have my card connected to my hdtv via a dvi cable. the tv is a mitsubishi wt-42313 42". i cannot find any specs on this tv from anywhere. i can get picture to display on my tv, and have tried about...
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    Geil value 2x512mb 140.00

    well the title of the thread is 2x512 but the website looks like its one stick. so yes i was asking if its one or two sticks, because i dont know. sorry for not being perfect. ill try harder next time
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    Geil value 2x512mb 140.00

    is this 2 512 sticks on 1 stick. i would like to run dual channel 512
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    networked printer problem

    thats what doesnt make sense. nothings changed. all settings are as they were when i set it up 6 monthes ago. its not on a print server, just assigned by dhcp and the ip is the same as its always been. for some reason whenever someone prints it just sits there in the queue waiting to go...
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    networked printer problem

    any suggestions, office wants its printer and i am stumped
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    networked printer problem

    the network printer at my work seems to be going crazy this morning. For some reason it wont print. everyone on the network can see the printer, connect to it and it states that it is ready. i can connect to the web based interface for the printer and print up configuration information...
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    Special Xbox

    im pretty sure you can state that your selling modded xbox's, you just cant state that you have put anything illigal on there such as games or music.
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    Free Ipod

    dam you i wanted one and had already forgotten the story on hardocp
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    Windows idea (Force delete)

    does works fine for me. just open up a command prompt, navagate to the folder and delete it, just make sure whatever is holding the file doesnt actually need it or you will run into problems.
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    Tons of Stuff (Computers, Electronics, Misc) for sale! Constantly Updated!!

    frys sells maxtors too. they are huge you think they would sell only 1 brand. didnt see that yours was new, so price isnt so bad then. good luck, bump
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    Tons of Stuff (Computers, Electronics, Misc) for sale! Constantly Updated!!

    im not interested, but fyi a new 160 gig hard drive was just on sale at fry's for 70.00. i would drop the price to at least that since yours is used, just a thought.
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    Xbox can take Sony this time around?

    first off this is by no means intended to be a flame war as those ruin threads. 1) i was under the impression that xbox is going to be released next year. reasons for thinking this are: A) im pretty sure ive read that MS wants to release for x-mas next year. that would mean they need to...
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    Xbox can take Sony this time around?

    im so scared to respond the this i dont even know where to start, so ill just make things breif. wtf, its going to be realsed next year. the processor comming from ibm, did you read nothing. this is one of the only confirmed things there are. Ati currently is leading the GPU with...
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    help me with dell axim's please

    and just for braggin rights...though i dont know i can claim any since it was dell involved, but i just walked the dell rep through an install he had at a different job site, after he failed to get ours working. how sad that he called me over calling dell just because he nor them know shit...
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    help me with dell axim's please

    nevermind. dell=the dumbs techs in the nation. he spend 4 hours the first day. nothing. spend 3 hours the next day, while on the phone with dell tech before i told him to get off my network. i fix the problems, (easy settings that had to be changed on the access point), only to watch him ****...
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    help me with dell axim's please

    my office has been given 2 dell axim's with 2 cisco aironet 1100 access points. were trying to connect the axim's (pda's) to the access points. the problem has to do with the authentication process. for some reason it just sits there saying searching for access points. the access points...
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    VERY quiet fans

    didnt spend much time looking but i dont seen an flow ratings. how do you know how much they flow? :confused:
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    Mother board monitor is no more!

    damit :mad: props to all his work though. and it will still be a good program till it becomes obsolete
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    FS: Paintball Gun w/ Co2 Canisters

    i've got 50 + shipping if you are willing to sell.
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    G-Mail Invites consolidated here!!!

    bankhead123 (at) hotmail (dot) com
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    I've got a few gmail invites if you have an extra one
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    if i could get an invite.
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    help me block saved information

    that sounds like what im going for. basically i know a fair amount about computers, but im just trying to prevent my boss from comming in a see what i browse. its a small company of 13 people so its not like i have to hid from much. barely anyone else knows what windows is let alone how to...
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    help me block saved information

    At my work, i am the "computer specialist." i was wondering if there is a way to block all saved internet history. aka i need a way to block the computers from recording where employees go on the internet. Our illiterate boss is trying to scare the employees to not use the internet by saying...
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    Overclocking my setup BASICS (Please assist this n00b)

    RTFM visit they have some info ...and RTFM
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    Cool robots

    give me one, i need one. charge money and whore him out to the public.