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    Steam Tax Coming to Ten Countries and More on the Way

    Except it has nothing to do with socialism. Sales tax is almost 10% in a lot of places in Tennessee and they're about as far from socialism as you can get.
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    How Many Frames Per Second Can The Human Eye Really See?

    Back when I had a CRT I had to set it to 85hz or the flickering gave me headaches when I tried to do any work on it. With LCD's things have been different and 60hz has been fine. I bought a new 144hz display a while back and haven't noticed too much of a difference. Games appear smoother for...
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    3D and Curved Screen TVs Fade Away

    Has anyone used a curved screen as a PC monitor? When I first saw them I thought that might be the only useful application. Perhaps an ultrawide that curved around to fill your periphery. As a TV I'd agree they are just a gimmick. I checked out a Samsung curved TV at Best Buy and then bought a...
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    Don't Forget to Say "You're Welcome"

    Linux people have been saying that since the damn 90's. I'm still waiting....
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    Who's planning to buy Zen?

    I figured people with Sandy/Ivy setups would consider it just for the new platform with all the new bells and whistles like m.2 and updated USB and such. Ryzen will probably offer some performance increases on those chips but also provide access to the new toys. 8c/16t sounds good, yes, but...
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    Who's planning to buy Zen?

    Only a fool wouldn't consider all options when upgrading their system. You say "close to Intel" and "priced attractively." From whats been shown so far, if you have an i7 from the last 4 years Ryzen isn't going to get you anything and AMD hasn't been saying much in terms of pricing. AMD is...
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    Who's planning to buy Zen?

    I won't personally be buying one because I have no need. I don't expect it to be anything earth shattering I just want it to perform well enough that Intel has to take a long hard look at their current product stack and adjust some of their prices. Intel has had the game to itself for years and...
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    Razer Built A Laptop With Three 4K Screens

    Be sure to come back and tell us how long it takes the doctors to get that triple-screen laptop out of your rear end. :D
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    I built an AMD based rig recently because I got the chip for free. I can't really understand those that build AMD machines without getting some of the parts for free, unless they are on a severely restrictive budget. Maybe Ryzen and Vega will make them relevant again.
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    YouTube Views Are Down Across The Board

    If you'd like to hear my opinion on this just check out my YouTube channel!
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    Bethesda Sending Out Games For Review One Day In Advance

    I don't really think it matters. It'd be nice to see what Dishonored 2 had in it so I could see if it was something I wanted to pick up on release but waiting a few days really doesn't matter that much. People who can't wait a couple days for reviews and gameplay video to get an idea of what...
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    OK been thinking about build a new rig looking at z170 boards and seeing tons of DOA's in reviews

    What CPU's are you currently using? You might be better off just getting new GPU's and holding off on the board and CPU. It seems most i5 and i7 chips 2600k and up do just fine with games at 1080p. You could potentially get new GPU's now for a boost in game play and they get a board and CPU in a...
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    OK been thinking about build a new rig looking at z170 boards and seeing tons of DOA's in reviews

    I've built two PC's on Asus Maximus VIII Hero boards over the last year and they have both been fine. I did have a Maximus VIII Extreme that was a dud though. I'd recommend the Hero but at $230 the Gigabyte boards might give you better value for your money.
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    windows 10 hybrid physx

    Well this thread is over a year old...
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    Looking for board suggestions for 8350 and 9590 CPU's

    Whew, that is a lot of voltage. I will go up to 1.5 to see what I can get from a chip but I try not to leave it there. I try not to go higher than the low 1.4's for prolonged use with my chips. On a side note if someone else is looking for a board I saw the Asus 970 Pro Gaming Aura for $90...
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    eBay Korean Monitor Fail

    Sorry to hear about your problem OP but after 6 months of usage you aren't going to get anything out of eBay or Paypal unless the seller specifically gave you a warranty period in the listing. Even then it's not likely they would help you out. $570 is a pretty expensive lesson in ebay policy...
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    Introducing the ASUS Dual GTX 1050 Ti

    Asus lists a "dual" version of most of their cards on their product page. Seems like they would've come up with a better naming scheme for their 2-fan coolers.
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    RIP Newegg, you weren't good lately anyway

    It's a shame to hear that about Newegg but I honestly haven't used them much lately. The only time I buy anything from Newegg is if it's out of stock on Amazon and last time that was the case it took Newegg so long to ship the item and get it to my house that the item was back in stock on Amazon...
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    PowerColor Red Devil RX480 refuses to clock

    If OC'ing the card is really that important to you then you should sell that card and look for something else. I have two Red Devil's myself and they haven't been great overclockers for me either. I hit 1350 and 1365 on the cards out of the box. I've seen some XFX cards hitting 1400+. If you...
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    SLi is dead?

    Ha, same here. Diamond Monster VooDoo 2's ftw. Honestly though the number of games that have SLi support is getting smaller and smaller. My 1080's might be the last time I go the SLi route. DX12 is putting multi-gpu support on the developers and I'll be interested to see where that goes. At the...
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    Google Will Show Different Search Results To Mobile And Desktop Users In Coming Months

    Bah. This sucks. Microsoft has been pushing Bing down my throat. Maybe it's time I gave it a try.
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    What would get you to switch to linux from windows?

    I didn't see hostility either. You said you played older source 2 games and a few modern titles. What Factum was saying is that the titles most people care about aren't supported and probably never will be. Black Ops, Rainbow Six Siege, The Division, Total War: Warhammer, Fallout, Hitman, Deus...
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    What will I get back from RMA.

    I put my money on a refurb 300 series card if they don't have any refurb 200's laying around. They MIGHT give you a 460 but you're more likely to get a refurb 300 series.
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    Why nvidia won't release dual GPU cards?

    That board was tempered in the fires of hell and will continue to survive anything you can throw at it.
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    VR Ready for $500!

    An FX-4350 and a 4GB RX 470? VR ready my ass...
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    What would get you to switch to linux from windows?

    Some of you take this crap way too seriously. Anyway I figured I'd post what I would need to move from Windows. The number one priority would be game support. There are some games that support Linux but until everything I want to play does have a Linux option I'm sticking with Windows. The...
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    I'm not feeling that at all. Absolution was total crap, but this one is as good as Blood Money. I've spent hours wandering around the levels, listening to the stories, and just trying to find the most creative ways to kill my targets. It's been the most fun I've had in Hitman in years.
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    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 373.06 WHQL Drivers

    The driver notes say FO3, FNV, and Skyrim are still fubar but FNV / TTW launched using FNV4GB.exe seem to be running fine on my machine with these new drivers.
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    What Memory for this AMD build

    I've had great experience with Crucial Ballistix kits as well as Corsair Vengeance kits. Amazon has Corsair Vengeance kits in various speed ranges (DDR3 1600-2400) and in blue, red, or black so they fit cosmetically with your system in the $70-$80 range (2x8GB kits.) The Crucial Ballistix kits...
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    Finally proof NVidia is EVIL!!!

    This does explain a lot. Evil or not I will continue to buy their cards as long as they are magically delicious.
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    AMD, Where Are You?

    Yeah, it was quite a while ago. I just find it interesting how things have switched around since then. After nVidia got so much crap about the 5800 Ultra and the 6800 Ultra (to a lesser degree) they really started talking about efficiency and performance per watt. That experience helped them in...
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    AMD, Where Are You?

    Ah, you're right. I completely forgot about the 850. The X800 XT cards already outperformed the 6800 Ultra and the X850 cards were just kind of a middle finger to nVidia but they did have 2-slot cooling. They were still extremely power efficient though compared to the nvidia cards of the time.
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    AMD, Where Are You?

    The X800 cards were all single slot (even my X800 XT AIW was single slot.) It wasn't until the X1800 series that ATi went Dual slot. They spent the entire 9000 and X800 series of cards ragging on nVidia for their high end cards being hot, loud, and inefficient. Of course it wasn't too long after...
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    AMD, Where Are You?

    Back in those days nVidia started releasing cards that required two slots for the first time because of heat issues and chewed up power. ATi and their fanboys gave them tons of crap for being extremely hot and inefficient. My how times have changed.
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    Dude Turns iPhone 7 Into An iPhone 5

    I loved my iPhone 4. I used that thing for 5 years until finally I couldn't get anymore iOS updates and my apps stopped working. I finally had to break down and get a 6s. :cry:
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    Nintendo Announces Famicom Mini Console For Japan

    Maybe it's because the Nintendo games from the 80's and 90's were actually worth a damn compared to the other consoles? And which other mini-consoles are you referring to? Sony and Microsoft make mini versions of their current consoles but there haven't been a ton of companies making small...
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    Is there someone else who think that nVidia prices are out of control?

    I find it interesting how the 3870 seems to represent AMD's descent into mediocrity as well as corresponding to nVidia's flirtation with absurdity in pricing their high end cards. I don't know if the 3870 should be on there because I honestly don't remember it. It came out, wasn't anything...
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    PowerColor RMA any issues?

    I'm glad to hear everything is going well with the RMA. I recently bought some PowerColor cards for the first time and wasn't sure what to expect from their support (if I ever need it.) I'm happy to hear that people have had good experiences with them. Best of luck with your new card OP.
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    Looking for board suggestions for 8350 and 9590 CPU's

    I've had some issues with my health and that of my close family so I haven't had a chance to play with the machine much. I did manage to get the FX-8350 to 5.2Ghz though it wasn't even close to stable. it would get to the desk top but that's as far as it would go. I managed to get it to run...
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    Is there someone else who think that nVidia prices are out of control?

    I agree that the 480 shouldn't be included in that chart. The charts should show the high end cards for each generation and the 480 does not qualify. What you can see from the charts is that when ATI/AMD released a really nice card (9700 Pro, 9800 XT, x1800XT, 7970) their prices reflected that...