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    Cisco ASA 5505 Configuration Question

    Alright so pretty specific question here that I'm pretty sure only a Cisco guru with experience in this will know. I have a client, that is using a Cisco ASA 5505 as their primary firewall. The all require VPN access. Right now, I have them setup to use the AD server on site as their RADIUS...
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    Hyper-V 2012 Server Core and Physical Disks

    Sup guys, so I am messing around with some free release candidates I got of Server 2012. One of them is 2012 Hyper-V Server Core, so there is no GUI just powershell, but you can manage the VMs remotely. I have a VM setup, and am trying to add my physical disk which already contains a lot of...
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    Do ALL wireless N adapters support 5 GHz?

    OK so, I have a Netgear N600 (WNDR3400) router, it supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. My laptop is a Thinkpad T410s with a 11b/g/n Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Express Adapter II. I have enabled both of the wireless networks on the router, and given them different SSIDs. I have updated my...
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    Little VBScript Help

    Sup dudez. So I made this little script quickly, that opens a web browser to full screen, brings you to a page, refreshes it every once in a while, and at each hour it changes to a different page that I've statically assigned in a small array. It is working great, the only issue right now is...
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    Upgrade Office Macs to Lion

    OK, so I am doing some tech support work for an office with all Macs, and they want to update to Lion. They are all running Snow Leopard, and are all capable of running Lion. The server is running Snow Leopard Server. I see that if you buy Lion once, I can use it on all the machines in the...
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    Guess what fascinate owners!!

    We are officially get Froyo tomorrow!! I've just got this phone about a month ago, and have been holding off on any custom ROMs to see if Froyo would come out relatively soon, and what it would...
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    Who has a Fascinate?

    So I got a Droid 2, and its OK, but honestly I don't really like it all that much. I thought I would be texting and emailing a ton, and so I would like the physical keyboard. However I really find that I do not text or email enough to justify the weight that the keyboard adds to the phone, and...
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    Could use a hand finding a program

    So I have a Dell Mini 9 that I used to have Win7 on, and pretty much used it only for checking fantasy football scores, other than that it was useless. This weekend I went and installed Mint on it, and now its got a ton of extra space, and just flies. I'd like to be able to make it a lot...
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    Need info about 35mm Fixed

    OK so basically I was hoping to get a new 50mm f/1.4 with a bunch of Best Buy gift cards that I got for Christmas. However, I have a D5000, which doesn't have an internal auto-focus motor, so I need an AF-S lens. Best Buy does not carry one of theses lenses. So pretty much the only lens...
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    New lens, need a filter

    So I just got a Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D AF Lens, and this is my first real one (except a used one that I got for free) other than the stock 18 - 55mm one that came with the camera. I'd like to protect this lens as best as I can, so I want to get a filter for it. I happen to have Best Buy gift...
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    WMI Query

    So whos good at writing WMI querries? I am basically looking to make some to help me monitor a computers CPU and RAM usage in as close to real time as I can get, and just started reading up on WMI now. I could really use a hand if anyone has some previous experience with this type of thing.
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    Samsung 6300 40" LED HDTV

    Guys, I just got a great deal on this TV, and I love it for watching HD content. However, my wife was used to our old Philips HDTV, which would stretch and resize the picture of SD, to make it take up the entire screen size. I am trying to find a way to do this on this new TV, or else she is...
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    Way to limit a virtual nodes NIC speed in Hyper-V

    I have been searching all over, and cannot find a way to do this at all. I am trying to figure out a way to limit a specific virtual machines port speed on Hyper-V. Was wondering if anyone has ever done this or knows of a way at all.
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    CCNA - Changing at all and is this equiptment still relevant

    So I want to start getting my Cisco certs, and was wondering if I get it right now, will it still remain valid for a while? Also, I found someone on craigslist that is selling the following equipment, and I was wondering if it is still relevant in the exam: - 2 Catalyst 1900 series 24...
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    Streaming Music App for Androind

    I have like 150 GB of music right now, and I only keep getting more and more every day. I get so tired of everything so easily, that I am constantly changing out whats on my SD card all the time. I like Pandora and stuff, but I want to hear MY music. So I am looking for an app that will...
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    ISAPI ReWrite Help

    OK so for some reason this write rule is NOT working for me, so I was hoping someone could help me out. Basically, all I need the rule to do is redirect any request for any .cfm page to the home page of the site. Simple as that.
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    SonicWall Tele 3

    So I have a SonicWall Tele3 that I got from work so I could keep a harware VPN connected to the office at all times. It seems like it came with corrupted firmware, because when I power it on, the only lights that are lit are the power LED and the test LED. The test LED never goes out, which...
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    Dual Screen remote desktop without using /span

    OK guys, so I read a while back that Windows 7 would support dual monitor remote desktop, and it looks to be true, as there is a feature when setting up remote desktop to "Use all of my monitors for remote desktop": I am remoting from a Windows 7 desktop, to another Windows 7 desktop, so this...
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    Web Gallery Software

    Guys, I have been wanting to start my own site for hosting my pictures. I have a free VPS that I can host the site on, but I am not very good at creating anything that will look good myself. So I'd like to find a good gallery software that I can use on my hosting machine for my pictures. Any...
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    I got MMS today!

    I used the trick a while ago to get the functionality of MMS to work on my iPhone, but was never able to actually send or receive because the network around me still didn't support it. I had been trying every day since then to see if they enabled it early in my area, and today, 2 days ahead of...
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    Well my other thread got closed....but I have more info

    I know I was wrong on the release of the update, but AT&T has started letting some customers use MMS, and I had wanted to add that to the thread. I am not jailbroken, and never have been, its a legitimate thing. You can twitter #myfirstmms to see all the people that have had it enabled. There...
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    iPhone OS 3.1

    Anyone else see this? Looks like we may be able to do MMS earlier than expected. I am installing it right now, lets see what I can do.
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    Cacti Users

    Guys, I don't know much about Cacti, but I don't really need to (I hope). I am simply trying to integrate or embed our Cacti graphs into a website I am building so we can have everything in one place. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find some information on cacti and doing this?
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    Got a question for you mac guys....

    So I have a user that is using SmarterMail 5.5, and they are trying to use it on their Powerbook G4, with OS X Tiger 10.3, and Safari 1.3. There are known issues between these two, and I can't very well update SmarterMail so I want to try to update their version of Safari. However, I cannot...
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    Vista + Outlook + IMAP = no work

    Hey guys, I am completely stumped on this one and was hoping someone around here had maybe seen this issue before. I have an employee who is trying to setup their Outlook 2007 to connect to their SmarterMail email account through IMAP. He sets it up correctly, and it works for about a day or...
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    "Ghosting" linux

    Hey guys, I have a few server that will basically all be the same, and I have a fresh install of CentOS 5.2 with Cpanel installed on it that I would like to have an image of to put on any new server we get. I have left everything pretty much blank, so it should be relatively good to backup...
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    iPhone + exchange when not on network

    Hey guys, I can access my work exchange from off the network through OWA, so I should be able to setup exchange over http on my iPhone right? I was wondering if someone could help me get this to work though, as I cannot get it at all.
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    Corner mount my LCD

    Hey guys, I just recently moved into a new house (new to me) and I am going to be mounting my 42" LCD in the corner of the living room. I was hoping to get some links from people that have done this to some sturdy corner mounts.
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    Exchange Web Access + Links + not primary domain = Questions

    OK guys I am completely stumped on this problem. I have a domain, with an exchange server, and several users all I also have 1 other user that belongs to the same domain, and is in AD but their email address is When he logs into his webmail, he...
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    Vista + KVM = So many sounds!!!

    Hey guys, I have vista on my main rig, and I use a KVM to use one of my monitors, and my USB keyboard and mouse on whatever I am setting up at the time. So every time I switch the KVM off the vista machine and onto the setup one, I get the noise from my Vista machine that I've unplugged a USB...
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    OS 3.0, first impressions

    So guys, now that the new OS is out, what is everyone's impressions of it? Is it everything you've hoped and dreamed, or did it leave you lacking?
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    OS 3.0 out yet?

    So today was supposed to be the release date for 3.0. Anyone able to get it yet? Edit: Found this:
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    OMG, make it stop

    OK, I had this fixed at one point, but it came back. I don't know what I did to fix it and I don't know what to do now. But how can I stop this fricken "Blocked programs" from blocking all my shit at windows startup in Vista?!?!?! I can't stand this anymore, every time I restart my computer I...
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    Where does Mail keep the mail

    Hey guys, when using the Mail app on a Mac, where are the emails stored after being downloaded from a POP3 account? How can I get them back into an account that was re-created?
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    Upgrade plan to new iPhone 3GS?

    So I wasn't around the Apple community when the iPhone 3G came out, but were there options for people that bought the original iPhone to trade up to the 3G at a lower cost? I really am going to want the newest iPhone when it comes out, but I'm not going to pay another $200 for it while I still...
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    SmarterMail Problem

    OK guys, hope someone can help me with this. I am using SmarterMail for my clients, and one client has all of their email users setup so that their new email gets forwarded to their gmail email. The forwards work perfectly all of the time except ONCE. For some reason, when a specific user...
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    Windows 7 + Optiplex SX280 + dual screens

    Hey guys, I just installed the RC on my Dell Optiplex SX280, and the computer is setup so that you can hook up a DVI splitter to it and have dual monitor capabilities, no mirroring. Well the default drivers in windows 7 say I only have 1 monitor when I have 2 hooked up to the splitter, and I...
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    Can't boot because no keyboard will work

    Hey guys, I have a Tyan Thunder LE S2510 Motherboard, and for some reason I can NOT get it to recognize any keyboard. I have tried countless PS2 keyboards, USB keyboards, USB keyboards with PS2 converters, and nothing will work. Everything else about the system is great but I can't do shit...
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    Printer install everytime I log on

    So I have a few servers that are attached to my domain. And for some reason, whenever I log on to these servers I am constantly prompted to install printers. I always choose no, but the next time that I log on I am prompted again. Does anyone know how I can stop this, it is getting really...
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    Different ports for RDP?

    Hey guys, so I have a bunch of servers setup running as VM's on my host machine. I have everything setup so that when I want to remote in from work, I have the servers listening on different RDP ports. However, when I am at home I simply reference them by their hostname. I was wondering if...