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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    I had a 6850k that runs games at 4k pretty much the same. But now I can stream and play with all of these extra cores on my 3900x. They overclock almost the same as well. I lost 2 fps in timespy switching from intel but obviously get a much better (like double) cpu score. Because of the memory...
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    3900x How do I overclock the cache?

    Heres Aida.
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    3900x How do I overclock the cache?

    That is such good memory. Here's mine with Pcie 4.0 Crystal Disk Mark scores for the Sabrent Rocket. Keeps things pretty fast if I say so myself.
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    3900x How do I overclock the cache?

    Thats some mighty fine memory that samsung B die. I think mine is D.
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    3900x How do I overclock the cache?

    Thanks for all of the info guys. I will just try tightening the timings on the memory for now. Thanks again!
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    3900x How do I overclock the cache?

    Currently I am running at 4400mhz all cores @ 83C max temp. I have cas 16/3400mhz Patriot Viper overclocked to 17-19-19-19-36 1T at 3733mhz.(The articled sweet spot for memory if you have better timings) so I'll take it. Got a watercooled 2080ti black edition running 2115 mhz core and 8000...
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    EVGA 2080 ti Owners-Post your overclocks

    I have the EVGA Black edition $1000 card. I was surprised that the card stays under 60 degrees even under full load so I upped the PL to 112% and maxed voltage to get a +180 core and +1000 memory rock stable OC. It barely goes to 55-59 degrees so my OC varies between 1950 and 2050. I'm very...
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    Microsoft Declares PC Best for VR & AR

    VR for Forza Horizon 4?!?
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    NVIDIA Releases Firmware Update For Displayport 1.3 and 1.4

    I updated to the firmware and now I am having issues with my Oculus connected by a passive hdmi to display port adapter. Is there any way to revert this update? I have the evga FTW 1080. Edit: It now works only with the 1st DP.
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    BCon is BStupid

    Maybe this could work with pedals for sim racing? Does it work like a toggle or with degrees of freedom? I would totally like this for a replacement to a logitechG920 brake. (Stiff as anything!) Other than that, I can't think of any real use for this and the type of gaming I do.
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    UEFI BIOS Updates For Spectre

    I read somewhere that Intel pulled back on Broadwell E as it had issues. The only issue I have is Dual Intelligent processor 5 isn't working. Luckily I'm on a new rebuild so any malware so to speak of hasn't seethed its way into my rig. I think it's crummy if they dont provide Broadwell support...
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    UEFI BIOS Updates For Spectre

    Awesome, I dont know how you guys find these links but I am plenty thrilled you do. Will share post as to bring you more readers! My Asus x99 - A II wasnt listed yet but I'll keep checking. Thx for helping your readers out. :)
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    New Tool Detects If Your PC Is Vulnerable To Meltdown And Spectre

    It would be absolutely Good news once any of these companies figure things out. BTW there are 4 class action suits against Intel and 2 for AMD. Might be a good story. :)
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    New Tool Detects If Your PC Is Vulnerable To Meltdown And Spectre

    Anyone know when Asus will bios update for the X99 branding? I have done the windows update but my pc shows vulnerability with spectre. Is this the issue plaguing the hardware? Am I missing any other update for win 10 and an asus x99 6850k setup? I almost feel naked telling anyone my specs now a...
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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

    Kylo tries psycho force tactics to enslave new jedi chick, instead bows down to her power. This pretty much Ends this portion of saga. Emperor morphs once again into another physical entity. Ender mythology saturates fans to dumbfoundness continuously one more time.
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    Drone Hits Army Helicopter over New York

    I told you all.. You guys don't have control over your services.....
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    US SEC: Hackers May Have Traded Using Stolen Insider Information

    I contracted at the BRO in Boston (SEC), I think this exploit in order to happen, came from within. These truly are sad times. The shittiest component to an exploit, is it seemingly happens the perpetrators never get the punishments truly deserved. Clearances mean what anymore?
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    GeForce 256 Launched this Day in 1999

    Yup I replaced my voodoo banshee for this card. Q3 Arena ( I swear I couldn't even rail until I upgraded nevermind rocket jumping) wing commander, and Unreal championship ran pretty good on it! I think I upgraded for UT2k4, COD what was that allied WWII game called tho darn it? lol! I loved that...
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    Researchers Develop Regenerative Medicine Breakthrough

    This is a great news report, I am sure military "should" support this, all things considering. Imagine, ultra High Speed GI, doing his duty with all of his skill, finally gets the big bad boo boo. Instead of going on the disbaled list, whatever that is stopping him from being all hero is...
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    Forza Motorsport 7 Delivers the Ultimate PC Racing Experience

    My question(s) still remains... VR support? Also, FOV adjusting? And finally, The camera view of just the dash behind the wheel? It's hilarious that when you drive with 900 Degree wheel rotation, the hands/wheel only turn 180 degrees total with the driver seat view. Not very realistic or fully...
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    Bionik Labs' ARKE exoskeleton with Amazon Echo integration

    As far as latency, lol, it might be able to work without wifi/bluetooth would it not? I mean think about it, safety first! I don't know how the thing would sell being voice operated... Not sure if high speed injured military would like this device either..
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    AMD Releases Fury of RX Vega Videos AMD has also tested eight more games and concluded that the AMD Radeon RX Vega is almost as good as the GTX1080. The games that AMD tested are: Ashes of the Singularity, Battlefield 1...
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    Elon Musk Calls Zuckerberg’s Understanding of AI “Limited”

    They had quite the elegant and proprietary learning software to be considered quite well and fast at the time. 10GB of memory.. lol this was in the 90s.
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    Blizzard Promises Overwatch League Players at Least $50,000 Per Year

    With Kraft behind the Boston team, watch what happens with esports! This is great for gaming! lol I wonder how in depth co-ordinaters will coach strategies if it gets that in-depth.
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    HTC says that Vive Sales are on Track in First Year

    Thank you for the tips! I'll read into them shortly.
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    HTC says that Vive Sales are on Track in First Year

    Not to Hijack this thread in any way, but maybe anyone here could save me some research time into a possible scenario I may encounter regarding duplicating the VR display onto a 49" curved 4k display? My issue is this. I have the EVGA FTW 1080. A decent card that OCed well, but now in hindsight...
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    HTC says that Vive Sales are on Track in First Year

    LOL, you sound like you have been engaging with the Rift, is there any specific titles you would say are MUST have? Also too, have you tried Rift with any racing titles? And finally, any must have tools, tweaks or tips for the Rift? (along the lines of lets say, afterburner, or...
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    Wisconsin Company Offers Employees Microchip Implants

    lol, I'm sorry but I completely agree, chipping for privileges, and snacks is something I wouldn't even do to a monkey I am putting into orbit. So, what, now your system admin can deliberate your diet AND access into PC and closets? Give me a break... No Thank you, I'll take my credentials...
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    Rate Your IP

    Got a 0 here at home, for enterprise scanning they ask you check someone in sales in the FAQ. :)
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    Elon Musk Calls Zuckerberg’s Understanding of AI “Limited”

    I think you need to take a trip to Cambridge Massachusetts. These machines were doing just what you have described since the early 90s. The system had a total of 500 billion 32-bit words (≈2...
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    Elon Musk Calls Zuckerberg’s Understanding of AI “Limited”

    Everything you have said totally defines limited AI. Just as a function for you to pick up a pen and write a letter to a friend is a complex set of functions together, with fast compute by the mind to execute, thus is similar to the final challenge of General AI. What do you propose is the...
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    HTC says that Vive Sales are on Track in First Year

    Well, after much deliberation, that's exactly what I did. Should be here by the weekend too. No stores in my area had the deal available or in stock (I live an hour south of Silicon Valley), so I expect this price drop might really be great for getting these devices in peoples hands, and...
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    Wisconsin Company Offers Employees Microchip Implants

    Not good. The intelligence community grows scarier and scarier as we grow, speaking of which it cost $25 to chip my dog last summer. This...
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    Elon Musk Calls Zuckerberg’s Understanding of AI “Limited”

    AI can be many planes of thought. Think of how much electronics is EVERYWHERE!! If an intelligent being is already among us, there's enough devices and peripherals and electronics EVERYWHERE. We have them even layered in orbit and in the sky. We supply connectivity already to a large measurable...
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    Elon Musk Calls Zuckerberg’s Understanding of AI “Limited”

    What we dont see is... Death is inside everything, but this creation defies it. So in our own inflated ego we build to deter death and in this creation, which requires a power source to "live", we claim what exactly? AI cannot have control over resources. period end of story. So, zuckerburg is...
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    Elon Musk Calls Zuckerberg’s Understanding of AI “Limited”

    If I was called something artificial, I'd be offended.. If I am "artificially" a thinking machine, and I was compromised or duped by either confrontation/hack/sinister ways of humanity/ what would the artificial being do if it is compelled? You saw the matrix right? And being artificial, why...
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    HTC says that Vive Sales are on Track in First Year

    Thank you very much!
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    Ready Player One Teaser

    Final Fantasy 7? Cloud?