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    FS: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X BNIB

    AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Link: Amazon Condition: Brand new in box never opened Price: $725 Shipped Payment: PayPal Heatware: Teecee
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    WTS: Intel i7-8700K BNIB

    Intel i7-8700K LGA1151 Link: Amazon Condition: BNIB never opened Price: $375 shipped Payment: Paypal Pics: HERE and HERE Heatware: Teecee
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    FS: Asus STRIX 1080 GTX

    Asus STRIX-GTX1080-A8G-GAMING 8GB 1080 GTX Link: Amazon Condition: Used. Works great. No original box. Price: $280 Shipped Payment: PayPal or AMAZON GC Pics: HERE Heatware: Teecee
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    FS: Brand New EVGA 1080 Ti SC Black Edition

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition GAMING, 11G-P4-6393-KR $600 Shipped Never been used, still has the plastic seal around the outside of the box. This is NOT a refurbished card. Brand new from Newegg. Newegg link Picture 1 Picture 2 Heatware 52 - 0 - 0 Payment: Google...
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    WTB : Nvidia GPUs 1070, 1070Ti, 1080, 1080Ti

    I really would prefer them brand new in the box but used might work too if they are not too old. I need them to have at least two fans on them. Please let me know if you have any to sell.
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    WTS Apple Watch 2 42mm Woven Nylon Band USED

    I bought an Apple Watch 2 from a fellow HARDFORUM person a few months ago. I just am not a fan of watches in general so I never wear it anymore. I have all of the original packing material, watch, charger, etc. $275 shipped Pictures: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Heatware: Teecee
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    WTB: 27" 1440p 144hz G-Sync monitor

    The title says it all. Prefer IPS. PM me please.
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    WTS Samsung S7 Edge Verizon

    I upgraded to an LG V20. This phone is unlocked with Verizon. There are no scratches on it, and the phone works perfectly. The phone lived in a case the entire time I used it. I only accept verified PayPal, and it must be from someone that has decent feedback from Heatware. You will receive...
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    WTB : Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air current version

    I am looking for the current model for either a Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air.
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    Water cool EVGA GTX 980TI help

    I just upgraded to a Evga GTX 980 TI. I have a midsize case. I have noticed that the new card is a bit louder than the 970 that I had. I would like to look at some sort of self contained liquid cooling solution for the GPU to help lower the noise coming from the computer. I already am liquid...
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    WTB 2x Ipad mini 3 and 2x Ipad Air

    WTB 2x Ipad mini 3 64GB and 2x Ipad Air 16GB
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    WTS SSD Samsung 840 EVO 1TB BRAND NEW

    I have a few unopen brand new Samsung 840 EVO 1TB that I will sell for $375 shipped. I accept paypal and amazon payments, but prefer paypal. 500 GB sold Below is my heatware.
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    WTB Verizon Galaxy S5

    Subject says it all. Color doesnt matter. Stock OS and clean ESN.
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    FS Verizon Galaxy S4

    $250 I upgraded to the note 3. I have original box, charger, cord, and it comes with a spigen black case. It has no scratches and is in perfect condition. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 I accept paypal. My heatware is Teecee
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    WTB : Gamestop and Amazon Gift Cards

    WTB : Gamestop and Amazon Gift Cards I pay via paypal verified. Heatware
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    WTB Ipad 2

    16 or 32GB. I dont care what color. Wifi only prefered. Paypal only. Heatware
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    WTB Ipad 1 or 2 Wifi only

    Subject says it all. I am actually looking for two of them.
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    Wtb iPod touch latest generation

    New or used. The bigger the better
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    Traveling to South Africa, Power needs

    Hey guys. I am traveling to South Africa in a month and was wondering what power adapters/converters/transformers I might need. I will be bringing my Lenovo T401s laptop and my ipad. I will be staying in Johannesburg. I would like to have power on the plane and power in my hotel. Any...
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    New board for 6xxx series card

    Any suggestions for a new board to get when I order my new 6xxx gfx card? It needs to be intel CPU board. I would like the option to do xfire down the road. It also needs to handle 12-16GB of ram. Budget is not an issue.
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    Nintendo DS for 3 year old

    My son has been using a leap frog gaming system for about a year now and he flies through the games. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a 3 year old and a Nintendo DS? Which version/model of DS? Any suggested games?
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    Aion Vision Movie
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    Virtual cluster help, ESX or Hyper-V

    So I am about to convert to a single Poweredge 2950 with Vsphere to a cluster of three Poweredge 2950s. I will be running around 20-25 VMs. All of these VMs are not being used a bunch but will add load as time goes on. Atleast 1/3 of the VMs are ubuntu installs. So here is the big...
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    WTB CoD 5 WaW for PC

    Subject says it all.
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    Hosted Exchange server

    I have a friend that runs a small business. Currently her email is being hosted by this tiny consultant firm that is using some extremely old linux based email system. She just got a blackberry and is having a crazy time trying to get emails to sync with her BB and her server. We have tried...
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    Need a board for linux, 45nm, intel

    I am looking for a board that will be used with linux as a backup server. I want it to have a 45nm quad core and 4-8gb of ram and to be very stable. Built in video would be cool too but I dont mind buying an external video card either.
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    New build with large budget

    I am in the need of a new backup server so I was thinking of using my current desktop parts to build the backup server and buy new parts for my main desktop. My current desktop is listed in my sig. Budget is really not a concern. So what I was thinking was getting a Q9550, Asus Rampage...
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    How do you backup your 2003 servers???

    I have a question for you IT guys out there that manage several servers. Do you guys backup the entire server or just the important stuff on the server like SQL or something? The reason I ask is, lets say there is a crash and you need to do the restore. Wouldn't it be just as fast or faster...
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    Server 2008 upgrades

    I was wondering if anyone has started to upgrade their 2003 servers to 2008? I have about 30 servers and 20 of them are win 2003 server. Any feedback on this?
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    Where to start? New to this

    I have several computers at my beck and call. I have 10-20 Dell Poweredge 2650-2850s with Xeons, some dual core, some dual CPU, and several quad core desktops. Most of these machines run Windows XP/Vista/2003. I would like to start folding because these servers are idling most of the time. I...
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    Web site logging question

    I have a friend who runs his own business and wants to monitor/log where some of his employees go on the internet. Most of them set their internet history to delete every day or manually go in and deletes them. I was thinking of putting in a untangle/smoothwall box in there to provide some web...
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    How to disable changes to IE history???

    I would like to manually set the IE history to log everything for 30 days and then disable the ability to change this feature via IE. Maybe it is greyed out to the user or something. I cannot take away admin rights to the users but they keep changing the IE history settings to zero and I want...
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    Cannot install IEEE 1394 Card in DS3L

    I have a gigabyte DS3L. I get an error message saying "The data is invalid" everytie I try to install a firewire card. I have tried all three pci slots, two different cards, and verified the cards work on another machine. This XP install is less than a month old and I have tried the registry...
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    Reason to keep NAS and WHS?

    I was reading about Windows Home Server and it looks very cool. It offers tons of features besides just file backups. I currently have an infrant NV+ Nas box full of 500gb drives. I was wondering if there is a reason to keep this box if I installed WHS? I mean right now I use the NAS for...
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    Which X38 board?

    Q6600 8800GTX 4GB Corsair Dominator 8500 I am assuming that the X38 chipset is a bit better than the P35 chipset. ASUS P5E LGA 775 Intel X38 GIGABYTE GA-X38-DQ6 LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA LGA 775 Intel X38 ABIT IX38 Quad GT LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX
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    680i has killed 3 sets of dominator ram

    I have a 680i at home and at work. I run the Corsair Dominator 8500 ram. Each system has 4 x 1GB of that ram. My system at home now has 1 stick in each pair that will not pass memtest86+ and my work system has 1 stick that just gives me a loud beeping noise, no matter which slot it is in...
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    3 Video card/2 monitor setup with SLI

    I currently have two 8800GTX in SLI and a cheap ATI X1500 PCI card. The ATI card stutters when dispalying anything at 2560x1600 so I was wanting to get an Asus Striker Extreme which has three PCIe slots. I was wondering if anyone has used this board with two nvidia cards in SLI and a third...
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    Automatic backup software for mac

    I need a tool that will automatically backup data on a mac. I will probably have two macs some how connected to an external hdd. I would like to backup the files on the Mac to the external drive at a certain time everyday. Then I would also like to setup some sort of online automatic backup...
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    Router for mostly Mac Setup?

    I need to setup a network for a friend that is buying a Mac Pro and a Mac Book Pro. The MBP will be wireless and the MB will be wired. I have messed with Airport Exteremes a bit but was wondering is their any advantages of using an airport extreme over a linksys router or something like that...
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    New HTPC build, suggestions?

    Case = Antec New Solution NSK2480 MB = ASUS M2A-VM HDMI AM2 AMD 690G CPU = AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Windsor 3.0GHz Socket AM2 Memory = 2 GB DDR2 800 HDD = 750gb SATA plus my 2TB NAS Video = 8800GT OS = Vista Ultimate Sound = Onboard????? Should I get an X-fi? Receiver = Denon 3808CI...