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  1. ThreeDee

    Ubiquiti equipment

    spectrum/charter here with 400/20 .. ''They" say that I don't need any faster upload and even suggested without outright saying it that only people that do illegal stuff would "need" any faster upload speed .. :confused:
  2. ThreeDee

    Ubiquiti equipment

    I use the Edgerouter ER-X-SFP w/ 4 x UAP's and run UniFi Controller in a jail on my FreeNAS box .. been a good simple setup for my home for a while now.
  3. ThreeDee

    If you buy a cheap CD Key...

    so you really have never bought illegal drugs then? o_O
  4. ThreeDee

    If you buy a cheap CD Key...

    did you consume them or resell them?
  5. ThreeDee

    Help with Windows 7 problems on two SSDs

    What program opens fine? Is problem one a laptop? it getting hot and shutting itself off? Some gaps in your description of 1) Problem 1. The newer versions of spybot blow chunks .. I use to use the older 1.6.2 version for running occasional scans. Looks like the program hosed your setup
  6. ThreeDee

    Windows 7 on old laptop used to get Windows 10 on new build?

    Ditto .. used from different vendors as well .. Dell, HP, Acer ..etc
  7. ThreeDee

    Upgrading system. How to transfer current Win 10 Pro key to it?

    awhile ago I ran into this and I logged into my account online and did something there .. maybe remove old PC if it's showing and see if your new setup is listed .. ? It's been awhile like I said, but I farted around in my account and got it straightened out .. if nothing else, you might have...
  8. ThreeDee

    If you buy a cheap CD Key...

    ... you wouldn't download a care would you? anyhoo ... technicalities aside ... the keys worked and they are still working. :) ..kind of the same premise as reselling a DVD .. or games .. or sticking to the car analogy .. reselling a car. Ford, Chevy and all these other car manufacturers...
  9. ThreeDee

    New rumors : MS trying to push Windows 365 in 2020 to replace owned Windows 10 long as it was included in my free Gamepass subscription ..then I'm all in :)
  10. ThreeDee

    If you buy a cheap CD Key...

    I've gotten ..oh.. I lost count how many of these "cheap" keys I've gotten here and purchased a "cheap" Office 365 key on ebay .. haven't had issues with any of them. Bought a lot of OEM 7 keys from destroyed Dell/HP ..etc machines to do fresh Win 10 installs with .. no issues there either.
  11. ThreeDee

    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    Nvidia FX 5900 Ultra .. was all giddie to get this card only to have to severely underclock it to get to not crash at desktop let alone trying to play games... returned it and I don't remember what I got instead
  12. ThreeDee

    WTB: AMD 3400g CPU and cooler

    great chip .. I run one in my wife's setup pushing 3 monitors and 4 8gb PC3200 non QVL memory. She'll have our security cameras on one, Spectrum TV app or Hulu on another and Chrome with 20 tabs open usually on the other on an ASUS B350 Prime (has VGA,DVI and HDMI out) GL bump
  13. ThreeDee

    *FOUND*FT: X470 Mobo,GTX 1060 3GB,2700x

    Help me to Help my poor deprived daughter!!! :D
  14. ThreeDee

    Looking for upgrade for 970

    ASUS 970 PRO GAMING/AURA AMD AM3+ FX DDR3 Intel Gb Ethernet M.2 USB 3.1 970 ATX Motherboard...?
  15. ThreeDee

    Looking for upgrade for 970

    From an AMD 970 chipset motherboard or ...?
  16. ThreeDee

    *FOUND*FT: X470 Mobo,GTX 1060 3GB,2700x

    thank you bump
  17. ThreeDee

    FS: Ryzen 7 1800X, ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITXac, 16 Gb DDR4 combo

    I have that mobo with a 2700x installed on it in my little girls setup .. it's been a great board
  18. ThreeDee

    [WTB] Your old Ryzen CPU for 50$ Shipped

    I was using the 2200g for my daughter and wife. I was surprised how well it did with Fortnite on my daughter's setup .. and in my wife's rig her 2200g handled 3 monitors like a champ with her ASUS B350 Prime (VGA,DVI & HDMI outputs)
  19. ThreeDee

    *FOUND*FT: X470 Mobo,GTX 1060 3GB,2700x

    Post Gobble Gobble Day Bump
  20. ThreeDee

    *FOUND*FT: X470 Mobo,GTX 1060 3GB,2700x

    I have some items for trade towards upgrading my daughter's mini-ITX setup. Her setup: Ryzen 2700x (FT) ASRock B350 Fatal1ty Gaming ITX/ac Zotac GTX 1060 3gb mini (FT) 2 x 16GB PC3000 DDR4 Looking for: FOUND Ryzen 3600 (or better Matisse) to trade for her 2700x (bare chip) + ASRock X470...
  21. ThreeDee

    FS: AMD r9-3900x

    trade an x3700 & ASUS B-350 Prime mobo w/ I/O shield?
  22. ThreeDee

    FS : AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

  23. ThreeDee

    Crashes during gaming with solid color on screen

    I just glanced through your thread again .. have you tried a different PSU yet? ahh .. looks like you went from an EVGA 850 to a Corsair 750 and still same problems are you using just the stock cables and not cable extensions..etc ..? those errors just say that your computer wasn't shut down...
  24. ThreeDee

    just ordered amd - back after almost 2decades

    I run 3 Ryzen setups and none of my ram is on anybody's QVC list .. the only ram I have issue with runs fine with a 2200g (2 x 16Gb PC3000 I used to run in my old 7700k setup)but I had to dial it back to 2666 when paired with my old 2700x on the same mobo.
  25. ThreeDee

    Best x570 under 300

    Hey now .. I'm 50 and with my years of experience and wisdom ... Disco lights always makes things go faster o_O