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    Dell Alienware 17 R4 laptop (defective dGPU) $400

    This could be a good buy for someone. Santa wasn't too $ kind to me or I would consider it myself. Crap I hate my end-of-year bills! Happens every year to me...
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    WTB old cheap Iphone 7 plus or 8 plus, cellular doesn't need to work

    iphone 7 in good condition, ygpm
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    Sold Todays Sale :> (2) Asus X550EA laptops

    I'll take them. ygpm
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    Sold: Iphone 6s plus 32gb

    That front pic of the iphone 6s looks yellow to me and the pic of the back looks rose gold. Is that a skin over the rose gold on the front or what? Does the ac charger come with the phone?
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    Great seller here. Picked up a nice backup iphone 7 awhile back for the wife. If I hadn't just picked up a like new iphone x with applecare+ only a week ago I would have been very interested in the xs.
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    WTB: icloud locked/blacklisted/ect apple iphones

    Revised price for phone only $50 shipped.
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    WTB: icloud locked/blacklisted/ect apple iphones

    iPhone 7 It is iCloud activation locked What condition is it in? Great What carrier? VZW/unlocked It was a return at a business. Kept in great condition Comes with an otter box case, nothing else. $65 shipped.
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    FS: Asus Gaming Laptop + Older Zenbook

    I'm tempted to make an offer. Free bump.
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    FS: Iphone 7 128gb MNAJ2LL/A

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    Lot of 13 laptops.

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    FS: LG 32GK850F 144Hz FreeSync 2 monitor, Dell 24", HP EliteBooks (14" and 17")

    Great seller bump. The 2 8440p's I got from you work fine.
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    FS: desktop/ monitors Alienware laptops

    Great seller here guys. Done lots of fantastic trades with dutnguye over the years.
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    FS: EVGA GeForce GT 1030 SC, Low-Profile - $60

    I'll take it if still available. ygpm Payment sent.
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    FS/FT GTX 1070 (In sig)

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    SOLD:Lenovo M92 tower

    I'll take it
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    SOLD:Lenovo M92 tower Lenovo win10 os right?
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    Red iPhone 7 Plus

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    FS : Xiaomi Mi Notebook 12.1" 2017 Version

    Great price...tempting.
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    FS: iPhone 8 Plus, Mist AP, Acer Projector, USB-C Dock

    Bump for a good trader!
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    FS: IPhone 6S 64gb Verizon

    I'll take it. ygpm
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    Thinkpads X230 + Ultrabase

    Payment sent.
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    Thinkpads X230 + Ultrabase

    I'll take it. Sent you a pm.
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    Thanks Bump it up
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    Bump for imgur link to pics:
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    *****SOLD*****SOLD*****SOLD***** I have FOR SALE an excellent iPhone X 256GB (Verizon) unlocked and supports the networks of all four major wireless carriers in the US. Comes with the original box and all accessories. No sim card is included and the accessories are unused. I would call this mint...
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    FS: iPhoneX 256GB with AppleCare+ Unlocked

    Payment sent
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    FS: iPhoneX 256GB with AppleCare+ Unlocked

    This shouldn't last long. Nice price. If I hadn't already upgraded to one, I'd pick it up.