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  1. UnrulyCactus

    What would be a good video card upgrade for my Computer?

    If you can find a decent deal on an RX 570 or 580, I'd say go for it because you're overdue for a monitor upgrade and the vast majority of affordable monitors have Freesync which is brilliant for gaming. Gsync is great, but their monitors are far rarer and considerably more expensive.
  2. UnrulyCactus

    I like cheese.

    I like cheese.
  3. UnrulyCactus

    No Elder Scrolls 6 to protect ESO and Skyrim success

    To each their own. Myself and many of my friends happily sunk hundreds of hours into Morrowind and the accompanying mods. As J3RK mentioned, it was quite an accomplishment just to make a world so vast. It was definitely ahead of it's time.
  4. UnrulyCactus

    Car seat as a chair / Audi A8 Seat

    I've never sat in a DXRacer, but I was under the impression that they are high quality seats. What are your gripes about it?
  5. UnrulyCactus

    Car seat as a chair / Audi A8 Seat

    Wow, this is fantastic! Great seat. I have to do something similar.
  6. UnrulyCactus

    Comedy Night

    After a bit of reading, it seems like quite an interesting concept but some of the reviews say it turns into utter chaos. Might have to watch some livestreams and see for myself.
  7. UnrulyCactus

    No Elder Scrolls 6 to protect ESO and Skyrim success

    Did you play Morrowind? I think that one definitely earned it acclaim.
  8. UnrulyCactus

    Question about 2'nd card for Physics.

    I have a feeling if that were an option, he would! The 1070 isn't exactly chump change.
  9. UnrulyCactus

    AMD Threadripper Cooling Update

    At first I was wondering what all the painters tape was for. Now I feel a bit stupid for not using that in the past. I've spent far more time and money on re-polishing blocks because I didn't protect them properly when something so inexpensive would have done the trick. Doh!
  10. UnrulyCactus

    Block Lapping

    Looks pretty good. Tell us about your process! Did you use a specific step of abrasives? Did you put the block in a fixed position or the abrasive in a fixed position? I love hearing how other people approach these as I have my own way. I'll say this, I ALWAYS finish up my block lapping with a...
  11. UnrulyCactus

    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    Wow. It's been sooo long since I've even used a CRT. Is it just me or do they look fantastic?
  12. UnrulyCactus

    Quiet video card

    How quiet does it REALLY need to be? If you're willing to shell out the cash, check out one of those Calyos cases with the integrated heatpipe cooling. It literally has NO fans. NO pumps. If you use a passive PSU, the only thing you'll hear is coilwhine.
  13. UnrulyCactus

    Samsung UN43KU7500 43" Curved 4K - $449 - BACK ONE DAY ONLY on 5/13

    If it's 4:4:4 does that mean it's 10-bit? Bummed it doesn't mention having HDR. I have a humongous desk and I've been using a 43" LG 4K monitor to game on. I've been wanting to switch to a 43" curved setup but I have grown attached to the HDR for movies and PS4.
  14. UnrulyCactus

    Cheap kids / grandma / NAS PC - C2D E8400 $38 shipped

    Sounds like a great computer to throw in my MAME arcade cabinet. Have to admit I've always had a soft spot for the E8x00 Core2Duos. Lots of great overclocking memories.
  15. UnrulyCactus

    Under the Desk Headphone Stand

    I've looked at those, but I've always worried about my knees knocking into the headphones. I have a wall adjacent to the left of my desk, so I used this. Couldn't be happier...