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    Considering "upgrading" to Win10

    Meh - OP - do what real men do. Install all the operating systems and dual/triple boot them. Win 7 is and always has been fine. Some spyware is sneaking its way in so it's not far from 10 these days. Also the OS will eventually go out of support. But it'll work fine for a while. Win10 is a...
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    Upcoming Chromium Update Could Make Ad Blockers Less Effective

    So the trifecta would be those two + noscript? Or are you all letting the scripts through?
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    Jensun Huang Comments on the Viability of Streaming Games

    The day video gaming goes streaming only is the day I stop playing video games. They’ll try it - but it’s not going to take off.
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    Album Sales Are Dying as Fast as Streaming Services Are Rising

    Audiophiles still buy physical media, and it's oftentimes cheaper than digital. But unless you have nice equipment to enjoy high quality music on - there's really no point to purchasing physical media anymore.
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    Linux Distro Suggestions

    I'm far from a Linux expert - but I've played around with a lot of distros since 1994. If you're looking for a daily driver that just works - linux mint is the way to go IMO. I suppose Ubuntu is just as good but I'm not a fan of the interface. Mint just gets 'er done. If you're looking for...
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    I5-3570k upgrade finally?

    I dunno. I have the exact same cpu. I'm not convinced there's enough of a bump to justify a major upgrade. Still plays games just fine IMO. Kind of wish I could rip and convert blu rays and cds faster but... I guess I'm waiting for someone to impress me with something other than "here's a...
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    Computer Pioneer and Entrepreneur Bill Godbout Has Died in the California Wildfires

    Having lived through a few CA wildfires - I'll say sure, go ahead and kick the environmentalists in the nutz, but I don't think it'll make much difference. It rains in the winter, and when it does - there's this explosion of green. It's all scrub brushes between 2 and 10 feet tall. Then the...
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    Facebook Fined 500,000 Pounds for Cambridge Analytica Scandal

    This fine would hurt a small to mid sized company of 100-200 people, and even then, they’d be ok. Just have a bad financial year. This does nothing for Facebook. One or two directors salaries - just get rid of a couple of deadbeats and they are even.
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    Windows 10 Tuesday Patch is Crashing HP Computers

    OR It IS the answer. Make computers hard and the domain of nerds again. Put everyone else on tablets for their twitfacechat.
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    Microsoft Says They Can Recover Files Deleted by Windows 10 October 2018 Update

    Reason #1001 why I defer all updates for win10 for a very long time. The quality control on these just isn't there...
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    Facebook Uses 2FA Phone Numbers for Targeted Ads

    Because some people can't resist the urge to step on top of the soapbox and start blabbing nonsense. Other people like stalking other people online, and\or people watching those people soapboxing. So you're either crazy and love facebook, or you're completely normal and love facebook because...
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    Kodi Cryptomining Malware is Going Around

    I used Kodi legitimately as a front end for my htpc - not for pirating. It works. But eventually, it was easier to get a Bluetooth keyboard with an integrated trackpad, ditch the remote, and just use windows/VLC to watch my movies. Kodi never gets used anymore. A neighbor is a big pirater...
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    Sony Addresses PlayStation 4 Cross-Play Controversy

    Again, people aren’t upset about the lack of crossplay. They are upset with Sony and Epic commandeering accounts simply by linking to ps+. When diabloiii comes out on switch, am I going to need to create a new bnet account because I linked my PS4 diabloiii game to my decades old bnet account?
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    Netflix Will Now Interrupt Series Binges with Video Ads for Its Other Series

    Here’s the thing - you don’t need to resort to piracy to avoid ads. You only have to accept one thing - not watching things live, and waiting 3-6 months. Ripping DVDs and blu rays of tv shows couldn’t be easier these days, and you’re PAYING for the content via things like Netflix DVD. You can...
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    DRAM Revenue to Eclipse the $100 Billion Mark Due to Continued Parts Shortages

    Or we could all speak with our wallets like I am currently. No need to upgrade my pc with overpriced ram and video cards, and underwhelming intel chips with security flaws... I’ll wait tyvm - but most wont, and that’s why prices are high...
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    Why Are PCs Sales Growing While Mac Sales Are Crashing?

    Having a new ipad pro (work supplied), I can speak to it's ability to become a laptop replacement. (I used it exclusively for a few weeks to set myself up for travel without taking my laptop) There's a few things Apple needs to fix and I think the ipad pros actually could be a laptop...
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    These Are the Websites Your Clean-Install Windows PC Connects to by Itself

    I think it’s crazy that it connects to facebook, twitter, and candy crush saga right out of the gate? Why? For what possible purpose? The only thing it does is make everyone question the legitimacy of it all.
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    Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter Team up for Data Transfer Project

    Great... So instead of using the same password on every site, we'll just make 99% of the world use both the same account name and password instead. Then when the data gets hacked, the thieves can access 4 times as much data at a time! :confused:
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    Prime Day 2018 Fuels Amazon Sales to 100 million Products in 36 Hours

    We buy tons of stuff from Amazon throughout the year, and get value out of prime. Convenience being the largest driver. However, prime day sales always seems to be piles of junk - reminds me of going to a dollar store, except online :) Wife and I tend to only purchase the things we need...
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    Judge Jails Defendant for Failing to Unlock Phones

    1) I never understood why criminals were so stupid to have ANYTHING on their phones in the first place. If I were to do something illegal, the last thing I’d take with me was my phone. 2) You’d think if you HAD stuff on your phone - and you got pulled over, you’d hit the “erase all content and...
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    DOA6 Features Smaller Boobs So the Women “Appear More Human,” Says Director

    As a fan of fighting games - DOA strikes me as more than a decent fighter, it’s a good one. Echoing earlier statements, the countering system adds depth to this game and it can be pretty technical. The T&A, as well as the ridiculousness of the male characters (lol at Zack’s teletubby outfit)...
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    NPD Predicts Switch Will Be 2018's Best-Selling Console

    That would be the COOLEST thing I've ever seen :)
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    Medium Says You're Using Your Mouse Wrong

    Isn’t it nice to meet people that make you feel better about yourself? No matter how hard you f^&#ed up today, you’re still doing better at the game of life than this guy is (y)
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    Google's Dirty Gmail Secret

    This is great, thank you. I've often toyed around with using my NAS to host my own email server, but that's more scratching my tinkering itch, as opposed to me taking it as a serious consideration. I want gmail convenience and stability, but without the google creeping. Thanks!
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    Tabletop Tablets Are Putting Waiters’ Jobs at Risk

    I hate using the tablets to the point where I boycott restaurants that use them. 1) The tablets are always filthy 2) It says a lot about the establishment, how it treats it's workers, and that they're more interested in making a buck than serving good food at a place with good atmosphere. 3)...
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    Nintendo And Microsoft Are Rubbing Sony's Face In It

    Also one more point - actually in defense of Sony. I don’t understand why people aren’t pissed at Epic as well. They have a part in this and are allowing it to happen. They could have put out a notice “hey - we’re doing deals with Sony, here’s the restrictions that will be put on your account...
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    Nintendo And Microsoft Are Rubbing Sony's Face In It

    You should have a problem with it because they never told you they were commandeering that particular account when you linked them. If they simply allowed you to unlink the account from PSN, and even take away all PSN goodies - the problem would be solved. The drama isn’t about crossplay -...
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    Link your Epic Games account to your PSN account? You're now locked out of every other platform.

    What worries me most about this is the “after the fact” commandeering of my account. What’s next? My blizzard account because I linked it when I played D3 on PS4? Forget ever playing another blizzard game on another console? EA? Screw EA but I know I’ve logged into that account once for...
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    Dead or Alive 6 Announced, Characters to Be “Less Sexualized”

    To quote a co worker "I'll believe it when I see it." There will be booty costumes for sure. Too much $ to be made on sexy swimsuits... They are just trying to avoid the SJW.
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    How to check router security?

    For those still running a commercial router like myself (Netgear WNDR4500), how do you go about testing your security? Are there trustworthy online tools that can probe my setup? I always keep up to date on firmware - but you know how that goes. How can you be sure your router is still being...
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    Woman Looking at Apple Watch Found Guilty of Distracted Driving

    Two pages of media circus and people still fall for it. I love how the media twists every story for ratings & clicks. She was distracted, while driving. Enough to make a cop notice her distracted behavior. Therefore - distracted driving - and a ticket. The fact that she was playing with a...
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    Solving Problems that Don't Need to be Solved

    The thing is California seems to have a lot of vain people and their vehicles are important social status symbols. (yes I’m generalizing - shoot me). I bet this will have high adoption because then they won’t have to attach the ugly white plates on the sports car.
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    New iPhone Leak “Confirms” Apple’s Radical Design

    I'm still trying to figure out why I'd upgrade from my 6S+ to anything. Phones in general have hit that point where there's no new features, you just replace them once you drop it and break it ;)
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    So has most everyone moved to Win 10 now?

    Moved to win 10 early-ish to claim the free keys. Was pretty clunky to start - it's much better now. Still not loving Microsoft's move toward forced data collection, and the update thing is super annoying (yes it's deferred, but it still interrupts my gaming session with a big blue "you have...
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    Riot Regrets “Unnecessarily Sexualized” Design of League of Legends Character

    It's too bad I don't have the skills to create my own game. Every. Single. Time. I would hear a complaint - I'd make it WORSE (bigger breasts, more revealing, etc.) And then I'd release an apology something along the lines of "sorry we offended, we've corrected the problem, thanks for your...
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    Riot Regrets “Unnecessarily Sexualized” Design of League of Legends Character

    I dunno, the SJW thing isn't so bad. Does anyone know a SJW IRL, especially one they don't particularly like? I tell you, it's kind of fun pushing their buttons. None of it matters, they get bent out of shape for weeks, and you get entertainment for the evening. Just sayin... ;)
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    UEFI BIOS Updates For Spectre

    It's so annoying that asus isn't updating their boards. /sigh
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    Was John Carmack a really good programmer or...

    While Tipping Point was a good book - I think you meant Outliers. Great read and a good recommendation. TLDR "I don't want to read a book" version. People can have great talent, but to be exceptionally famous/rich/successful/whatever, you need to 1) put in a LOT of time (10,000 hr rule) and...
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    CD's and Vinyl Outselling Digital Downloads for the First Time Since 2011

    Vinyl sucks. CDs rock. Never left CDs. Stream on Spotify, once I find something I like, I buy the CD and rip it to FLAC files. Works like a champ.