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  1. jedimasterben

    WTB Corsair SF600 Platinum, HP EX950 2TB

    Hi, looking for the following components to finish out my SFF build. 32GB DDR4-3200 (or higher) C16 (or lower) kit FOUND Corsair SF600 Platinum PSU HP EX950 2TB M.2 SSD Shipping will be to 34972. Can pay via Paypal. Heatware is jedimasterben Thanks! Ben
  2. jedimasterben

    FS: AIOs, 16GBx2 DDR4-3200, x570-E Motherboard

    Is the power supply the gold or platinum version?
  3. jedimasterben

    Crashing Into Fake Cars for Science

    Uhm, in a nutshell, almost nothing except killing other meatbags behind other steering wheels. Computers are far better at driving cars than people.
  4. jedimasterben

    2015 Moto X & Moto G

    Interesting you bump this thread when you did - I pulled mine out of the closet this weekend after finding it in a box. I'm still impressed with the speed, color, and sound from this phone.
  5. jedimasterben

    FS: Asus GTX 1080 FE with Arctic Accelero Xtreme III

    Selling this since it's been sitting in the closet after upgrading to a GTX 1080ti. The card is hard modded to remove power limit, it will reliably boost to about 2062MHz (YMMV, of course) and the cooler keeps it around 50C. heat is jedimasterben $380 shipped Sorry for potato photos. I accept...
  6. jedimasterben

    Zotac AMP Edition GTX 1080 Below MSRP

    Pretty sure a GPU you buy today will play games significantly better than a GPU that you don't have.
  7. jedimasterben

    Corsair HS70 Wireless Headset Review @ [H]

    I'm still using my old USB Corsair HS1 that I got in February 2011. Hope it continues to hold up :)
  8. jedimasterben

    The PC Version of “Doom” Absolutely Wrecks the Competition

    Actually, the Switch itself only consumes about 9w or so maximum when not charging.
  9. jedimasterben

    Nintendo Switch

    Well, I beat Breath of the Wild last night. Finished all of the shrines and found maybe 100ish Korok seeds (yeah, not gonna spend that much more time on them lol). 85 hours since the 13th. Was considering going through it again on Master Mode, but after I learned that enemies start to recover...
  10. jedimasterben

    Nintendo Switch

    Didn't know that. Thank you!
  11. jedimasterben

    Nintendo Switch

    I've never used a screen protector on any phone or device in the past, but I'll consider it for the Switch, though I don't think I'll need a stand. Thank you! Went to grab a Pro controller from Amazon, and saw someone listed one at $30 with a couple bucks for shipping for one 'like new' so...
  12. jedimasterben

    Nintendo Switch The switch (apparently) uses a standard Displayport alternate mode of USB-C, and the dock converts it to HDMI, I guess it just took someone figuring out what it was doing and do it the same way :)
  13. jedimasterben

    Nintendo Switch

    Sounds good, was planning on getting one anyway :) Any other stuff that you guys have found useful? I also figured I'll get a second USB-C to HDMI/USB connector so that I can easily switch between living room/bedroom/etc, along with a USB-C PD power supply that will do 15v/2A.
  14. jedimasterben

    Nintendo Switch

    I bought a Switch from a user here on Hardforum, should be here sometime in the week. I bought Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8, along with the Splatoon green/pink JoyCon set. Also ordering the separate JoyCon charging dock. I already have a few USB type C chargers that do 5v/3A since my...
  15. jedimasterben

    SNES Mini Already Hacked to Play Downloaded Games

    Nintendo is using the exact same layout as they did with the NES. And SNES. Shit kinda got wonky from there, but on the 'standard' controllers for the Wii and Wii U they went back to the same XYBA layout they had before. Technically, it was everyone else that deviated :D
  16. jedimasterben

    Android battery life still sucks

    I have a Moto Z Play. Battery life is in the 24-72 hour range depending on how much I use it and whether or not I'm working, as the buildings I work in are almost faraday cages, so if the phone is constantly searching I'll get about a day out of it.
  17. jedimasterben

    Reverse deal - Sell your $160 RX 470 for $350-$400 now on ebay.

    My MSI Armor 480 4GB sold for $325. I paid $130 for it brand new. Also selling a friend's 290X since he owes me some money, and that will be going towards the 1080ti that I bought that will be here on Tuesday :)
  18. jedimasterben

    Reverse deal - Sell your $160 RX 470 for $350-$400 now on ebay.

    I paid $130 for my MSi Armor 480 4GB. Selling it for $3-400 sounds like a fantastic deal for me.
  19. jedimasterben

    Gutted... Is a 240 rad enough?

    Moving more water doesn't necessarily make the radiator more efficient, but if say some of the rad channels were thinner slightly than others it might help move more into them. But at least it's still super quiet and at least a little better than air :)
  20. jedimasterben

    Gutted... Is a 240 rad enough?

    +1 to that It's almost not even worth it at this point unless your fans on the rad are absolutely silent and the coolers on the CPU and GPU before were noisier.
  21. jedimasterben

    Gutted... Is a 240 rad enough?

    I would imagine that now your CPU would be in the 60s and GPU probably won't change much.
  22. jedimasterben

    Gutted... Is a 240 rad enough?

    What are your temperatures now?
  23. jedimasterben

    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    If that were the case, it probably would have happened six months ago. The individual heatsinks on the VRMs and everything are still attached, that's the first thing I checked. They're attached with adhesive, so there is no going back unfortunately.
  24. jedimasterben

    WTB: GTX 1060 6GB

    My 1080 is failing already (probably too much bend from the giant Arctic Accelero on it) and I need a card for right now while I decide whether to get another 1080 or step up to a TI. I don't care too much about model as long as it isn't one of the mini ones. Shipping is to 34972. heat is...
  25. jedimasterben

    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    My 1080 FE has started giving some weird artifacting on the desktop and will no longer game, anything 3D crashes when I try to launch it. No warranty since I put a different cooler on it :( But instead of paying $500 for another one, I might as well go ahead and go up to a 1080ti. Gotta look...
  26. jedimasterben

    WTB: Cheapest Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard

    They're just a generic Chinese knockoff blue switch. I can't feel the difference in typing on these than legit Cherries, and I actually like them better than the Cherry clears I have in my WASD Code.
  27. jedimasterben

    WTB: Cheapest Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard

    Not sure if you want to buy new, but I have this one as my secondary board for living room streaming and it is awesome for $40, and is backlit.
  28. jedimasterben

    $1 USB-C (male) to Micro USB Adapter (female)

    It has to have a 56k resistor in or you can damage the device, the USB port on your charger/computer/etc, or both.
  29. jedimasterben

    HP DV7160us Video Driver for Win 7 Home 32-bit

    A Pentium 4? Jesus, that's old as shit lol. Run a program like Speccy to find out what northbridge it has as back then it was not built into the CPU.
  30. jedimasterben

    HP DV7160us Video Driver for Win 7 Home 32-bit

    Does this model have switchable graphics? If not, what processor does it have? Download the drivers direct from Intel or Nvidia.
  31. jedimasterben

    FS: Xeon 10 core v3, water cooling fittings and block, H97 ITX combo

    No, sorry, I've never actually done any distributed computing. It is ten physical cores at 3.1GHz, so should be pretty snappy - maybe compare it to a similarly clocked 8 core, 16 thread?
  32. jedimasterben

    Going 4K - should I double up my 970gtx in SLI or go 1080?

    As someone with a 1080 and a 4K monitor, I can say that one 1080 isn't enough unless you sacrifice a decent amount of image quality.
  33. jedimasterben

    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    03:46.76 on a dual core i7-6500U.
  34. jedimasterben

    Apple Is Dropping Its Battery Life Estimate On Macs

    So far I have upgraded around 280 laptops from Windows 7 to 10 RS1. On almost every one that still has a working battery, battery life has actually increased. Not significantly, but when even school teachers notice it, it's there.
  35. jedimasterben

    Going from 16gig to 32gig DDR4

    Typically, yes, but realistically you'll see no real world difference between slower speed and higher speed RAM, so I wouldn't stress over getting any of the 'fastest'.
  36. jedimasterben

    Can I have someone sticky a thread?

    There are some sticky threads in GenMay.
  37. jedimasterben

    New Star Wars Rogue One Trailer

    That one is the same quality without the watermark.
  38. jedimasterben

    windows 10 hybrid physx

    people still keep bumping this thread? why?