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    Which Processor ?

    still usefull
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    531.18 GeForce graphics driver bug may cause 10%+ CPU usage

    I tried the new RTX Super Resolution setting. It supposed to upscale to 4k when watching streams/Youtube. I clicked a Twitch stream and was amazed how much better it looked on my 4k monitor then after 1 minute my PC turned off! Just spent the last 2 hours getting it back to normal. I could not...
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    Nvidia 3090Ti FE $1099.99 at Best Buy

    make sure you do the thermal pad procedure for better thermals
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    Strange error Win 7

    I made a USB install for Acronis which worked. the issue was fixed by moving UAC up 1 and rebooting then back 1 and rebooting. Then I didnt have to run as admin to get app to work. Also the folders opened quickly instead of dragging on.
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    Strange error Win 7

    I am trying to load an Acronis boot CD into a Panasonic Toughbook CF-52P. The CD shows in Computer on the right side but not in the left pane. It shows in Device Manager and Disk Management. It wont boot from CD. I tried 2 other cd players and they wont show up at all. I have a USB CDrom and it...
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    Far Cry 6

    I had a great time with the 1 week free Ubisoft+ plying FC6.
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    MSI GF62-8RE black screen

    I meant suggestions on how to fix it. Not a replacement video card which wont fit in this laptop.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Im still putting along my 20 year journey.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070: up to 30% faster than RTX 3090 in gaming

    Im holding on to it! The 40xx will fit and the 1k PSU will have to work a little bit harder in my Silverstone Sugo 14.
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    MSI GF62-8RE black screen

    I am trying to repair this laptop with no luck. Symptoms were no display, KB lights up, HDMI has no output. When it 1st came in I noticed the GPU fan not spinning. The CPU fan was spinning. So I ordered a pair of fans to replace both since they both were 3-4 years old. Take it apart, clean out...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is real

    Im keeping my overclocked 3090FE till next gen comes around. Squeezing out a few more Mhz just to say its faster at CES is not my cup of tea.
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    Best way to get a 12900 without getting scalped?

    BestBuy is $40 less then Newegg on a Core i9-12900KF
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    Who ran Haswell-E for a long time or is still running it?

    5960X built in 2015 with Asrock x99-itx/ac. XMP Overclocked to 4.0Ghz for 6 years. Its a dedicated miner now with a Titan V.
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    Anyone still running an X99 Broadwell-E system?

    I still run a Intel 5960x with a Titan V on an Asrock x99 as my surfing/mining rig.
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    have you gotten your new NVidia/AMD upgrade card yet? Why not?

    I got my 3090 at MSRP online at BestBuy. I spent a month waking up early and clicking refresh for many hours.
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    Windows 11 May Not Run on Early Ryzen, Threadripper, Skylake-X, or Any Pre-2016 Intel PC

    My 5960X 8c/16t rig says CPU not supported. My 10980XE is.
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    What do people think of the Nvidia RTX Titan?

    I put my retired TITAN V to work mining ETH after I got my 3090. Maybe I should ebay it instead of its 79 MH/s
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    Snoop couldn't get a 3080 Ti

    looked fake to me, Snoop dont type that fast without looking at his fingers
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    Who is mining with 3XXX or cards?

    Look back in your miner logs for any errors (mine show red text). Should be right before the reverting. I had this happen when I was +1200 on the memory and lowered it to +1150. No issues since.
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    10980XE - equivalent to SoC Voltage? (Not stable with 128G)

    is the ram compatible with the MB? I have an Asrock x299E-itx with a 10980x with quad channel 8Gb sticks running XMP just fine. On the ARK page for the CPU it says DDR4-2933 for memory which is what I got for this build.
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    Who is mining with 3XXX or cards?

    Its been almost a week now since I did the thermal pad mod on my 3090FE. Its running 121.65 hashrate using Gminer. Memory +1150, Core -100, PL 95%, Fans 90% Temps 55c
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    I'm not going to buy a GPU with a hash limiter

    IMO the LHR should be priced less. It only is limited on ETH so any other algorythym it ill hash just fine.
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    Nvidia rtx 3090 discussion

    the 41x8 on the cut out isnt on the board and the 8x74 on the board isnt on the cut out. Its suppose to be 3090FE good catch on the 8x33. thats the extra one which threw me off I figured it out. If you...
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    Nvidia rtx 3090 discussion

    Finally got time to do the Thermal Pad replacements on my 3090FE. I cut out the pieces according to the diagram. I count 18 pieces in the cutout drawing but only count 17 pieces in the board pics.
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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    My Sony XBR-43X800D lasted 4 years before it started blinking red 6 times in a row last week. I looked up the code for it and it had 4 suggestion something about edge light going out. The TV would work for like 45 seconds before it started to blink then black screen. Went online and started...
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    Nvidia shortage to last most of 2021

    I am glad I didnt listen to JayzTwoCents and hold off till the 1st of the year back in September/October
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    Nvidia rtx 3090 discussion

    I am going to do the thermal pad replacement on my 3090FE prolly next weekend. I got a 120x120 extreme odyssey 1.5mm pad and used Cutlist. The pieces only uses 65% of the total area.
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    Ultimate FinalMouse

    Super Bling
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    Saving up for 4080 RTX?

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    1000 Watt Silverstone SFX-L PSU Now Available

    amazon reviews are bad for this
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    Slim fan <15 mm thick compilation

    wow just yesterday I needed this info as my Kraken z53 fan would come in contact with the water pump when mounting it on the side. I went with Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM
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    Recommand Me A Case

    Silverstone Sugo 14
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    Substitutes for Seasonic Prime TX-1000?

    The TX-850 was the one I wanted back in December for my new build but it was OOS so I got a TX-1000. I am waiting on custom cables for it now.
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    For Those Who Don't Know What SPD memory speed is for

    Is the memory on the supported list?
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Im back in the game. This time a RTX 3060 Ti for $399
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    KFC Announces New Gaming Division

    Heating up pizza or maybe HotPockets would be more useful.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Im back on the hunt. This time for 3060Ti FE
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    What is the Best Cost No Option Small Form Factor Case for a Silent and Small WC Gaming Powerhouse (3090, etc)

    Sugo 14 houses my 10980XE, RTX 3090, 1Kw Seagate, and Kraken 240mm AIO. There is room for a 120mm AIO as well.
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    High end silverstone 2021 cases?

    I am enjoying my Sugo 14 and SG13