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    HTPC upgrade

    Anyone have any advice? An i3 seems like it would be overkill, but I'm not sure what direction to start in for finding a good mobo+CPU. Thanks!
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    HTPC upgrade

    I've been putting off my HTPC upgrade for the longest time...mainly because once you get out of following hardware, it seems difficult to get back into it. I feel like I'm coming in completely cold and have no idea where to start. SO, here are the parts I think I need: micro ATX...
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    CSS/HTML - why does height:100% cause vert. scroll bars?

    It was mentioned before, but you should always use a doctype. Not using one forces browsers to render in quirks mode:
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    Your Favorite Souce Code Editor

    You've used vim and you're looking for something more powerful? Are you sure you used the right vim? You can do almost anything in it, it just takes a bit of learning. Notepad++ is my universal editor, though. Haven't been heavy in the unix world for a bit so have gotten away from vim.
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    An app that records/plays program installs?

    I would say your best bet is some sort of imaging software. I've used Acronis True Image in the past and it's worked quite well for me.
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    Upgrading HTPC

    Just a quick follow-up: Got a 5570 and PowerDVD 10 and all is playing very well now. Thanks for all the help, much appreciated.
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    Upgrading HTPC

    No luck with that guide. I thought using PowerDVD 8 was a long shot but I figured I'd try it since it came with the drive. At this point, would getting a later version of PowerDVD do anything? Or is upgrading to a HD 5550 or 5570 the best route?
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    Upgrading HTPC

    I'm using PowerDVD 8 as it came with the BR player. Does that make a difference?
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    Upgrading HTPC

    Hello all, I've got a current HTPC box with the following: Motherboard: GA-MA78GM-S2H AMD 780G CPU: AMD Athlon X2 4850e Memory: 2GB DDR2 800 So here's the deal. I just got a Blu-Ray drive and I put it in this morning and the playback is stuttered. I wasn't real surprised at this. It looks...
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    Need help troubleshooting

    I ended up buying a new PSU and slapped it in the computer and it's working great now. Thanks for all the suggestions and tips.
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    Need help troubleshooting

    Memory seems to be working fine in the HTPC.
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    Need help troubleshooting

    Clearing the CMOS did nothing. I turned it back on and within 5 seconds it restarted. I'll play around with the RAM in the HTPC.
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    Need help troubleshooting

    I'll try clearing the CMOS now. I don't have a readily available PSU, no. No CPU overclocking. It takes about 3-5 seconds to restart.
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    Need help troubleshooting

    My computer (the desktop in my sig) has just started automatically restarting the past day or so. I turn it on, and then without any warning it will just shut off and then process to boot again. I'm stumped as to why this is happening. Here's what I've tried: 1) Disconnecting all but the...
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    I feel like everyone is missing the joke...
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    PC lagging with 1080p video

    So I guess my original question was about if my hardware was good enough to easily handle 1080p...but I don't know if I've received an answer. Are you guys are saying that using a different decoder would free me of my problems?
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    PC lagging with 1080p video

    Ahh, it's been too long since I've been on this forum. I forget simple technical information to provide. Sorry! Anyway I'm playing mostly H.264 videos in the Matroska container. I'm using ffdshow and ac3filter for decoding. I use MediaPortal as my front-end but I tried the same in Media...
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    PC lagging with 1080p video

    I have a media PC with the following specs: GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2H AMD Athlon X2 4850e 2GB RAM The motherboard is supposed to play 1080p out. When I play 1080p, however, sometimes the framerate isn't the best. It's not on all movies and it's not horrible. However, I'm wondering what...
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    PC lagging with 1080p video

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    What exactly makes Windows 7 THAT much better than Vista?

    This. It's really not one huge feature (for me, anyway, though I would say libraries and the HomeGroup stuff are the biggest additions) but rather the culmination of many small fixes and overall usability.
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    How Important is Hard Drive Performance

    I would say 7200 is the norm so to get something more than that would be paying the "premium."
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    PC maintenance routine?

    On my Vista machine: NOD32 scan daily Windows Defender scan daily Defrag weekly CCleaner when I think of it, probably weekly or more
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    my external drive toaster doesnt see 1tb--but sees 80gb

    Ahh sorry, I'm used to the classic menu on Vista. You also go to start and then type "run" as well to get there as well.
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    How do you save Firefox settings for after windows reinstall?

    Joe Average, why do you copy both the folders from both local and roaming? I always copy just one (can't remember which one, not on my computer right now but it's the one with the bookmarkbackups folder) and I always get all my settings and extensions.
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    my external drive toaster doesnt see 1tb--but sees 80gb

    Did you go to disk management? If in Windows go to Start->Run and then "diskmgmt.msc". The driveshould show up there.
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    HTPC question for Media Portal Users

    You just follow me around answering all my questions. :) Thanks for clearing things up.
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    HTPC question for Media Portal Users

    What about 1080p files over wired 802.11n? And also, would a container such as mkv have to be converted on the fly or would it be directly streamed? If it is converted, is it done server-side or on the frontend?
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    Anyone combine two cases with wires hanging out? Edit: Beat. :(
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    WHS or Server 2003 or Server 2008

    I'm also currently looking at the differences for a file server I'm building. What does Server 2008 have over WHS? I already have a copy of Server 2008, but not WHS.
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    Who will actually upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista?

    I will. It fixes a lot of the Vista problems and quirks that were annoying plus has some nice new features that make overall use much better.
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    TechSmith SnagIt 7.2.5 Free Download

    Good software, I still use it for video capture when needed. I'm using a newer version though.
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    It's official - Windows 7 in October

    I didn't know there was an official date out. I'm glad to hear it! I've been using Windows 7 a bit recently (hadn't until now) and I'm really liking it. I should be able to get it through MSDN (score!) but if not I plan on buying it.
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    my external drive toaster doesnt see 1tb--but sees 80gb

    If you haven't used the drive yet at all it's probably not formatted and is just unpartitioned space. As said stick it in a computer and go to disk management to format if need be.
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    New To RAID

    Thanks for the informative replies. a) I'm still confused how you would implement--or set up--the array with something like a true hardware controller. On a new system, would I boot to some sort of BIOS for the controller and then manage the drives and build the array and then load my OS on...
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    New To RAID

    I'm looking to build a file server this summer and I want to have a RAID setup. This box will basically just be used as a centralized location in my home network to store all my data...and I want redundancy. Most of my data is movie files which I will want to share to my other computers. It's...
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    Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard - $35 shipped via Newegg

    Promo code no longer works.
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    Software to highlight differences in txt files

    I use Notepad++ for a lot of text editing and there is a pretty good file comparer in it.
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    Youtube HD + Firefox3 = choppy yet smooth in IE

    I'm getting the same problem on Vista x64 with the latest Firefox. It works on my other computer, though (latest Firefox on Vista x32). I dunno what's up.
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    Dumb Vista Question

    I know. Home Premium wasn't available for $20, though. :) I tried it, yeah. I thought it was worthless. Just more resources being used than I needed.