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    how come hardocp does not review evga?

    I haven’t been on the forum in a very long time. Was trying to find some info on my old school 200 series evga card. Ended up here. Made a post. My apologies to all offended parties.
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    how come hardocp does not review evga? to bring it for sure!
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    Nexus 6 32GB $350 64GB $400 From Amazon

    nice price! thanks op!
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    FS: Canon T3i + 18-55mm Lens + 55-250mm IS II Lens

    Nice camera! Great price! Wish I had the extra funds. :(
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    FS: Gateway P-7805u FX 17" laptop

    Nice laptop for a great price! Had mine stolen last year. :( Wish I had the funds to pick this one up. Good luck with the sale.
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    Guild Wars 2 Digital DL 47.99$

    :( dang it
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    Its pretty, its powerful, plus I like the fact that this card will smoke what I'm runing now!!
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    i7-920 $199.99 at Microcenter - In-Store Only

    Nice deal. I'll be going after one of these. Thanks OP :)
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Count me in!! :)
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    Hanns-G HG-281DP 27.5" Monitor back to $299 Shipped

    Wow! Nice price indeed!!
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    Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard - $35 shipped via Newegg

    I'm in! Thanks OP!
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    Blackberry Storm Firmware Update Rolling Out

    Great news indeed!
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    PC Power & Cooling S75CF 750W HOT DEAL

    Compared to the 510 it doesn't even sound like its running IMO:)
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    Gateway P-7811FX - $1,249.99 @ Best Buy w/free game

    Picked one up Saturday. So far I am very impressed with this lappy for the price. I'll repost if any issues arise but so far I would recommend it to anyone. :)
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    PC Power and cooling 750 quad silencer deal

    Great Deal indeed!!!
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    Warm? Razer Tarantula Keyboard, $50 in store pick-up only @ CC

    Not bad deal at all. I may just go for one!!
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    Target - Buy 1 Get 1 free select Blu-Ray's 3/16 - 3/23

    Thanks for the heads up!!
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    New Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 at Amazon for $23.99

    In for 2. Thanks OP!
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    Logitech G9 Mouse - $69.49 at Dell Home (Tax + Overnight Shipping) Until 9/5/07

    Havn't tried one yet but looks like a nice deal.
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    Footlocker 30% off Coupon Code

    Got mine yesterday!! Thanks OP.:)
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    FLAMING: Opteron 275 $109 + shipping

    Well knock it off and go get a damn drink!!:p
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    FLAMING: Opteron 275 $109 + shipping

    Yay for thread crapping!! Nice find OP:)
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    What is your 8800GTX or Ultra temp?

    idle--60c load--69c fan at 90%---100% of the time:)
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    i have fond memories of my ti 4200

    That was a sweet card for quite a while:) Loved my Gainward:)
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    FS: BFG 7800GTX SLI Setup

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    FS: BFG 7800GTX SLI Setup

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    OCZ 2 x 1GB SLI Ready PC2-8500 1066MHz Desktop Memory $99.99AR Free Shipping,

    Currently Unavailable: This item is currently unavailable from the Manufacturer. :( :(
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    FS: BFG 7800GTX SLI Setup

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    FS: BFG 7800GTX SLI Setup

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    FS: BFG 7800GTX SLI Setup

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    Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3GHz/1333MHz FSB Processor (retail) $271

    A cpu that isn't overclocked is no cpu at all.;) Nice prices BTW.:)
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    FS: BFG 7800GTX SLI Setup

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    FS: BFG 7800GTX SLI Setup

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    FS: BFG 7800GTX SLI Setup

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    FS: BFG 7800GTX SLI Setup

    morning bump:)
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    FS: BFG 7800GTX SLI Setup

    up up