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    What to do with old 10/100 switches?

    Threw them away years ago...
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    Looking to go to 10gb at home; should I do multi-gig switch?

    Netgear and FS have 'cheap' 10GB switches You could pull armored fiber Are you going to need 10GB everywhere or just between a few machines?
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    2015 MBP 15", 2012 MBP 13", Schitt Stack, Magic KB2, DT990

    Integrated graphics or ATI on the MacBook Pro?
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    MacBook Pro 13” 2016

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    MacBook Pro 13” 2016

    16GB/256GB (most only have 8GB) i5 CPU Recently replaced keyboard and battery from the Apple store Original box and charger $900 Pics -
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    FS: Lenovo Thinkpad laptops - X250 and T460S

    1080p X250 has been sold
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    FS: Lenovo Thinkpad laptops - X250 and T460S

    Yea I just left the links as clickable, timg tag thumbnails them on other sites :)
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    FS: Lenovo Thinkpad laptops - X250 and T460S From the left: X250 - i7-5600U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 1920x1080 FHD IPS, Windows 10, $355 X250 - i5-5300U, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1366x768 HD IPS, Linux (You can install Windows yourself?), $240 T460S - i5 6300U, 12GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 1920x1080 FHD IPS, Win10...
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    MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

    Yea. I did it back in 2016 before they announced the service program. Bought another keyboard for parts on eBay. Very fragile mechanism.
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    MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

    I wouldn’t say it’s shitty - it’s done that way because of the thinness You CAN remove a key, clean the spot it’s in, and replace it along with the mechanism. I’ve done it. I’ve also pulled a car apart to replace some stupid part. But Apple doesn’t do it because it’s easier and faster for them...
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    I am still using my iPad 2 from 2014. Are people upgrading iPads?

    I upgrade when they get slow... iPad 3 in that case. Or when they break. Someone dropped my Mini 2, I was about to get a new one anyway. Got the current iPad on slickdeals from best buy, not sure how much but it was cheap.
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    MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

    You take your car to the dealer and they don't replace one part when it's inside the engine/trans...they pull it and put a whole new one in. Same thing.
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    MacBook or other Apple products that come with paid software

    They are just downloading it from a pirate site and installing it for you
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    FS: 2018 15" MacBook Pro

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    FS: 2018 15" MacBook Pro

    Monday bump
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    FS: 2018 15" MacBook Pro

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    FS: 2018 15" MacBook Pro

    13" has been sold 15" still available
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    FS: 2018 15" MacBook Pro

    2018 MacBook Pro 15" 16GB RAM/256GB SSD Radeon Pro 555X 4GB Space Gray $1950 Basically new, < 10 battery cycles on it. More pics: 2016 MacBook Pro 13" 16GB/512GB SSD 3.3GHz Intel Core i7 TouchBar model AppleCare until November 19, 2019 SOLD SOLD SOLD $1350...
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    FS: Read Dead Redemption 2 Xbox One - SOLD

    How manny battery cycles on the Mac?
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    FS: Lenovo Thinkpad T460S Laptop

    Yes it is IPS
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    FS: Lenovo Thinkpad T460S Laptop

    Works and looks great. Had a T480 at my old job so I never used it and now I don't have a need for a Windows laptop. Lenovo ThinkPad T460S OS: Windows 10 Pro Memory: 8GB RAM Storage: 256GB Samsung PM871a M.2 SATA SSD CPU: i5 6300U 2.4GHz Screen: 2560x1440 (non-touch) Model: 20FACTO1WW Very...
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    iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. Let's Discuss

    Still have an 8, would like an X but I can wait until my upgrade next year...
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    Tell me about RPG programming

    Check out IT Jungle....not many younger people know the IBM systems so you can find some pretty good paying jobs if companies in your area are still using them.
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    New Macbook Air Incoming!

    I loved the old Air...but this screen is a little dim, only 2 USB-C ports... Ended up buying a 2017 Pro (non-Touchbar) for some light Mac stuff we have to do at work. Thought about the Air for a little bit though.
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    Thinkpad X250, i5, IPS screen

    1366 or 1080 screen?
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    Thinkpads X230 + Ultrabase

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    Cooling pad for MacBook Pro i9

    A cooling pad won't help you in any way.
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    Does it matter where I buy Apple products?

    Except last year at WWDC they announced MacBook updates, iMac Pro, plus the HomePod and 10.5 iPad Pro...
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    Why no multiple colors anymore for macs?

    They have silver, space gray, and some models gold or rose!
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    FS: HP Elitebook 8560p

    What’s the screen res?
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    FS: Dell E7450 laptop

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    FS: Dell E7450 laptop

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    FS: Dell E7450 laptop

    Intel Hd
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    FS: Dell E7450 laptop