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    Upgrade 7820x to 10900x?

    I'd upgrade the GPU first then see if the new platform improves performance at all in reviews when it comes out.
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    Silent heatsink Opteron 6300 series

    G34 has longer brackets than Socket F/C32 so the coolers for them came with both. I used the Noctua U12 on mine but it looks like it's been discontinued. My old Asus G34 board came with plastic mounting tabs preinstalled but I'm not sure what desktop coolers they worked with.
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    Upgrade of 5930K on Asus Rampage V Extreme - 6900k or 5960x

    While personally I think 5930k OC is still a killer chip and platform, the unlocked Xeons function the same as the X series chips but support registered memory. These are the unlocked ones for X99: 6-core E5-1650 v3 8-core E5-1660 v3 E5-1680 v3 I'd not bother with 1680 personally, too...
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    i9 7980xe to i9 10980xe

    Put it wherever it looks best and makes tube routing easier.
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    i9 7980xe to i9 10980xe

    Yeah looks fine, monoblocks may not work with a delidded CPU though since the height of the IHS is not to intel spec anymore.
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    5960x CPU upgrade to a xeon?

    Well he said he isn't doing overclocking either and the 6950X does 3.4 all core turbo while the 5960X does 3.3. That being said I did look and the 2689 V4 does 3.7 all core turbo and is 10 cores but the price is crazy. The V3 all core turbos are all lower so whether the higher core counts...
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    i9 7980xe to i9 10980xe

    If you're not delidded the monoblock is basically the same as EK's individual blocks, if you want a better block you could get a clear alphacool eisblock xpx for 50 bucks or the optimus foundation for 120 or so if you really want the best (I don't think the signature is worth it). If you want...
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    AMD Threadripper 3990X 64 core CPU reviews are out

    Nick at Asrock was using lrdimms on their X299 refresh board with a regular chip, I guess it depends on the bios at least for X299.
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    i9 7980xe to i9 10980xe

    Even the 10 cores are sketchy on air cooling, if you have one of those or higher you should run a good CLC or custom loop. FF14 is my main game and also has some serious low fps moments sometimes lol. I've never noticed D2 go as low as in their charts though, they must have some weird...
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    5960x CPU upgrade to a xeon?

    The only upgrade worthwhile on X99 is the 6950X which are still absurdly expensive. The 1680 V3 is supposedly a better binned 5960X but besides that everything with more cores is locked.
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    PCIe 8X slot Graphics cards

    EVGA sells some x8 cards. expensive: cheaper:
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    Which would be Better suited

    The sage actually has 50A power stages (ir3556) vs 60A on the apex/extreme (ir3555) so the vrm is actually worse. Source: sage: extreme: The...
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    X299 Motherboard Recommendation for i9-10900X?

    Yep was talking to Monstieur over on evga about it, if you install the VROC driver you can use the drives but it is VROC and not native bifurcation which Asrock supports, Asus does too (on my R6E and R6A) but theirs is called Hyper M.2 data mode or data/only hidden in the CPU storage section...
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    Installing a Xeon dual or quad spec CPU into a single CPU system

    Some of the 4-socket CPUs have a different package so they won't work but the dual and single socket ones are the same so it will work.
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    i9 7980xe to i9 10980xe

    I get around 100-110 fps (I don't pay attention that much but these numbers stick in my mind) in destiny 2 4k fullscreen with hdr with my 7820x at 4.6 and stock FE 1080 ti so I don't think upgrading the cpu is really needed to be honest. If you just want two systems with 18 cores then go for...
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    Threadripper 3990X 64C HEDT Outperforms Dual Xeon Platinum 8280 CPUs Costin $20K

    That sucks, I hate those stupid shitty clips they use on the things. Thanks for the heads up about them. I wonder if the new dells still use the thermal adhesive on the heatsinks.
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    Small ATX case help

    This one is pretty solid for the size though it lacks drive bay and sound dampening like the define I think the Enthoo Pro M is one of the smallest with an optical bay but it's not much if any smaller than a full size define.
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    Need help with getting 5.1 sound from Z906 + Asus Xonar Essence STX

    If I remember correctly you won't get uncompressed surround output from a bluray unless you use HDMI as it lacks HDCP so you'd be stuck to using DD/DTS encoded streams anyway so it shouldn't really make a difference if you use optical or analog unless your DAC is horrible on your receiver.
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    VMware Updates per-CPU Pricing Model

    Wonder how it will apply to the essentials plus kit since that is their entry level "actual vmware" package vs buying separate licenses.
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    Threadripper 3990X 64C HEDT Outperforms Dual Xeon Platinum 8280 CPUs Costin $20K

    At this point I'd take firmware updates over replacing lsi cards because their heatsinks get too hot and melt the spacers so the heatsinks fall off and give raid corruption. After the 4th time we pulled the servers out of the rack and threw them in the garbage. Never use intel branded servers...
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    Running Ping -t to google - getting "general failure" - ideas?

    You could also try this, if IP is totally broken it usually fixes it and may help: It reset the IP and Winsock stacks.
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    Running Ping -t to google - getting "general failure" - ideas?

    Do you get the same result if you ping your router? Also another thing to test is, try pinging your modem (usually Can also login to router and see default gateway on it and try pinging that.
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    xl-atx case recommendations

    Thermaltake Core W100 fits them too but not sure about how nice they are and they are a bit pricey. Never heard of it but just found Anidees Crystal XL fits them too as well as HPTX the old enormous SR-2 format lol.
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    VMware Updates per-CPU Pricing Model

    This is entirely to screw people over that switched to AMD single socket systems from Intel dual or quad socket.
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    Fractal stock fans?

    Thought you had a psu shroud at first but realized it is a fractal PSU lol. Other thing you could try is taking the shroud off the GPU and see if it helps any, yours doesn't look bad but some do restrict airflow a bit.
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    FBI probes use of Israeli firm's spyware

    A lot of companies put backdoors into products, most firewall vendors have been dinged for it in the past like checkpoint and fortinet as examples, no reason to not expect that other vendors do this as well. This has nothing to do with Israel though lol. Israel is just like any other country...
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    Looking for the fastest possible memory within the 200 dollars range

    Not sure how pricing from UK is over to Italy these days but you could get these 8 pack ones, they are pretty solid.
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    AMD vs. Intel Contributions To The Linux Kernel Over The Past Decade HP started the project and architecture and brought on Intel to be the processor development partner. I still have some PARISC and Itanium machines sitting here in my computer room since they are pretty neat machines.
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    AMD vs. Intel Contributions To The Linux Kernel Over The Past Decade

    Itanium wasn't intel's baby, it was from HP.
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    When will I be bottlenecked? (Give me a reason to upgrade my 5820k)

    X99 platform is still competitive, unless you're going for high FPS 1080 or 1440 then I'd just wait and see to be honest.
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    Which would be Better suited

    PCIE stability? what problem are you having? unless you need something in every slot? Sage WS has 3.2 2 and 3.2 1 ports, could get an adapter if you need that usb2 port.
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    HOT? Refurbished Zotac 1080TI $432

    Nice price since it comes with a block, only crap part is the ports are only on the GPU face and top and not on the back which is really bizarre. They also only have 1.
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    Which 280mm would you pick for Ryzen?

    Those are pretty awesome from reviews but they're constantly out of stock lol. I'd go for one of those if I were buying a CLC right now.
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    Asus ROG Strix X299-E Gaming II Review: Adding Polish for 10th Gen Core

    Thing about that one and the prime ones is it's kind of pointless to have those PCH slots under the x16s since they'll most likely be blocked and thus be useless. This is a bit special since they just fixed that going from the Omega to the Encore as well. I guess they just copy-pasted the old...
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Not that it's ever really at a great price but the WD Black 1TB drive is single sided too.
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    X299 Motherboard Recommendation for i9-10900X?

    I like my MSI Creation board so since you didn't seem to be doing heavy OC their cheaper Pro board should be fine I would imagine, I've not used it personally though. without 10G card...
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    just ordered amd - back after almost 2decades

    private seller price gouging
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    which will run hotter under load? 2080 Super FTW3 or 2080ti FE?

    EVGA sells blower cards since they are the best option in some cases.
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    which will run hotter under load? 2080 Super FTW3 or 2080ti FE?

    Really the amount of heat is the same between founders and partners. Partner cards just are better at removing the heat from the components. Like Rvenger said a blower would be better at venting it out of the case if you really are that concerned about it or get a hybrid card. The 2080 Ti...
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    Motherboard choice for [Intel Corei9 9900K] based build

    That board should be fine then running stock. Most pricier boards are geared toward overclocking so the power delivery components are beefed up a lot as well as cooling.