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    FS: Matrox AGP cards

    Wow, the G400 Max was a beast in the day. Bump mapping! Multi display out! Brings back memories for sure. I remember replacing it with a Voodoo 5 5500. I am half tempted to buy it for nostalgia sake. Could be fun to build a gaming computer circa 2000...
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    Unmanned Aircraft Banned In National Parks

    While the DOI/NPS may not be able to enforce the airspace they sure as heck can control landing and takeoffs.
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    Unmanned Aircraft Banned In National Parks

    People need to educate themselves before flying these things.
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    What am I missing?

    I recently ended my contract with at&it after 10+ years as a customer. After purchasing a nexus 5 i gave AT&T the opportunity to keep me as a customer and the best they could do is $125 for unlimited text, cell 2 cell, 700 mins to landlines and 3 gigs of data. Well, straight talk has...
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    A Picture I took - 2013

    First time I've had something published (that I know of).
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    Tech Gone Wrong Story of the Day

    Was I the only one waiting for something to go wrong? like for him to catch on fire or scream in pain because something bad happened?
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    Nikon D90 - still worth it?

    If you have old lenses that require an in body motor to focus go with D90. Otherwise, D90 = D5000 (same sensor). I recently went from a d5000 to a d5100 and the image quality is noticeably better. Cheers!
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    Microsoft's Future Vision: Live, Work, Play

    Probably going to look more like this...
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    Google #2 Company In The World To Work For

    I work for the number one government agency :)
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    Terminator-Like Carbon Fiber Prosthetic Arm

    put one on a quadcopter and you got yourself an early version of the terminator
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    Pi In The Sky

    Why not just use Laser Jets?
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    San Diego Schools Purchase 26,000 iPads

    My kiddos enjoy my iPad and it has some pretty decent edjewmakaytchon apps.
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    Next iDevices Will Have Smaller Connector

    I want a magnetic connector... The only problems I ever seem to have with devices is something wrong with a stupid connector.
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    Bullied Bus Monitor Gets Last Laugh

    The kids and their parents should be punished.
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    Transferring Data Through Your Bones

    dude looks like he has not slept in weeks...
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    The Internet Is Ruining Your Brain

    Let me google the proper response for this thread... one sec.
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    Microsoft's See-Through 3D Desktop

    She is very girl-next-door. The accent sets it off though.
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    We Are All Going To Die!!!

    Lets see what happens when it gets hit by a car.
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    Zuckerberg's 2011 Personal Income Tax Bill: $1.5 Billion

    I wish I had that kind of tax bill to deal with.
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    Official [H] Star Wars:The Old Republic Thread

    Well, I was playing before the game launched. I made it up to around lvl 27-28 and got bored of it. I just canceled my subscription. Cool game and all but I am just too busy to play games anymore.
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    World's Smallest Memory Bit Stores Data Using Just 12 Atoms

    I would expect major shrinkage at -450
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    New Android App Identifies SOPA-Backing Companies

    Lets just make a different internet and keep the gubment out.
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    AT&T Galaxy S2 Otterbox & Screen Protector BNIB

    Trying to get an ex-wife bump.
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    AT&T Galaxy S2 Otterbox & Screen Protector BNIB

    AT&T Galaxy S2 Otterbox & Screen Protector BNIB $25 for both I decided not to get the Galaxy S2 so I do not need the items.
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    Grad School Math: Which Degrees Are Worth the Debt

    I am hacking away at a physics degree :) What school do you go to?
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    LCD Makers Settle Price-Fixing Case For $553M

    I bet a big chunk is going to the lawyers.
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    SW:TOR, is there a Free Trial?

    Game is okay... Not sure if it is just me getting older but i am finding it difficult to play it nonstop like I did WoW 7 years ago.
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    Facebook, Greenpeace in Truce Over Data Centers

    Coal is pretty clean in the grand scheme of things.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Would like to have another 570 and try out SLI :D
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    Flying Robots To Build Tower of Doom

    Pretty awesome stuff. Would love to see a swarm of these things with weapons equipped.
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    Corsair 400 Case Mod: "Tribute to SERENITY firefly series"

    Very nice work! I have a 400R and love it.
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    Game of the Year 2011

    I would vote for battlefield 3.
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    A New Capital of Call Centers

    Women from the Philippines make great juicy girls.
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    Hard Gaming Origin ID List

    Pappsters I have been playing on the BF3 server.
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    BF3 DVD must stay in player to play?

    I even went as far as copying the DVD content onto a USB 3 flashdrive and it installed hella quick off of that. Only reason i did that is my main gaming rig has no optical drive.
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    Louisiana's No Cash For Second Hand Items Law

    Easy... I did not pay $4,000 for that used car. I simply paid him $4,000 to deliver it to me, the truck only cost a beer.