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  1. TypeO

    Win10/Network Sharing help

    I mainly stay in General Mayhem but I need some assistance. I have about 4 or 5 Windows 10 Pro boxes connecting to a Windows 7 Pro box. The drives on the Win7Pro box are mapped and you can see the Windows 7 box in networking but a lot of times the Windows 10 machines have the error of "Windows...
  2. TypeO

    Creative Sound Blaster Z Sound Card PCI-E - NR

    Ebay Listing Put in one time, pulled out one time. - That's what she said.;)
  3. TypeO

    WTB: Windows 7 or Windows 8

    Looking for either a copy of Windows 7 or 8. Doesn't matter. Thanks.
  4. TypeO

    WTB: Cpu/Mobo combo

    I'm looking to buy a CPU/Mobo/ram combo on par with an E8400 or better. I am building a mame cabinet but my previous mobo/E8400/ram got used to build a computer for a friend at no charge. So, I'm part-less at this point. Let me know what you have. Thanks! I expect either heat, some type of...
  5. TypeO

    MSI Radeon HD 6950 unlocked to 6970 3 day auction.
  6. TypeO

    HiFiMan HE-400 Headphones $299 - Amazon

    Amazon has the HiFiMan HE400 for $299. Thought it was a good price. I know many were waiting for BF for this price.
  7. TypeO

    Crucial M4 256GB - NR

    Late to the party but selling a Crucial M4 256gb drive. One day left currently at $77, no reserve: Oh and if a member here wins it, please pm me to let me know. Your shipping will be free.
  8. TypeO

    WTT/WTS Asus Xonar Essence STX

    Sold: Looking to trade my barely used Asus Xonar Essence STX. Will entertain offers on the following things: Headphones (already have 3 pair of Grados/Klipsch) so perhaps a pair of Senn's/Audio Technica, or other nicer headphones. Bluetooth portable speaker (not the little bitty ones) USB DAC...
  9. TypeO

    Card reader

    Need some advice.... I'm going to put a multimedia card reader in my system, however, a lot of the ones I've looked at have some annoying flaws/don't work right/poor quality/etc. Money isn't an issue. I'm looking for: 1.) works good (even just a brand name would help immensely) 2.) SDHC...
  10. TypeO

    E5200 OEM $52.99 + FS

    E5200 OEM $52.99 + FS Free shipping is UPS ground. Good deal considering the stock cooler is shit anyways.
  11. TypeO

    WTB: Motherboard for Athlon XP+2500

    As the title says, I'm looking for a motherboard for an Athlon XP +2500 to replace a dead NF7-S 2.0. PM with details. Thanks.
  12. TypeO

    WTB: Socket 370 mATX motherboard

    Hello, I would like to purchase a socket 370 mATX motherboard that will house an 800mhz celeron CPU. It's for a grandma build. It doesn't have to be new but at least in working condition. Onboard video/sound would be a plus. Will pay via paypal. Please contact me at sslair at centurytel...
  13. TypeO

    FS: 2 x Abit Serillel 2 PATA to SATA adapters + cables.

    I have 2 x Abit Serillel 2 PATA to SATA adapters for sale (includes sata cable). $12.00 shipped each. PM or email me at sslair at centurytel dot net if interested. Thanks for looking.
  14. TypeO

    MX1000 @ Staples $59.94 No rebates

    I think it's a good deal. MX1000 @ Staples for $59.94 no rebates: