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    Bon Jovi: Steve Jobs 'Killed' The Music Business

    The words of a fuddy-duddy. "Kids these days, they don't do things like we did in the old days." I swear, the music industry is retarded. "Back in the day," (as Bon Jovi would likely say), "we took your damn albums and copied... sorry, recorded one maaaaayyyybe two songs off it onto a mix...
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    Free Laptops and Broadband for the Poor

    This is dumb. The poor (generalizing) have far greater problems than no internetz. Seriously, a lot of these families could care less about tracking their childrens' progress, and this money will be so many kinds of ill-spent it's not even funny. My brother has taught at some schools in...
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    Microsoft Statement Regarding the i4i Case

    This is so stupid. They have accomplished... nothing, really. Good work i4i. Maybe Apple will sue them for too many 'i's'. That lawyering is a legit business now is ridiculous.
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    Quote of the Day

    From today's posting: "I know a guy, and, you're just jealous and worse, LAAME!!" These discussions are completely pointless. As another pointed out, it's only so long before all these OS's look the same. Pick yer Linux flavor, OSX, Windows (any flavor)... it's all the same pile of crap...
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    I'm the winner! (crystal ball never lies) Count me in.
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    Movie Theaters Thwarting Pirates With IR Light?

    Dynamite idea. So simple, and a fun way to combat what is a bunch of lame people making lame recordings of lame movies.
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    Stupid Invention of the Day

    Huh. I can still proudly say that I don't even know what the Twitter website looks like. Soon there will be nav systems for your car that tweet where you parked just for fun. "I'm at the mall!" Then the thieves can find your car so simple. Sweet tweet. I know the question has been asked...
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    New Site Requires 1,400-Character Minimum

    I'm going to make a site called "Booger". Your post won't be accepted unless it's obviously snotty.
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    Woman Suing Google For Complying With Court Order

    Model 1, blogger 0. I call that a WIN (for once). Even cooler that the model is not going for damages, now the blogger just looks even dumber.
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    NVIDIA SLI Licensed For Core I7 And Core I5 Platforms

    seems like a foregone conclusion to me. SLI on P55 boards? Check, ok, move along.
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    Apple Working on Device Abuse Detection Technology

    I hate these guys. I don't care how good their products are, I could just never bring myself to ever give them money. You can say that as a popular brand they are just trying to protect themselves from warrantless lawsuits/complaints/claims (totally understandable), but I've seen how they...
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    Microsoft Confirms Windows 7 Family Pack

    This is a good thing. I took advantage of the same licensing for Office 2k7 home/student in my house, and it just plain makes sense. It's not like I'm making any cash off using it on multiple machines at home! Home Premium is plenty good for me too, I don't need bitlocker. ;) Hopefully...
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    Twitter Hack Leads To Lawsuit Threats?

    Twitter?! I don't even KNOW her!! Seriously, why this site, service, crap, whatever it is, is popular is beyond me. When I looked into it, all I could come up with was "huh. I don't understand." Post the secrets, I say! They can't be more than, what, 160 characters? :cool:
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    Apple Wanted 'Laptop Hunters' Ads Pulled

    Hahahaha, so awesome. :) It's about time MS did something like this. I dislike Apple because I'm a usability dude and am surrounded by designers who preach Apple UI as the _only_ way. It's the same pile of crap as any other UI. "MS stole all their UI from Apple!" No, they didn't. :P...
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    A8N-E to A8N-SLI Premium: questions

    I'm not expecting a substantial performance improvement, I know I'm already pretty much as far as I can go on this platform. Hey, I've stretched it beyond 5 years here, that's gotta be worth something. :) The cpu-limiting is news to me though, hmmm. Basically all I was doing was resurrecting...
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    A8N-E to A8N-SLI Premium: questions

    I'm pushin' this ol' 939 rig about as far as it will go. I'm running an Asus A8N-E right now, and recently picked up a A8N-SLI Premium on eBay. I'm resurrecting another processor I had lying around for a media box and 'upgrading' my machine at the same time. I had a couple questions hoping...
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    SMART Boards Get Touch Recognition

    Actually, I don't think you could in this case. Here they're telling different contexts of touch, where the Wiimote method I think only sees one type of touch...
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    Microsoft Anti-piracy Move Irks China Official

    oh SNAP! Regardless of who shoulda done what, asking to fine MS for catching them using pirated software is so bass-ackwards that it provides pure comedy for the rest of us.
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    Woman Jailed After 'Killing' Virtual Husband

    Srsly? I'm at a loss. I thought I had a witty comment but... the story really speaks for itself.
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    New Mac Ad

    Vista ain't the most stable OS I've used, XP still holds that title, but it's getting closer now, and regardless of that opinion, I still use Vista exclusively. XP has had several more years of support to go with it, but I quite happily support either XP or Vista machines in my family (my tech...
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    Today’s Bully is Apple

    That's correct. One's better for some things, the other is better for others... and it's all a matter of personal preference. I don't like to buy from Apple because of the way they do things (i.e., the way I see them treating their customers), but that's just my opinion. OR, it's because...
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    Apple Removes $1,000 Featureless iPhone Application

    Man, no sympathy here, they get what they deserve. "Must have everything that can run on my iPhone!" I appreciate the awesomeness behind building this app, that's just the kind of dumbassery I really enjoy. A real commentary on the ridiculousness of the followers. :)
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    Microsoft Releases “Mojave Experiment” Videos

    I think it's a great start to a campaign. The Mac Guy / PC Guy campaign is also funny, but they made it funny by throwing out problems and bugs and issues that were "typical" of Windows installations. Well, the last time they were typical was when XP first came out. They never mention Leopard...
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    Intel Moves Nehalem Launch Forward

    Mostly because my socket939 went EOL years ago, and I've pushed it as far as I can for upgrades. What I don't want to do is buy on the end of 775 and then be stuck for upgrades. 939 worked out pretty well for me in that respect, and I got to stick with the platform for a long time. As far...
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    Intel Moves Nehalem Launch Forward

    Good news, not too surprising. That's kind of when I was expecting to be seeing them. I guess I'll be building in October. :) I'd guess we won't just see the Extreme $1000 processors at this launch, there will be a choice (or so I hope).
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    Leaked Next-Gen Nehalem Road Map?

    Yeah, I'm a bit of a cheapskate traditionally, and price/power is pretty good with p45 and something like a Q6600 right now. Looking at the next arch is a bit of a risk but maybe also not a bad idea: I don't want to buy right on the end of a platform and pooch myself for upgrades down the...
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    Leaked Next-Gen Nehalem Road Map?

    Interesting. So by this chart, if I'm building my new system in late Aug, early Sept, I won't really be missing anything by not waiting (I give myself two months of due diligence when building/buying anything, which in computing can mean months of watching and researching as things change...
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    Why A High-Quality PSU Is Essential

    No mud-slinging from me, that's a really funny video. The soundtrack was excellent, and the description on here of running away like a scared school-girl... LOL so funny! Is this going to be Corsair's new marketing tagline? "Guaranteed not to explode." *sigh* the problem with lines like...
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    Sony Says The Wii Is Not A Competitor

    Nintendo Wii is not a competitor because Nintendo has decided to shift its focus and create its own market... all while still being a competitor taking a chunk out of Sony's market! A lot of people that get PS3s also get Wiis. They're gamers, so multiple gaming systems is not uncommon. Either...
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    NVIDIA Cuts Prices On Its GTX Line

    BAHAHAHAHA! Building a machine in a couple months is lookin' better and better and better and ... oh yeah. :D Hurray for competition! ATi has done a great job.
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    NVIDIA Cuts Prices on High End Cards

    You hit the nail on the head. It's pointless to be a NVidiot or an ATIdiot, both these guys are out there to get as much money from us as they possibly can. The best thing that can happen for us is for one of them to surprise the other with better or comparable performance with a lower cost...
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    AMD Radeon HD 4870 X2 Ready by August

    wow, shibby, good stuff. Things are looking good for building a new system from the bottom up in Sept. :)
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    Make Your Own EL Wire Suit

    Yeah baby! Daft Punk FTW!!!
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    Is my 4850 CPU bound?

    what he said: I'm also on S939, and 4200+ is about as good as you'll get. However, if I remember my history well enough, the 3800+ overclocks better? I may be on crack, but at least it feels good. :D Definitely at least double your RAM. I'm getting ready to move to a different socket now.
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    Apple Unveils Faster iPhone, Chops Price

    Good write-up. I still dislike what they are doing to the consumer and their rabid fan-base, but you can't fault the intelligent marketing that has gone on around this stuff. In this case, Apple should have been still quoting the price of the phone, not the subsidized price of the phone. That...
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    Apple Unveils Faster iPhone, Chops Price

    Booo. All the Apple zealots in the world will dress up in black turtlenecks and jeans in a nod to "the Steve" before going out to line up in front of the apple store and cry like they've got back-stage passes. Apple has gotten to the point (and good for them) that they can charge whatever...
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    Gibson Claims Guitar Hero Games Violate Patent

    Gibson loses some serious karma. That's just brutal.
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    Monster Chain Jerker

    hahahaha! My wife will wonder why suddenly movies sound so great and our coats are all over the floor. :D
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    Best Buy Sued For $54M Over Lost Laptop

    All I can say, go Raelyn go. She won't get 54 million and certainly doesn't expect to, but BB is scared crapless. I love to see this stuff. :)
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    Google Assails Microsoft’s Bid for Yahoo

    pot calling the kettle black here, I'm afraid.