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    Old SSDs vs New Short-Stroked 10K HDD

    Depends on your organization, but I've found at my work it's easier to get the standard issue equipment and then request an SSD separately -- do the migration on your own.
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    ID this cable please

    Agree it looks like a cable for an old phone. The fraction of available pins actually used is a big tell -- the companies loved to pick complex connectors and change the pinouts or connector design for every phone so you'd buy more cables.
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    Logitech MX 518, anyone still using it?

    Someday someone will pry my MX 518 from my cold dead hands.
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    16GB the new "Standard"?

    If you're getting a new PC I wouldn't consider less than 16GB. Modern OSs are getting better at using idle memory to improve performance, and many games can push 8GB+ on their own. Especially if you've got other demanding applications running in the background, or just chrome with 40 tabs...
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    NVIDIA Back to Dirty Tricks with GTX 900M Series Overclocking

    Given the margins most gaming laptops cooling solutions are built to I can't say I blame NVIDIA. Especially when you consider many solutions integrate the heatsinks of GPU & CPU via heatpipes... Overclocking the GPU could cause unexpected CPU & GPU throttling and thus worse performance or...
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    Acer Engineers Unveil A Smart Diaper At Computex

    I hope they keep the mad-scientist loose wires sticking out of a diaper look.
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    help what are all these lenovo laptop partitions?

    I've dealt with this before. If you never care to revert to the factory image you can safely delete all of those partition and then let windows partition the drive during the install. Considering you're probably trying to escape the bloatware I'd just blow away all the partition and...
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    2 PCs to 1 set of speakers, long distance

    You could also stream over the network via applications like gstreamer or netpd.
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    Xeon Phi 7120p: compatible mobo's

    I've got one working great in an HP Z820, although that's probably too extreme a leap from already having most of the PC parts already. If you've got the ability to change your mind, the actively cooled one has somewhat higher performance... although it is far from silent (or even quiet).
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    Steam Now Offers Refunds For Any Reason

    Definitely this. I'm betting their hands were tied by consumer protection laws somewhere (EU? AUS?) and were pushed to offer better refund terms. Seems like they could have still implemented your idea as well and most people would prefer the path of least resistance and just pay the 10%.
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    Self-Driving Cars Will 'Always' Cause Motion Sickness

    Maybe we'll start seeing some new upgrade packages available for vehicles. "Motion sickness? No worries, for only $3499 you can get the premium 'vomit comet' package ... "
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    What are you doing to prepare for Windows 10 update?

    I've been running the technical preview for awhile and I'd say while I hate the way settings have all moved around, 10 is definitely a lot faster than 7. I view it a lot like the Vista/7 cycle -- Vista made a lot of under the hood improvements but sucked when it came to UX, 7 made no real...
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    Streaming Device Perforance (Firestick sucks)

    I picked up a shield tv this past week and it works great -- performs extremely well on 5GHz wifi too... which gets it off the congested 2.4GHz channels in an urban environment (they are all basically jammed where I live from so many devices using the same channels) It also has an ethernet...
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    HTPC vs Shield Android TV

    Also, to address steam streaming... It's definitely something I would be happy if it supported (especially since my 470 won't stream via nvidia but will via steam) -- but I think it's very worth noting that I've used both and NVIDIA's tech works significantly better than Steam's. The...
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    HTPC vs Shield Android TV

    Picked up a Shield (16GB version) and the remote this past week. It's worth it to us because we no longer need an HDMI cable run over to the couch to plug in my wife's laptop -- she's got a 970M chip so we can stream any application over with no noticeable latency via WiFi (5Ghz AC). If you've...
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    NVIDIA: The Battle For Your Living Room Has Begun

    Picked up a Shield (16GB version) and the remote this past week. It's a decent upgrade from a chromecast, but not as powerful as a full HTPC. It's worth it to us because we no longer need an HDMI cable run over to the couch to plug in my wife's laptop -- she's got a 970M chip so we can...
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    Help a noob - 128gb USB drive(s) not being recognized?

    If it's not showing up in device manager or disk management it's probably DOA
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    booting off secondary hddcaddy in laptop?

    What works best if your laptop supports it is to have an SSD in an mSATA or M.2 slot (most laptops from the past 2-3 years have mSATA available) and then drop a nice big HDD in the 2.5" bay. Depending on the model there will either be an explicit option to boot from mSATA or you can trick it...
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    SSD Average Life Span?

    ...also worth noting, the larger the drive is the more write-endurance it has. Basically each cell has a certain endurance, and if you've got more cells you've got more total writes for the drive's lifespan. This is compounded somewhat by wear leveling -- meaning your 500GB drive should put up...
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    SSD Average Life Span?

    The quality of the flash and how well the controller manages wear leveling will impact how long it will work... Generally for a typical 'office / home' type usage most SSDs will last a decade or more. If you're a bit more demanding doing development / video editing / other write-intense...
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    RAID0 or RAID5 PERC 5i or M5015

    Given a choice between RAID 0 and RAID 5 I would wonder what you primary concern is. Assuming you're looking for performance (which I take from 0 being an option) you should not even bother with RAID 5 ... with the size of drives these days the rebuild times for a failed disk are absurd, and...
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    Need bigger SSD "soon" Any point to wating a few months to buy?

    Samsung is already shipping 3D cells ... intel and micron shipping them won't move prices much. I've been upgrading a lot of systems for work lately and the Samsung 850 EVO & PRO are highly recommended... Leading Performance in Benchmarks Good pricing wrt capacity & performance...
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    GTX 970

    What resolution do you intend to play at? In my experience the 970 is more than enough for lower / standard resolutions like 1080p, while the added VRAM & speed of the 980 / 980ti / titan x will start to make a big difference at higher resolutions like 4k or nv surround. Personally I...
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    Using an external 12V 7.5A PSU for 8-pin mobo connector...

    Unfortunately the ss250 is 150mm long and I've only got about 165mm of space. I've yet to find a higher wattage psu in that size. I have some room elsewhere I can fit a smaller psu like a 12v power brick.
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    Using an external 12V 7.5A PSU for 8-pin mobo connector...

    I built a computer into a small gun case (monitor, keyboard, and all) but I'm having some power problems despite some significant underclocking and other controls of power. This is not entirely unexpected as I'm using a Seasonic SS 250U (250W) to power... ASRock P67 Extreme6 i7 2600k...
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets Again!!!

    I use a set of Turtle Beach 5.1's... HS1 looks nice. I already bought a pair for my girlfriend for Christmas - it would be nice to have one of my own : )
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    BFG Offers FREE Upgrade To PCI Express

    I've got an old 6800 GT in a box with no psu... time to upgrade. On another note, can anybody take the time to enumerate the differences between the 9600GT and 9800GT? Relative graphics power? Power requirements? Card Size? Noise? Heat? Thanks : ) Notably also, my new computer...
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    New Rig, E8400 OC

    I'm using coretemp - I thought it looked a bit high. Idle & load for stock speed (3ghz) is 46C flat. Realtemp is reading 10C lower than coretemp.
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    New Rig, E8400 OC

    Thought I'd share some specs on the OC I got with my new computer with an E8400. Asetek Waterchill Antec P182 Case Corsair HX620 PSU Asus P5K-E/Wifi Enzotech MOS-C1's on the top MOSFET's Waterblock on Northbridge E8400 @ 4.15Ghz - Waterblock 8GB OCZ PC8500 (OCZ2RPR10664GK x2) EVGA...
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1) I would build a new gaming rig to replace my current aging one, and turn the old one into an HTPC. (All of the parts, naturally, would come from newegg) Then I'd probably have to wait until I'm done with my CS degree in the spring before i can actually have enough time to properly enjoy it...
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    AMD Cutting Prices

    I have to agree, several of my friend have been wanting to upgrade their S939 computers to dual core and I'm having trouble finding CPU's for them - I myself would like to. AMD needs to give us 939ers a refresh.
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    Introducing our very first Newegg QUIZ!!

    1 What percentage of Newegg orders ship-out the same day your order is placed? 98 Percent 2 You loose your Gift Certificate Claim code. You want to place an order after Newegg hours of operation. How do you recover the claim code online? claim codes are displayed on the Gift Certificate...
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    Opinions On Oblivion's The Orrery Quest

    Oblivion crashes so much that I have to hit F5 around every corner just because the one time i dont ill lose 15-20 minutes of what I had done when it does crash. God forbid you alt-tab out of the game to do something else (like respond to an IM) - 50/50 chance when you go back in it will crash...
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    Surprise, surprise: Conroe needs a new motherboard!

    Three things... Conroe is looking to be a great processor... problem is... The Itanium was looking to be a great processor too... now you can say itanic to any geek and they know exactly what you are talking about. The Athlon 64 was released in 2003, so no, it's not from '99 - that was...
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    What videocard/CPU combination do you use for gaming?

    AMD 3500+ with BFG 6800GT
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    The Official Settlers of Catan Thread of Awesomeness

    Settlers Rocks -University of RI Gaming Club
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    Display Gaming Poll

    4:3 1280x960 on 19" CRT Not sure if I want widescreen gaming or not FYI: 1280x1024 is NOT 4:3, its 5:4
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    If Abit goes under...

    I always used to go either asus or abit, until abit used some crappy caps on high-end boards that had a nasty tendancy to pop. Took them years to settle the class action, and by then i had thrown out my two dead boards. Only ever had one problem with Asus, I jumped on the S939 bandwagon early...
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    [H] Velocity Micro Gamer's Edge 1500 Eval

    VM upped the cpu to a 3500+ from the 3200+ since the review with no price increase, and there are two OC options now, although Im not sure if either is actually not OC'ing or if they are just different levels...