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    The ultimate question: 30" or 24"

    I think 24 is the sweet spot. Anything bigger and you have to move your head around to much to look at things.
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    Dell 2407, black bars with lower res games

    Yea thats stupid it wont do 16*12 in 1:1. What was Dell thinking?
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    Dell 2407, black bars with lower res games

    Just got a Dell 2407. Using an ATI x1900xtx with vista. I want to be able to play games at lower resoltuons with black bars on the sides instead of it streching. I set it to center the image in the ati control panel but it doesnt seem to work. How come with the on screen menu the setting for...
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    Shadows and X1900XTX

    bf2 shadows have always been like that for me on my x850xt and now x1900xtx. I think its just how bf2 does its shadows. Until someone can prove otherwise.
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    If you are having graphical problems with BF2 please read

    Yea I dont feel like registering there just to report a bug. Sorry
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    X1900XTX @ Newegg

    Just ordered mine. Nice price too.
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    shadow clipping in bf2?

    Happens for everyone I think. bf2 has some of the worst shadows.
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    Dell 2405fpw team. I return!!!!

    To bad bf2 doesnt support widescreen though. Just strenches the normal image.
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    Optimus Keyboard

    Its not comming out feb1st. It will cost a ton of money. Dont get your hopes up.
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    I'm Looking For A Nice Gaming Mouse Pad

    func Archetype.
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    Any info on the Logitech Carbon Fiber G7 yet?

    How come they couldnt release this months ago when I got my g7 !!!!
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    WOOT! Optimus Keyboard on February 1st!

    I call bullshit. It wont be out then.
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    Small Dell 2405fpw review with gaming test (from a hardcore gamer)

    I play games allot like bf2 and cs:s and I am afraid to buy a lcd because of the input lag. I really want one though. I wish LCD makers would come out and explain the input lag and put a warning on the box or something.
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    Good LCD for gaming?

    There are no good lcd's for gaming. They all seem to have input lag compared to a crt.
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    2405fpw LCD vs. CRT - 40ms signal delay / latency for LCD users ?!?

    Now I dont know if I really want a lcd :(
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    Once again BATTLEFIELD 2

    You need atleast 2 gigs for bf2 to exit fast. When I had 1 gig it would take like 20 seconds to unload from memory. Now it takes like 3 seconds.
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    Revised WD740GD Raptor Review at StorageReview

    I got a raptor from newegg last week and its the newest one also.
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    FS: 512mb sticks of corsair xms

    I have 3 sticks of corsair XMS. Model CMX512-3200c2 Each stick is a different revision 3.2, 4.1, 5.2. I could not get all 3 work at the same time on my asus a8n-e mobo. I do have the 4.1 and 5.2 sticks in dual channel right now though. Corsair support says its because they are different...
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    makers of fUnc mouse pad are scamers?

    Because as I said it does not cost $11 to send something as small and light as a mouse pad.Going from $3 to $11 is a giant leap.
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    makers of fUnc mouse pad are scamers?

    I pre ordered the new fUnc Archetype mouse pad from their website and at the time shipping was $3 for USPS shipping. Good deal so I ordered. Now they send this e-mail: $11 to ship a freaking mouse pad? They are either out of their minds or they are trying to scam people out of money at the...
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    OFFICIAL Logitech G15, mods and LCD stuff.

    Teamspeak would be awesome to have support for.
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    Logitech G15 mini FAQ

    Alright i picked one up at bestbuy tonight. It does fit on my keyboard tray after all. But the lcd is pointles since its under my desk now.
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    Logitech G5 and Copperhead Razer

    I got my g7 the other day and so far it is bad ass. I do miss the auto scroll buttons from the mx700 I had but I am using the tilt wheel for that now instead. Also the scroll wheel seems harder to push down.
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    Logitech G15 mini FAQ

    My keyboard tray is exactly 21.5 inches wide. I dont know if this keyboard will fit good enough :(
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    omg R.I.P. MX518 ?

    I spilled a smoothie all over my mouse once. Still worked fine after I took it apart and cleaned it.
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    Saitek Gamers' Keyboard

    The g15 is out in some places. Some guy I know went to best buy and they had 1 on the shelf and he got it. I have mine pre ordered.
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    BF2 stinger - why do i suck so bad

    The AA still sucks hardcore. I went 58-7 on the wake island map in one of the jets. Most of those deaths were from me crashing into trees too.
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    G5 in stock @ the EGG

    Where the hell is the g7 and g15 keyboard!?! Come on logitech quit with the cock teasing.
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    Logitech G5?

    I pre ordered the g7. When the hell does it come out? I guess the g5 is out but not the g7.
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    Dystopia Demo!!!

    Its fun.
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    Wired MX1000.....well.....close...

    Looks like they ripped off logitechs design.
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    Computer room temperature

    My room has been 95 degrees before and I was playing bf2. Only thing that happened was my video card (x850 xt) downclocked because it was getting hot.
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    New nForce4 AMD Edition (6.66) - WHQL

    Just install over your old drivers. SHould be fine.
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    5978 athlon 64 2500+ Asus a8n 1gig corsair xms ati x850 xt everything running at default speeds.
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    Battlefield 2 demo impressions

    I get the same error. So do lots of other people. Some say if you lower your settings it fixes it. Dunno for sure.