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    Updated thread with sold things.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Asus HD 7970 Direct CU II, it was my first high-end gpu and imo it has the best damn looking cooler (and has not been beaten yet), it also was a beast for overclocking.
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    New Forum Software Feedback

    I juts noticed that I'm not receiving any notifications, even from threads I started or responses to my comments, I have to manually press "watch" in a thread to get notifications.
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    Bump. Prices updated.
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    EK-Ekoolant, expired?

    I've had a bottle of EK-Ekoolant Blood RED for a few years, I bought it on 2014 to change the liquid from a Corsair H-series AIO, I only used a little and then closed the bottle and it has been stored since then. It has a date on top: 02-2013, and it also says: 2 years shelf lifetime. Does it...
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    Seriously Microsoft, WTF?

    They're converting the Windows UI to be more friendly with tablet and touch screen users. They learned about their mistake with W8 and now instead of changing the whole system UI in a single update, they're making little changes here and there with every update (even without announcing them) so...
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    Help me choose a laptop memory According to the service manual (page 12) that is the configuration for 12GB (4Gb + 8GB) ,which is the maximum amount of memory supported.
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    New Forum Software Feedback

    It looks awesome, more simplified and modern style without losing the original essence of [H]. I'm gonna miss avatars, they're part of the history of forums imo.
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    Gskill Ripjaws 2400MHZ 16GB x 2. Good condition, has been installed on the same system since new, no original box, two sticks available (each 16GB). PHOTOS RAM: $65 per stick. Prices are shipped. Paypal. Feel free to ask any question. HEATWARE EBAY
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    They were everywhere, even in desktop. I still have the last 280X I got from them and it developed artifacts after 2 years of use, now it's just sitting in it's box.
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    confirmed: AMD's big Navi launch to disrupt 4K gaming

    AMD marketing can be very tricky, even IF they manage to beat Nvidia or match them, they will have to put a very nice price to be disruptive.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I tried a G502 for a while but it just doesn't fit my hand like I'm used with the MX518. Mine had a lot of wear but I've painted it a few times, also the cable has had some issues but also fixed it a few more times.
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    USB mouse not working

    I couldn't make it work with the Windows switch, I had to install a third party app to control it but I guess that depends on your WiFI/Bt card.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X $164.99 shipped

    Nice deal, I just grabbed one, came with Xbox game pass and a game (BDL3 / OW)
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    OK Deal - Ryzen 5 3600 - $180 - Ends 1/27

    Nice deal, a bit expensive IMO, they can go lower acording to AMD Ryzen pricing history. Amazon usually gives these nice discounts.
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    Bought a Ref 5700xt: Underclock if too loud?

    If you're okay with losing some FPS go for it. You will also have some improvements in temps which is good.
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    USB mouse not working

    It's related to the drivers, I also have a M6400 (QX9300, FX3700M) and I had the same problem last time I reinstalled Windows, USB ports were dead. Tbh I don't remember exactly what I did because I did a lot of "tweaks" until they worked lol, but last thing was to unistall them from device...
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    Best NVMe right now ?

    Samsung 960/970 PRO series are very good, and they have models up to 2TB.
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    Stability and overclocking - what do you consider stable

    At least one hour of Prime95, 20 pases of Lynx and Heaven Benchmark to test CPU, RAM and GPU stability.
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    O365 people, please go vote against MS's planned browser hijack

    Smh Microsoft pushing their search engine Bing to users. I mean it's not bad, but Google's better.
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    Troubleshooting Desktop Failure, Some Moral Support?

    It could be a short in the case -> motherboard, it had happened me a couple of times. I would remove the components from the case and build it somewhere else like over the motherboard box, with minimal components (cpu, 1 ram module, gp, etc).
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    PowerColor R9 280X, when I bought it I had to return it because it had artifacts, and then do it again, and then do it again. 3 times came broken, smh.
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    Linus from Linus Tech to Possibly Retire

    Damn. He sounds like he's gonna break at any time.
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    First Time VR

    The Rift S is a great choice, you will not regret. Have fun!
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    Sticky outer surface of mouse

    I had a similar situation and used alcohol and awesome and rubbed it with one of those yellow and green sponges and it worked out great to remove all the rubber left. Just be careful not to moisten the inside of the mouse.
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    SSD expected lifetime

    I don't think I'll ever write that amount of data lol
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    Which MMO has the best and worst economy?

    Guild Wars 2 definitely, easy to use and everyone has access anytime. The economy in the game avoids people to become rich by farming/selling stuff in the market so it help to maintain things at reasonable prices.
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    Beware of AMD coolers with extra heatpipes: they aren't real AMD products

    It would be interesting to see which performs better.
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    How much RAM you got?

    Been struggling with my 8GB DDR3 since last year but I refuse to buy more DDR3 ram lol, I'm waiting to get a nice offer on a Intel/AMD newer combo then I'll get at least 16GB DDR4.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Mouse - Logitech MX-518 (old version) Keyboard - Logitech G15 I have been thinking about upgrading them for a while but I just don't find a good reason to do it since they're still working like a charm.
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    Project Hexplo [Scratch Build]

    Amazing work man, the front cover looks great.
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    When will I be bottlenecked? (Give me a reason to upgrade my 5820k)

    It's gonna take a while for that CPU to be need to be replaced. It's still pretty capable, but if you really want to upgrade I'd say go for Ryzen 4K series when they come out.
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    I ran Cinebench on all CPUs I could

    That 3900X oc really bumped up the score, nice.
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    4790K @ 4K Bottleneck Issue?

    At bigger resolutions the CPU use doesn't scale but the GPU use does. If you want more FPS you should get a better GPU like a 2080 maybe.