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    Replacing the back glass on an iPhone 8+ costs $99. WITH AppleCare+.

    That's chump change compared to what Samsung charges for a single glass replacement and keep in mind Applecare + still covers two accidental drops. Here is a quote from a S8 user that just got quoted for a single glass replacement and here is another Enjoy the read Also keep in mind ...
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    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition

    I just started playing this against my niece and nephews and I'm getting owned pretty hard. Does it matter what kart / tire / character you choose ?
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    Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 replacement

    It will eventually my old Deathadder's scroll weheel was made of the same material. It will discolor over time
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    I'm looking for a small fingertip mouse.

    What broke on the Steelseries? and which Rival mouse did you have?
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    Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 replacement

    I'm considering this mouse as well it has the same width as a MX518. Although, I wish the scroll well wasn't white/ transparent . They tend to discolor over time.
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    Dirty Rooms? Dyson V6 SV09 Absolute Cordless Vaccum $210 Shipped

    Considering, you can't buy replacement batteries when they go bad This is not a good deal, unless you are familiar with balancing your own LIPO packs. Might as well get the Hoover Air and be done with it
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    FireTV/Yamaha RX-V573 Issues

    I've had this problem on my Apple TV a couple years ago. IIIRC, I manually set the HDMI mode from auto to RGB on the receiver and on the Apple TV. . The problem is that most receivers default to YCbCr. AFAIK. The Fire TV and all Android boxes only accept RGB. Once everything is working again you...
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    Android to iOS

    Did IOS4 really brick your phone or what? It seems you're not telling the whole truth here. As far as I can tell, you wanted to downgrade back to to IOS3 by using unsigned firmware, but couldn't complete the process. So you apparently went to the Apple store with a bricked Iphone 4 stating that...
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    Stupid Apple, can't you implement this simple but great idea?

    Night shift isn't the greyscale setting in ios.
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    Android to iOS

    Keep in mind at least you can walk into a store. Try being without a phone for a month , because Motorolla won't ship you a refurb phone till they receive the broken one
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    Android to iOS

    it's actually worse now since Lenovo owns them. Apple support is based in the US. Motorola isnt
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    Microcenter Memory/CPU/Mobo bundles

    Yes, they can be stacked, but you are aware these discounts are for in store purchase only
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    What's the first video game you ever played?

    I'm pretty sure it was Tempest
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    Hey man, where have you been? Do you still need a job?

    Hey man, where have you been? Do you still need a job?
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    What is everyone playing now?

    Overwatch and Quake Live. I was playing Evolve Stage 2 for a bit, but the hacks and lack of a reporting feature was just too much.
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    EVoLVE Official Thread

    Yes, whole pre made teams using teleport hacks. Going in and out of a dome or pretty much aywhere without Kala.
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    EVoLVE Official Thread

    I'm done with the game and beta isn't even over. The lack of a solid reporting tool and the rampant hacks is a little too much to bear
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    EVoLVE Official Thread

    Blitz Markov & Lennox with Gold slot 3 capacity perk. You could literally watch the monster's health bar melt . Support? Sunny with Silver slot 2 & Gold slot 3 class cooldown decrease. I pretty much have constant shields with this setup. Very annoying to deal with if you're a monster
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    Android to iOS

    I guess what I'm trying to convey is. Wait till you have to send it in or deal with their technical support (glass, headphone jack, microphone etc) When Google still owned Motorola, their technical support was a pain to deal with.
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    Android to iOS

    Wait till your glass breaks =p
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    EVoLVE Official Thread

    That is an entirely different issue They added a separate mechanic which determines how long the dome is up. "5 Minute Dome Timer The Dome Timer has been changed from a steady 1 minute to a variable length with a maximum of 5 minutes. The only way to bring the Dome down is to let the timer...
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    EVoLVE Official Thread

    Because they couldn't solve the AI issue with trapper/ So instead of directly addressing the problem (which was the trapper AI) they created that so called fix by letting anyone dome. If you played the original, you know how bad the Trapper AI was (is). One thing I noticed compared to the...
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    You can now stream PlayStation 4 games to your Windows PC or Mac

    Does scenario B even work with the PC or OSX app? I know it does for the PSTV. I have doubts that the application works outside of your network
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    Linux gaming on the rise

    Nice Dying light on Linux. The sooner Direct X dies the better
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    Finally time to upgrade my i7-2600K

    Oh yeah definitely, my nephew uses my old 2600k on a 970 SLI setup.
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    Upgrade or Partial Rebuild for Fallout 4?

    ^^ Yeah that's another card that would solve both issues of VRAM, heat and power consumption. 980 would be an excellent choice as well and 6GB of VRAM is plenty @1080p
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    Upgrade or Partial Rebuild for Fallout 4?

    I think at this point, it's entirely up to you. I favor 970 due to lower power consumption, it suited my needs. Then again with all the AA cranked up and uncompressed textures loading into VRAM. 390x would be a better choice as a single card solution
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    Upgrade or Partial Rebuild for Fallout 4?

    2500k? get the best single card solution you can afford.. The reason why I suggest a single card solution, leave it up to Bethesda to mess up SLI and CF again. I really miss my sandy bridge. I kinda wish I didn't give it to my nephew (hah) He is still using it on a Z68 board much like yours...
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    Buying an Ipad Air 2, have some questions

    Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with Dawill, and I would also advise against getting a 16GB Ipad. To answer your question, there's approximately 12GB of space left with IOS9 installed.
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    Looking for a good quality cheap monitor

    AOC G2460PF 24' 144HZ w/ Free Sync - $249 FS EDIT oops didn't see the budget AOC G2460PQU with no free sync $199 AC & FS Still above your budget , sorry man
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    PC Build for Photoshop/Lightroom

    Don't forget the $50 AMEX too and the $50 HP giftcard
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    PC Build for Photoshop/Lightroom

    Everyone is having buyer's remorse due to this deal lol, two things to note though for OP if you do go this route. Don't expect to upgrade the CPU. Usually you need a firmware update from the MB vendor. In some cases these pre builts don't have that as an option. That's the downside. Take it for...
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    PC Build for Photoshop/Lightroom

    I normally don't recommend a prebuilt, but this one is not too shabby. HP ENVY 750se desktop: i7-6700 Skylake, GTX 970, 16GB DDR4 2133, 2TB 7200 RPM HDD, 500W PSU, DVD-RW, 802.11 b/g/n PCIe wifi, Windows 7 Professional ($882 after coupon code HOLIDAY30, bonus $50 HP gift card) Another...
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    Dell Buys EMC For $67B

    Eh? They are fine, and their enterprise support is based in the US. Send DSET, they log it, they send part next day sometimes within 2 hours depending on your contract. I can't say I've encountered anything worth bitching about with them. As for Netapp and Dell desktop support that's an entirely...
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    New skylake build, looking for help - haven't built a new pc in several years

    I second Dangman's advice to come back in a few months when you are closer to doing your build. Although I would advise to stay away from nzxt cases. I've already seen four fans blowout on two different cases. I love their designs , but their poor choices on fans is making me look elsewhere on...
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    Android Wear Is Coming To iOS

    omg Megalith is doing the news :eek:
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    Are Windows Phones all but dead?

    It's a great mobile OS, my niece has the 640 via Cricket. Unfortunately , it falls short in some places and Windows phone users are left out in the dark with NFC payments since Google acquired Softcard (which was the app everyone used to use for mobile transactions via a windows phone) There is...
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    Are Windows Phones all but dead?

    I had high hopes for the 640, but they delayed US release and there is no definite word when it's coming out. I gave up and got an iPhone (again) . At least when I retire my iPhone, it is at least worth something. I wanted touch less voice control without the flaws that Lollipop had ( I loved my...
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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

    Yep, pretty much RIP Rogue Spear and MSN the Zone
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    Made the switch to Windows phone and have no regrets

    Anyone with the denim update? does Cortana truly run in the background like how Moto X does with Google now.