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  1. Bugalaman

    When is Windows 10 going to be available?

    It seems like everyone has Windows 10. It was released in July. My stupid fucking Windows 10 upgrade app in Windows 8 says to wait. I've been waiting for a month and a half. What is Microsoft waiting for? How in the blue fuck does everyone have it but me? Forgive me if this was asked before...
  2. Bugalaman

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Pro Studio Headphones $95 Free Shipping

    I've had my set for 4 year. They've made it through two deployments without any issues. They aren't the most comfortable headphones, but they sound great. It's nice to see them selling for the price I paid .
  3. Bugalaman

    Best Blu-Ray Player options

    Oppo BDP-105. I bought a BDP-103 last year and I love it. If you want the best Bly-Ray player, then expect to pay more than $1000. I would never recommend a PS3 as a stand alone player.
  4. Bugalaman

    For fun, a bit of a throwback.

    Its funny what people call "old" these days. Something like that is more than enough to be a dvr or movie playback rig.
  5. Bugalaman

    [H]ot Polk RTI-A9 $400 newegg

    I don't understand. The power rating and sensitivity is similar to most other floor standing speakers. The majority of amplifiers have 75+ watts of power.
  6. Bugalaman

    A Picture I took - 2012

    This is a very disrespectful use of the flag.
  7. Bugalaman

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones $125 @ Amazon

    I don't know when these got so expensive. I bought my ATH-M50s 3 years ago for $100. They do have great sound, but are terribly uncomfortable. I know everyone hates Bose, but my QC15s are way more comfortable than the Audio Technicas. I gave up with Sennheiser after my HD280s broke apart. I...
  8. Bugalaman

    Do you have types of games that you've sworn off?

    Everything except some FPSs, Diablo 3, and Flight Simulator.
  9. Bugalaman

    My Receiver only takes RCA..

    Why don't you just use the speaker wire that came with the Gigaworks? Upgrading the speaker wire isn't going to help anything. You should really get a better amp for the speakers. Like Procyon12 mentioned, the amp's crossover is 150hz. Subwoofers shouldn't be going higher than 80hz. The...
  10. Bugalaman

    Need speakers to match imac

    how about HK Soundsticks? They're clear, so they can go with anything.
  11. Bugalaman

    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    The servers are busy at this time. Please try again later. 2 seconds later The servers are busy at this time. Please try again later. lies!
  12. Bugalaman

    Digi Cam Poll: What Digital Camera do you use?

    I have to update my equipment. Nikon D7000 Tamron 18-270 - surprisingly good quality for a $400 do-all lens Tokina 11-16 2.8 - beautiful wide angle lens Nikon 35mm 1.8 DX - inexpensive, great quality, all around lens I still have my D70S with its kit 18-70 lens, but I doubt I'll ever touch it...
  13. Bugalaman

    New DSLR, where do I start?

    I like Ken Rockwell's website. He's a bit eccentric, but has good advice.
  14. Bugalaman

    Simple Automotive-grade paint job

    you have to post pictures of the cat
  15. Bugalaman

    [WARM?] PS3 Slim 160GB + Choice of game - $199 Gamestop

    Why would anyone want a 5 year old console? You'd be laughed at if you were using a 5 year old computer.
  16. Bugalaman

    Hyper 212+

    as long as its flat against the CPU, it doesn't need to be that tight
  17. Bugalaman

    Best soundbar under $300?

    if you have room for a TV, you have room for speakers. There is no point in watching anything that will sound like shit.
  18. Bugalaman

    How do I use my Klipsch 2.1 Speakers for both my computer AND HDTV?

    If your TV has a headphone jack, you won't need any adapters at all. Just plug the speakers right in. If it doesn't, you can plug them into the audio out of your TV and use a RCA (M) to 3.5mm (F) adapter. These both assume the computer is passing sound through the HDMI cable to the TV...
  19. Bugalaman

    Never owned a receiver before, looking to, but i have one question.

    why not? you cannot have a home theater without one. :p
  20. Bugalaman

    Dolby DTS

    I don't think that's true. OTA HDTV signals have a Dolby Digital 5.1 track. Its a HDTV standard to output DD. You will not get DTS, though, because that's pretty much a BD/DVD thing.
  21. Bugalaman

    Who has an old WC system with no gunk problems and what are you running?

    It is this stuff, made by Red Line I bought the bottle back in 2005 and only used a few ounces each time I filled it up. The last time I remember filling it up was in 2008. I think bought it because it was the smallest bottle of coolant available. I just wanted something that would stop...
  22. Bugalaman

    Who has an old WC system with no gunk problems and what are you running?

    I've had the same water in my computer for 4+ years and nothing has ever grown. I use distilled water and water wetter. I have no idea what "silver" even means. Can someone explain it?
  23. Bugalaman

    WD Black 1 TB $130 (recertified)

    It is unbelievable how much prices have gone up. 6 months ago we all would have laughed at something like this.
  24. Bugalaman

    Intel 320 160GB SSD + Battlefield 3 combo for $154.99 AR FS

    can someone please move this to the discussions forum? This is not a hot deal.
  25. Bugalaman

    Harry Potter Complete 8-Film Movie Collection set [2011]: Bluray=$47 shipped, DVD=$39

    woooohoooo! I actually got it. It only took 2 weeks, which isn't bad considering it went nearly around the world. Amazon has never let me down.
  26. Bugalaman

    Harry Potter Complete 8-Film Movie Collection set [2011]: Bluray=$47 shipped, DVD=$39

    god only knows when my order will get to me. I have no idea how DHL is going to deliver something to an APO address, I am stationed in Korea. ETA: It looks like I'm fucked because Amazon's UK site says they do not deliver to overseas APO addresses. That is funny, though, because every APO is...
  27. Bugalaman

    $1000-1500 Case&Internals Only

    Buy your stuff from Amazon. Newegg can suck my balls because they charge an arm and a leg to ship to APOs.
  28. Bugalaman

    No dialogue in movies (all other sounds fine)

    If you're listening to movies through optical then you have to set your dvd software to use optical out. There really shouldn't be an option for 5.1 because your receiver will decode whatever audio track the movie may have.
  29. Bugalaman

    Noise-Canceling Headphones

    I have a set of Shure E3C earbuds and a set of Audio Technica ATH-M50 closed studio monitor headphones. The Shure earbuds cancel out sound fairly well. I use them mainly for exercising. They block out the sound of F16s on afterburners when I'm running next to the runway. On commerical...
  30. Bugalaman

    NIS 2012 is out for those interested.

    haters gonna hate. You people have failed realize that NIS is one of the highest rated suites. It uses less resources and gives better security than nearly every thing out there. Show me a better piece of software that uses less resources and I'll shut up.
  31. Bugalaman

    Sapphire HD6870 going crazy

    I recently moved to Korea (the USAF sent me) and just got my shipment of personal stuff which included my computer. Here are the specs: i7 2600K P8P67 (rev 3.0) Sapphire HD 6860 16GB (4x4gb) Corsair Dominator OCZ vertex II 60GB WD Black 1TB PCP&C Silencer 750w Rocketfish Full tower...
  32. Bugalaman

    Digi Cam Poll: What Digital Camera do you use?

    I'm still using a D70S as my main camera. I bought a Canon SD 1200IS to bring along to my deployment to Iraq last year. I didn't want to bring a DSLR to a place with crazy sand storms
  33. Bugalaman

    Need MS Office 2010 for school, any deals available??

    check out Academic Superstore. You can pick up Office Pro for less than $100. ETA: they have some great deals for other things too. I ordered some things about 6 years ago, I hope they're still good.
  34. Bugalaman

    agghhh!!! My HD just died.

  35. Bugalaman

    Memory Upgrade

  36. Bugalaman

    My Call Of duty Screenshots 1600X1200 SLI setup Details and Pics inside with FPS

    dang, I didn't even think CoD 2 was released yet. those screen shots are freeking awsome :cool:
  37. Bugalaman

    1st time playing on projector, OMG!! Pic included

    instead of fucking flaming him, why not just say it looks cool and then STFU. He said the pic didn't do justice, and I, for one, believe him. I'd love to play games on a projector, that'd be freeking awsome
  38. Bugalaman

    Show off your best pics!

    heres a pic of my cat from a day I was just screwing around with the camera. EDIT, woah, I just realized that the paw to the other cat is visible in the bottom left corner. This is from a month ago, these devils are a lot bigger now :eek:
  39. Bugalaman

    Show off your Heatsink thread

    hey, at least there's fins on it :p (that you can't see from this pic).
  40. Bugalaman

    Is it ok to point...?

    the D70 manual says never point it at the sun without a proper filter