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    Google Wants To Use Algorithms To Censor The Internet For Hate Speech

    What I dont like about this ( and I am sure people have said this already ) is who exactly decides what is "hate". I get jabbed at while I am work because I am Jewish... but you know what? I take ZERO offense to it. People have become whimpy, always trying to find an excuse to be offended. Gosh...
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    Amazon Prime Now Offers One-Hour Alcohol Delivery In Manhattan

    I dont see how? I mean your free to buy cases of booze at once from the liqueur store so this is not any different except you can order online and get it delivered.
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    UPS Having Trouble Handling Holiday Online Orders

    IMO, more so at this time of year, I much rather buy online than fight with people in the stores. I hate large groups of people to begin with because when that happens the total group IQ falls 20 or more points.... I have been job searching and I can tell you they are really mad for help right...
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    The Altcoin Thread

    270s are great cards. I got like 11 of them running right now... so be it they are xfx ones from best buy.... but they all hit 450khash with most times around 380-410 WU ( which is more important that hash speed ). It takes a lot of tweeking though sometimes. You can also edit the bios a bit to...
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    ALright guys.... need some help. Right now I have cable net. I have a POS Belkin router....forgot exactly what model it is, but its a N600 router. I flashed it with new firmware via the manufactures site, of course, it worse that it was out of the box. Heck, it even errors when I log in...
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    50% off Razer peripherals 24 hour sale 1/11/2013

    FuckMe... I missed this :(
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    Why Best Buy is Going out of Business...Gradually

    Yeah that is the stinky part about it. I used to go to CompUSA if I needed something PC related... because it was there and much faster to get it. Plus I like to look at things too and may or may not buy that item there... but just to see it up close. Now that there is no CompUSA... we are...
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    WTB: Video card (PCIE ...cheaper card)

    50 or so bucks depending on the card. Like I said it does not have to knock my socks off by any means its just that the 9400GT is like running one of those 5200's back then if you get what I mean. As the power supply its a earthwatts 420 or something along those lines. basic setup as in a P35...
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    WTB: Video card (PCIE ...cheaper card)

    Looking for a video card that is not expensive to buy. Kids are running a 9400GT right now in their computer and I for the life of me feel bad that they have a junk card lol. Games it needs to run are only Wizard101, Diablo II and sim city 4... I only ask for it to be better than the one that...
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    Movie Download Costs Man $62,000

    eldercaddy n00bie, 17 Days I think hes for at least one free pass .... this time
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    Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain

    So let me get this right, ICE has the manpower to do something that to me, is not even relevant to what they are to be doing, yet they claim that they cant uphold current laws and deport illegals/hunt down illegals
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    Should The 'Internet Kill Switch' Power be Curbed?

    ehhh I recall with Twitter went down for a short time how much people were ready to hang themselves from the rafters... I can only imagine what would happen if the net went down. Granted I have enough games to keep myself occupied for a short while, but it would be a big lifestyle change for me...
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    Crazy Black Friday Shopper #1

    FUCK YA! Here in WI and not very far from where I live to boot
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    Nevada Candidate Suggests a Pay-To-Speed Law

    I dont like the idea. People cant drive right at the posted speed limits now, what makes you think driving faster will make it any better. I already pay enough for car insurance, I dont need another factor in making my rates go up.
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    Xbox 360 System, SD-Ram, Mobo/CPU Combo, More!

    Bump for some "good ol days" stuff! Man I miss those days. Burnt my first mobo and CPU OCing these chips :P
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    Politicians Push for New Internet Sales Taxes

    Me too. In fact I dont so much look at it as being taxed any more ...more so I look at it as I am working for the Government so many hours a week. I think I am up to 11 hours a week now (just from basic pay check deductions )
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    FS : Compaq CQ60 Laptop

    Sadly I need to sell this spare laptop that we have. I have no use for it ATM and its just sitting here doing nothing. So its time to find a new home for it. History: It was my wifes laptop that she used for about 6 months until we recently upgraded ( great deal from work ). This laptop has...
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    How to ship a laptop?

    well thats a bit more than I was used to paying. Its been a while and the last things I sold seemed fairly steep in price. The only reason I asked was because the new one got shipped here just in its own laptop box ( like right off the shelf in the store )
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    How to ship a laptop?

    Im debating if I should sell my second laptop because we upgraded to a nice new one last month. I wanted to keep it for myself, and by any means its not really all that bad of one . So I sit here and wonder... how would I ship something like that? I already figure the shipping in itself is...
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    FS: 3 video card lot.

    Bump pic added
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    FS: 3 video card lot.

    I currently have for sale 3 video cards that I would like to sell as a lot. Makes a nice addition for a folding farm. 1x 9800GTX+ 1xEVGA 8800GTS 320MB ..... 320-P2-N811-AR 1xEVGA 9600GSO.......384-P3-N965-TR Here is pics of cards. Too much caffeine makes my hand little unsteady so the pic is...
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    WTB: Atlas/Kato engines, other trains stuff ( N )

    bump Power packs found
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    WTB: Atlas/Kato engines, other trains stuff ( N )

    Im game for some trains stuff. I know this is a computer type setting, but people have just about anything you could want here .... so here it goes. All in N scale PLEASE. -I am looking for some engines. Only Atlas or kato branding please. They do not need to be DCC ready. Running please. They...
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    Seriously - Where are the LCD TV Deals?

    Nope Burn in happens when people are stupid and dont read up on what to do with a brand new plasma TV. They jack everything up without any run time therefor messing up the picture. 200 hours for me with just default settings and we were off to the races. I love our plasma 42 inch ( granted I...
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    PNY GTS 250 1GB Final Price $73 @ Egg

    the 250 smokes the 8800GT folding... to me that is all that matters.
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    FS: X-fi fatality PCI sound card

    you need to shut one or the other down... condense the FS threads man... before they both get locked :O
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    A few small suggestions for sellers

    exactly. Most replace the price with the SOLD in red so its a pain in the butt when you search pages of stuff
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    FS: 2 x EVGA 260's GTX (192's ) and 2x 250 GTS's

    Okay as per my other FS thread the 2 EVGA 250's are pending... I will put them up again if they dont go though. I am also putting up 2xEVGA 260GTX's ( 192 ) and 2 more 250 GTS's ( they are Galaxy full Cover on the card... Ill post pics of them as I get a chance. -For the 260s I am asking...
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    FS: 2x EVGA 250 GTS's

    I have ran out of time for the most part recently for folding and the rigs are down and have been for a month now. Its time to offload these 2 cards for a great deal. I would like to sell both cards together. I have 2 x EVGA 250GTS's for sale. These are just OEM retail box or cds and...
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    FS : 2 x EVGA 250's GTS's

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    FS : 2 x EVGA 250's GTS's

    Hey guys Im not a regular folder for [H] but i fold for another forum ( if thats okay ) My folding stats can be found here for PcPer ( folding frogs ) user name : watertown28 I dont have the time right now to get em up and...
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    Is acer a good brand?

    yeah I dont need jaw dropping benchmarks and whatnot for it. Just decent color and decent picture. The higher Res helps and i will miss the ubber res from the samsung...its just not dependable enough for my likeing. Ill be sending it again and most likely selling it cheap once it gets back. They...
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    Is acer a good brand?

    I know its more "generic" than anything else, but my samsung which I spent a pretty dime on ( 24 inch HD ) is going back in for more work for the 3rd time in as many months with the same problem. Works fine for about a week then bam it takes a poo on me. SO I am going to best buy today... on...