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    itunes, podcast, & drm

    well, its actually not that bad for podcast. there is a podcast subsection, you just need to make sure the meta data has the podcast as a podcast... but thanks for the info...
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    itunes, podcast, & drm

    if i dl a free podcast from itunes, will i be able to play it on something other than a ipod? say for example, a zune... or will it have drm on it?
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    q about region free dvd's

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    cisco vpn and im/web

    they are using ipsec. i take it ms vpn can not use ipsec... is the split tunneling something that needs to be done on thier end?
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    cisco vpn and im/web

    it is. but its also a new install. they just installed a new firewall at thier end and i can only connect with the cisco vpn. i used to use my ms vpn. is there a way to turn on split tunneling? or atleast allow my im to get thru?
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    cisco vpn and im/web

    i have cisco vpn client, i can not get my im or web browser to connect while the vpn is connected. any way to fix this? i am using xp... thanks
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    cd-rw wont recognize cd

    i have a dell optiplex comp at work that wont recognize my clash cd. it has no probs with other cds, its just this one cd... any thoughts as to why this might be... i have updated everything related that i could find... thanks
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    that BASTARD!!!!!!!!
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    xbox 360 2nd Shipment? I got mine!!

    cant wait for burnout to come out... gonna look great
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    Do you play a sequel if you didn’t play the previous installment?

    i played half life 2 with out ever playing hl. after finishing hl2 (which i liked a lot) i went out and got hl. couldnt really get into it and didnt finish it. still waiting for aftermath...
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    drugs are bad... mmmmkay
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    i would never want that. its just too much. but i do like the paintings above...
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    Quake 4 Demo Out.

    dled and played... damn short. took about 15 min to finish... fun tho... will pu on friday when its 30.00 at target
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    Let's just make it simple ... WallpaperMania!

    these remind me off journey album covers... lol
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    Soon to be New to PSP gaming..

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    Soon to be New to PSP gaming..

    ++ get the new one, load times on the old one are way to long, and it feels like they happen a lot.
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    Logitech Z-5500 vs 5300?

    if the 5500's allow you to use speaker wire and not hard wired like the 5300's, that alone is worth the price of admision. i hate the 5300's for that alone.
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    TES: Oblivion

    personally, i tried playing morrowind and found it quite boring and long. i played ds2 and was entertained, but i dont have the time (or attention span) to play and finish a 40+ hour game...
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    Holy crap DFI

    try asking here...
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    Sweet Jehova's Witness, nvidia actually released new nForce3 drivers

    what does this driver actually do? ive had no probs with 5.10 on my dfi board, will i see any improvement or difference with the 5.11 drivers?
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    Which Is Better Old Tech Tv Or The New Techt V

    morgans hot, but i still prefer kat... no pics of her to show... and i have watched xplay just to see her, but lately, some of the stuff they have her wearing is just crap...
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    Which Is Better Old Tech Tv Or The New Techt V

    lol... thats funny 'cause its true... "attack of the geed squad", with your hosts, sara "bowleg" lane and some guy...
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    Which Is Better Old Tech Tv Or The New Techt V

    lets not forget kat schwartz... mmmmmmm
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    OMG - Q4 Rocks - Looong Post

    A Quake game makes me go stand in a doorway ;)
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    FEAR or FarCry:Which is better? Why?

    i thought far cry was great until the mutants came in, thats where i started to lose interest. the vehicles were great, and the scenery was far better and more varied than fear. but, i love fear for the visceral experience of it. in the end, each has there good points and maybe, someday in the...
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    First Impressions Of FEAR (Got IT Today)

    ok, so i just got done playing for about an hour. would have played longer, but my game froze up on me... wtf? aint that a bitch... i love the game so far. got to interval 3 before i was forced to stop... damn!!! i think i liked hl2 better, it just felt more imerssive... and ran better...
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    sweet desk, where did you get it?
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    ill say it... "PWN3D"!!!!!!!!!! there, its been said
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    that snl skit was funny as funny can be...
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    odd blur on my lcd

    i never turned clear type on when i got rid of my crt
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    odd blur on my lcd

    yes, plug and play. ive updated the drivers with the exception of cat 5.10
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    odd blur on my lcd

    the blurring was in between the lines. sorry about the crappy lines
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    odd blur on my lcd

    i have a dell e173fp monitor and i have been getting some blurring in text... see link for pic... any thoughts on why? this monitor is new (free from work, Yaaa!!) and this started fairly recently... this only happens in text, not in games...
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    Arnold passes the "violent" video game bill in California.

    there is no nudity, no violence, just a joke. one joke told by many different people. its only words. how can they hurt you.
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    Arnold passes the "violent" video game bill in California.

    but some movies get a nc17 rating and many studios wont release it. "the aristocrats" is a prime example. luckily that got released, but a lot of other movies dont and the director has to go back and cut his/her movie to get a rating. as for the revolution, sheep dont revolt.
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    Arnold passes the "violent" video game bill in California.

    i dont have to worry about this particular law currently. but what happens when m rated games still get into kids hands, and we all know they will. when does the banning of certain material start. im not saying that they are banning things, just moving in that general direction. it makes me...
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    Arnold passes the "violent" video game bill in California.

    nobody is asking parents to be perfect. just dont push your parental crap on me. i dont have nor do i want kids. but, lately it seems as though every law, rule or whatever is geared toward protecting the kids. well i pay my taxes and have served in this countries military and i deserve the...
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    Arnold passes the "violent" video game bill in California.

    i dont think you can really blame this on California. you can however blame this on parents who are to lazy and/or uninterested in raising thier kids. isnt there allready states that have a similiar law/bill?
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    Arnold passes the "violent" video game bill in California.

    wasnt it allready illegal to sell mature rated games to minors? instead of making new laws, we should enforce the laws currently on the books. this was a waste of time and redundent. apparently, we have nothing better to do with our time than double book laws.